Hwadam Botanic Garden

hwadam-botanic-gardenColorful trees and sight of Hwadam Botanic Garden

Hwadam Botanic Garden

Hwadam Botanic Garden is an arboretum established and operated by the LG Sangnok Foundation as part of a public service project. In April 2006, it was approved for construction in Doungri, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju City, Gyeonggi Province.

Hwadam Botanic Garden is part of Konjiam Resort's leisure and entertainment facilities. Konjiam has a ski facility, space, venue, and halls for various events, restaurants, and other excellent facilities.

Hwadam Botanic was built on 165,265㎡ (approximately 50,000 pyeong).

Hwadam opened in 2013 offers various facilities, including the...

  • 17 theme parks,
  • Botanics gardens
  • mini zoos
  • flower gardens, etc.

There are over 4,000 domestic and imported plants that are now on exhibition.

The botanic garden is a research facility that aims at improving the ecosystem locally through the study and conservation of the endangered plants and animals.

Hwadam does not only collect and conserve for the sake of landscape beautification. It also protects biological resources. It is considered to have the largest number of plant species in the country.

Hwadam Botanic Garden

At Hwadam Forest, it has over 13,000 square meters of pine tree garden in  South Korea.

In its Moss Garden, it is good to know that it is housing 30 kinds of moss located on over 9,400 square meter area established at the foot of the mountain nearby.

With that vast number of moss species, Hwadam Forest is considered that only one in the country with that number. This is the result of labor and research for over a decade now (as of this writing).

When you are on the site, you will find a natural valley, pine trees, and more plants and moss the blankets the whole area.

At the Firefly Garden, you can find fireflies. If you haven't seen fireflies at night, you should try visiting this place to catch a glimpse of how it looks like they're on 'fire.'

I use to see a whole lighted tree (mango tree) at night when I was little. It was amazing and beautiful. That time, I thought that it was a usual event. Now, I could not see them where I live.

Hwadam Forest was established to preserve the natural topography and vegetation in the area.

hwadam-botanic-gardenMonorail at Hwadam Garden

Great Facilities

You will find a promenade with an elevated walkway with gentle slopes so that strollers and wheelchairs can be accommodated with their user-guests.

At Hwadam Forest, you can find an eco-friendly monorail that serves older adults to see the forest area without any discomfort.

Such facilities allow people or guests with various physical capacities to explore and enjoy the facility without bias.

The specialized theme gardens include...

  • azalea gardens,
  • hydrangea gardens,
  • pine gardens
  • moss gardens,
  • rocks garden,
  • summer gardens,
  • firefly gardens,
  • garden paths of memories, etc.

Native plants & animals

The primary natural forest vegetation includes Japanese cherry tree forest, oak tree forest, Japanese oak tree forest, pine tree forest, and pine forest.

The Cherry Tree Forest, one of the five specialized genera of Hwadam Forest, is supplemented with the existing wild cherry tree vegetation to provide a better view of the scenery.

Besides, more than 170 kinds of native plants such as the lily family, the ranunculus family, and the celestial family are found to be growing.

Moss was native to the west and east valleys (mainly in the west valley), and the growth characteristics of wetland herbaceous plant communities, deciduous broad-leaved trees.

Natural Ecology Center
There are several experiential learning centers in Hwadam Forest. They organize special experiential learning centers so that you can enjoy a variety of fun.

Enjoy the freshwater fish ecology hall where various freshwater fish find their home.

Also, there is an Insect Ecology Hall where you can see stag beetles, beetles, and larvae.

General Customer Parking Lot
If you are coming with your private car, you can use the Konjiam Resort's Slope Parking Lot.

From the parking lot, you may proceed to Hwadam Botanic Garden on foot, by circulation bus, or by lift.

Of course, the parking lot has a special space for individuals with particular needs, such as wheelchair users or a family with strollers.

Getting to Hwadam Botanic Garden

You can take public transportation to Hwadam Garden or rent a car with a navigation app. Here's how...

First guide...
Take any Seoul Subway that will bring you to Jamsil Station (Line 2). Get off, then take the bus with number 500-1 that will bring you to Konjiam or Hwadam Garden area.

Alternatively, take a subway in Seoul to bring you to Samseong Station (in Gangnam), then catch bus 500-2 that travels to the Hwadam Garden area.

It takes one hour and a half from Jamsil Station by bus to Gonjiam Resort. Upon arrival, you can take a shuttle bus service to Hwadam Garden.

Private Car Navigation
Search for Hwadam Forest or Konjiam Resort and input the following new address:
278-1, Docheokwit-ro, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know should you need additional information. Also, please be generous to point corrections if there are changes in the instructions.

Thanks, and enjoy your day!

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