Heavenly Haneul Park in Seoul

haneul-park-in-seoulA Silver Grass or Maiden Hair grass field at Haneul Park in Seoul.

haneul park in Seoul

Haneul Park in Seoul is located nearby the famous Han River (or Hangang) in Seoul. Among the most popular five public parks in the area, Haneul is one of them, or say the most visited one.

Literally, the word 'haneul' can be translated into the English language into two terms: sky or heaven. In the Korean language, the two words mean the same, but only varies depending on the situation.

haneul-park-in-seoul-observatoryThe observatory and viewing platform at Haneul Park
haneul-parkSilver Grass or Maiden Hair Grass at the park

FACT: Know that this green and the fantastic park is built on the landfill foundation. An excellent example of how to innovate waste and turn into like this 'sky' park.

As it is located in the Seoul area, it is very accessible by any public transports. In fact, you can just walk or hike by navigating the Han River pathways.

Without any further adieu, let me describe with my limited words and expressions this heavenly park...

Attractions of Haneul Park

haneul-park-in-seoul-woods-trees-snow-winterA winter sight of the woods area at Haneul Park.

First of all, Haneul Park is not only one of the best parks in the area. It is also the best park that's located near the World Cup Park that was constructed to commemorate the 17th FIFA World Cup.

It simply means that you have ample places to explore during your visit to the area.

Haneul Park is situated on the most elevated part of the World Cup Park where you can have a wide vista of Seoul's panorama and cityscape.

Second, you will appreciate the beauty of the Silver Grass that turns golden and then silver during the Autumn season (from its natural green color).

silver-grassSilver Grass with its purplish flowers

To further get attention, local authorities and park management organize an annual Silver Grass Festival. This is an event that is gaining more popularity not only among locals but also international visitors and travelers.

In Autumn, the Silver Grass Festival is being held in October. If you are coming from another country, I recommend that you enter not only because of this park and Silver Grass but because the temperature and weather are crisp and very friendly.

What's a Silver Grass

haneul-park-in-seoul-silver-grassSilver Grass at Haneul Park in Seoul

A Silver Grass is also scientifically called the Miscanthus Sinensis (from Greek: miscanthus for 'stalk' and 'flower'; and Sinensis means "from China" for some reasons, according to Wikipedia). It is a species of a grass family the bear flowers.

It is native to many eastern Asian countries, including China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. At most, it reaches from 3 to 7 feet tall. Its attractive flowers are colored purple.

In Korea, it is commonly called Korean 'Uksae'. Its other names are Chinese silver grass, Eulalia grass, maiden grass, porcupine grass, and Susuki grass.

What's Interesting To Do Here

haneul-park-in-seoul-woods-treesA forest area of Haneul Park

The park doesn't mind if you come in throngs or as a solo explorer.

Anyways, it is excellent for a family tour, both for young and adults, to experience an elevated park with a seemingly natural environment.

Families or friends can enjoy their picnics here. Spaces are available on top of the 'manmade' park's summit. Benches and sitting areas are available for public use.

Exercise is also okay here. Obviously, you can climb up and down the steps.

And also, you can use the for public-use exercise tools available in various and specific points in the park. There's is no 'running machine' there!

Above all, you are free to perform your yoga, calisthenics, or any sort of exercise or martial arts you want to practice.

haneul-park-in-seoul-night-city-viewA view of Seoul from Haneul Park

Besides exercise and sightseeing from atop Haneul Park, you can stay quiet, peaceful, and meditative while sipping your cup of coffee or tea from a small shop there.

Last, you can do photography as the park has excellent views and mountain backdrops.

Alright, if you are getting or feeling excited to visit the place when in Seoul, or intentionally fly to South Korea, the below information will help you get to this park.

Getting to Haneul Park

There are many ways to go there. If you are somewhere in the Seoul area, take a subway, a bus, or a taxi to reach close to the park.

Also, you can take an electric train from other parks nearby to reach Haneul Park's main entrance area.

By Seoul Subway
Take Seoul Subway Line 6 (World Cup Stadium station), and then proceed to Exit 1. From this point, walk around 30 meters to reach the park.

The official address is 95, Haneulgongwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 마포구 하늘공원로 95).

From the entrance area, you can either climb the 291 steps from below to the top or pay (3,000 Korean Won, round-trip for adults; 2,000 Won for kids) and take the electric tram to get there.

The tram or train is called the Mengkkongi Electric Train which is available at the Parking Area. During warmer and summer season it operates from 10 AM to 7 PM, and from 10 AM to 6 PM only during cold and winter season.

5:00 AM daily is the opening time of this park. Maybe a good time to experience the serenity and the mesmerizing sunrise from this vantage point.

Usually, the park is closed starting in the late evening until early morning to let nature recover from human interventions. But they keep it open ONLY during the annual Silver Grass Festival.

Website: parks.seoul.go.kr (Korean only)

Thanks for visiting this page and I hope you like it.
Enjoy your exploration and holidays!

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