Gangneung Gyeongpo Beach

gyeongpo-beachA beautiful sight of the beach's sea waves at Gyeongpo Beach


Gyeongpo Beach, located in Gangneung, is a precious jewel on South Korea's eastern coastline.

Offering over 1.8 kilometers of pristine white sand, it is nestled against the mesmerizing backdrop of the East Sea, whose blue waters ripple against the shoreline, creating a serene and scenic retreat for visitors.

This sandy beach gently curves around Gyeongpo Lake, forming a stunning natural tableau that combines a freshwater lake's serenity and the sea's boundless vigor. The beach's shimmering golden sands, surrounded by pine forests, add a unique charm, making it a favorite among locals and tourists.

Whether you're seeking a tranquil spot to unwind, a venue for water sports, or a place to soak in the beauty of nature, Gyeongpo Beach fits the bill. Come summertime; the beach comes alive with vibrant umbrellas, laughter, and a flurry of activities.

A stroll along the beach at dusk offers the mesmerizing sight of the sun setting into the ocean, painting the sky with hues of orange and purple.

Not far from the hustle and bustle of Gangneung City, Gyeongpo Beach serves as a beautiful getaway, a destination offering every visitor a slice of paradise.

Gyeongpo Beach

Gyeongpo Beach (강릉 경포수욕장) is a sandbank beach located in Gangneung, Gangwondo (Province) in South Korea. The beach beautifully sits between Gyeongpoho Lake and the sea.

The beautiful soft sandy shore stretches 1.8 kilometers with shallow waters, making it famous and a beach-to-go during summer holidays.

Nearby the beach, one can enjoy the beautiful pine trees whose leaves enjoy the seabreeze all year round. Recently, the local management authorities planted palm trees along the beach area, giving a feeling of a tropical atmosphere.

Gyeongpo Beach is just a kilometer away from Gyeongpodae Pavilion and about six kilometers from downtown Gangneung. So won't spend much time traveling to enjoy other nearby attractions and activities.

Nearby, you can observe and enjoy cultural art fairs on the beach every summer, ride a bicycle around Gyeongpo Lake, or hike nearby valleys and mountains.

gangneung-gyeongpo-beachPalm trees over the beautiful sand of Gyeongpo Beach

Beach Facilities (강릉 경포수욕장)

Beach areas in Korea are primarily prepared to accommodate and make visitors thoroughly enjoy their day. Facilities could be free to use or for rental, depending on the facility or service.

A parking area is available if you are driving.
Admission to the beach area is free!

Address: 1-san Anhyeon-dong Gangneung-si Gangwon-do (강원도 강릉시 안현동 산1)

Other facilities...
Restrooms, shower booths, changing rooms, and benches, among others.

More Attractions

As mentioned above, you can quickly reach more tourist sites and attractions near the Gyeongpo Beach area. You can either drive or take public transport when moving around (I'd prefer to walk or hike, by the way!). Okay, here are some of them...

Charmsori Gramophone & Edison Science Museum (참소리축음기&에디슨과학박물관)
It is a museum that exhibits where you can find some replicas of Thomas Edison's inventions. In addition, you can also enjoy musical instruments and the tools related to musical sound.

Gyeongpoho Lake (경포호(철새도래지)
Gyeongpoho Lake is one of the most popular attractions in the area. It offers beautiful and natural scenery. When the Moon is up, you will see its reflection above the calm lake water from Gyeongpoda Pavilion in the evening.

Gyeongpoho Lake is naturally formed and is connected to the sea where Gyeongpo Beach is located. Therefore, the Lake is the seasonal habitat for migratory birds during the Winter.

With over a million square meters in size, the Gyeongpoho Lake is home to various fish species and a designated nature reserved and protected site.

Gyeongpodae Pavilion (강릉 경포대)
Gyeongpodae Pavilion is a monument and historical site where you can enjoy fantastic views of its surrounding sceneries, including Gyeongpoho Lake.

The Pavilion is located on a hill north of Gyeongpo Lake. It is considered one of the eight scenic places on the northeastern coast.

Chodang Dubu Village (초당두부마을)
If you want to see a traditional Korean village in the area, you should visit Chodang Dubu Village. This village is located south of Gyeongpo Beach. The town is famous for its 'tofu' or 'dubu' in the Korean language.

Gangmun Beach (강문해변)
Gangmun Beach is another beach in Gangneung which is famous for its raw fish restaurants. Near the beach area, you can enjoy the Korean 'hoe' (raw fish dish) at its restaurants located along Gangmunhang Port.

Now, you may be wondering where to stay when traveling to Gyeongpo Beach or while spending your holiday nearby the beach. No need to worry as you can find lots of comfortable and affordable accommodation around and nearby.

Comfortable Accommodation

Here are some of them...

Y&G (와이앤지)
Y&G is a pension accommodation facility in Gangneung. It is located between Gyeongpo Beach and Gyeongpo Lake. This pension accommodation offers both business hotel rooms and pension rooms.

