Samyang Black Sand Beach

samyang-blacksand-beachBlacksand beach and sunset

Samyang Black Sand Beach

Jeju Island's Samyang Black Sand Beach is one of its kind on this famous travel destination island. It is the only beach with a beach area filled with black sand. The sand could be the product of a volcanic activity of the country's highest mountain and volcanic - Hallasan Mountain.

Seemingly, the black sand has natural elements that can provide health benefits to users.

They say that the beach's black can be goof for neuralgia, arthritis, obesity, athlete's foot, dermatitis, flu, and other physical and skin problems.

The most favorite among visitors to enjoy the beach and such benefits is from July to September when the weather is warm or hot.

Due to its alleged health benefits, people would take a hot sand massage, and then cool down by dipping into the seawater or spring nearby.

As a beach area, you will undoubtedly enjoy the serenity of Samyang Black Sand Beach. Being not so popular yet, it is not crowded and quiet. Probably, the color, being not white, does not attract many visitors compared to most of the island's white-sand beaches.

However, among many other advantages and benefits, you can enjoy the refreshing island sea breeze and the blue water that extends as far as your eyes can reach on the horizon.

When darkness comes, you will see mesmerizing lights at the nearby electric power plant. You will see the lights lining up across the wharf area, making a romantic scene with or without the moonlight.

You can get there with the following address:
1107 Yongdamsam-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

When you visit Samyang Black Sand Beach, you might want to explore other attractions nearby. If so, you can try researching the attractions you will find below...

More Attractions Nearby

Jeju Bultapsa Temple
Jeju Bultapsa Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Samyang-dong, Jeju Island City. It is a branch of Gwaneumsa Temple belonging to the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

Byeoldobong Peak (Beri Oreum)
If you love hiking, then you should not miss exploring this peak. It is located along the coast and is a mountain created by the nature of siliciclastic sedimentary rocks and lava. It offers fantastic views around.

Sanji Lighthouse (산지등대)
As a lighthouse in a fishing village and port area, you will have fantastic views of the smaller islands, the shores, and sights of Jeju Island and its tallest mountain -- Hallasan Mountain.

Sarabong Park (사라봉공원)
Sarabong Park is also a beautiful mountain park in Sarabong Peak. It is located on a 143-meter high hill east of Jeju's Dongmun Rotary. You can witness the spectacular sunset from this peak over the blue water of Jeju sea.

Getting to Samyang Black Sand Beach

With the efficient transportation facilities on Jeju Island, you can quickly get to Samyang Beach via a bus or taxi.

If you come from Jeju International Airport, you can look for the bus stop of bus number 100. Then just get off at Samyang Beach when you hear it announced inside the bus.

You can also find other buses that will bring you to the beach anywhere in Jeju Island, which these numbers: 43, 700, and 701. Same as above, get off at Samyang Beach Bus Stop.

From Jeju International Airport, take Bus No. 100 and get off at Samyang Beach.

Car and motorbikes for rent are also available in various places on the island.

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