Soo Hotel is an inn or motel accommodation facility in Gangneung City. It is located adjacent to the Gyeongpo Beach area. It is situated so that the sea view will greet you as you open your door.

Gyungpo Beach Hotel
Gyungpo Beach Hotel is a tourist type of hotel. It is finely located between Gyeongpo Beach and Gyeongpo Lake. The hotel offers fine rooms, restaurants, a banquet, and a wedding hall. It is a popular facility among young couples who want to get married by the beach area.

HyuSim Pension
HyuSim Pension is a traditional village type of accommodation facility. It is a 'hanok' style - a traditional Korean house style. HyuSim Pension offers a fantastic experience to guests new to the country or who have never experienced staying in a traditional Korean house.

Where to Eat?

You can try various traditional Korean dishes, fusion food, and some international cuisine in the area. First, however, you need to explore a bit to find your desired dish of the day!

Here are some of them...

Gyeongpo Hanmi Hoetjip
Gyeongpo Hanmi Hoetjip offers Korean food and raw fish dish. You can enjoy its fresh fish and the spicy (hot) fish stew called 'Maeuntang.' Try its best menu - the assorted sliced raw fish.

Gyeongpo Chodang Sundubu Sikdang
Gyeongpo Chodang Sundubu is another Korean restaurant that specializes in serving delicious 'sundubu' or tofu dishes.

Choeilsun Jjamppongsundubu
Choeilsun is a Korean restaurant that specializes in spicy seafood. As an expert on such dishes, it has been serving for over 40 years now.

Yeongdeok Daege
Yeongdeok Daege primarily serves traditional Korean dishes. However, you can enjoy and relish its snow crabs, sashimi, and more seafood with spicy tastes and side dishes. Yeongdeok is famous for its snow crab dish.

Yeongdeok Daege Hoetjip
It is a raw fish restaurant in Gangneung. It serves various kinds of sashimi, and its signature menu is the plate of sliced raw flatfish (or sole) that is popular around the country.

Now, if you want to go shopping for souvenirs, travel kits, emergency needs, or simply enjoy the sight of a Korean market, let me describe such places near the Gyeongpo Beach area...

Representative (traditional) Market

Head to the traditional Korean market in Gangneung, where you can see colorful merchandise. However, if you are a holiday-maker or a traveler, Jungang Market (central market) is your place.

Jungang Market was first opened in 1980 as a public facility to centralize products that locals commonly use. As a result, it is convenient to shop in one place with reasonable and discounted prices.

Jungang Market is divided into two main sections: a traditional market and an underground fish market.

Its second floor is set for enjoying food and relaxation - restaurants and coffee shops.

Along the street around the market, you will enjoy exploring various products, such as farm produce, learning local culture, and getting insights into how locals live.

Jungang Market has over 300 shops or stores that offer various products (e.g., seafood: squid, mackerel, octopus, clams, flatfish; first floor: clothes, groceries, dried seafood products, gifts; second floor: home furnishing, bedding, hanbok [traditional Korean clothes], etc.)

A parking area is accessible for a reasonable rate per hour. You may contact the market management office by dialing...

Now, it seems like you have the necessary background and information about the Gyeongpo Beach area and most of the popular attractions and places to go when in the area.

Let's find out how to get to Gyeongpo Beach should you start thinking of going there for your next holiday or travel.

Getting to Gyeongpo Beach (경포수욕장)

Transportation and commuting around South Korea could be the most accessible and most comfortable things to do. You can either use a map or an App to guide you on how to get to all nooks and corners of the country.

Public transports are very accessible. You can purchase train, subway, or bus tickets online anytime at your convenience. Otherwise, you can go straight to any terminal or station and buy your ticket. Of course, it is advisable to purchase in advance to secure your transport seat.

However, there are always many seats on public transports except during special holidays, such as Chuseok, Lunar, and summer.

By Bus
Head to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and take an intercity bus bound for Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal. Depending on the bus type you're taking, it takes about 2 and a half hours to get there for between 14,000 and 22,000 Korean Won. The buses leave throughout the day.

By Train
Take the train if you want to feel more comfortable, or take a nap while getting to Gangneung. Purchase your ticket online and catch the train from Seoul Station or Cheongryangni Station in Seoul.

The train goes straight to Gangneung Station, so there's no worry about missing your stop or wasting time stopping at various places. The train leaves from 5 AM until 10 PM and takes around 2 hours.

A ticket costs between 26,000 and 44,000 Korean Won (KRW) depending on the seat you want to take.

Indeed, you can rent a car or a van if you want to drive and enjoy some stops to see lovely sceneries on the east coast. Also, if you're in a hurry, you can hire a taxi (this is best only if you are traveling with another or a couple of friends/family members for economic reasons).

I hope this is useful in your search.

Please have an incredible journey, and share with us your memories of the place!

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