Iho Tewoo Beach

iho-tewoo-beachTwo horse-shaped lighthouses near Iho Tewoo Beach area

Iho Tewoo Beach

Iho Tewoo Beach is the most accessible beach area in Jeju City on Jeju Island, South Korea. It is very close to Jeju-si (city), where the Island's international airport is located.

Iho Tewoo (or Taewoo) Beach or "Iho Beach" is very popular because of what the regulars users and travelers say...

  • the wide sandy beach area
  • the gentle slope of the beach to the sea
  • subtropical temperature and atmosphere
  • the natural beauty and panoramic views around
  • and it has various public and private facilities.

Such a perfect environment and features do not only attract locals but also visitors from around the world.

Although not all, some of Jeju Island's natural features are enlisted on the UNESCO's world heritage, such as the Hallasan Mountain (tallest in Korea), Ilchulbong (Sunrise peak), and volcanic areas.

Exciting Features of Iho Tewoo Beach

Two Horses
Aside from the beautiful beach area, one cannot stop but notice the new landmarks near Iho Beach--Horse-like Lighthouses. I know that these two lighthouses are new because I've been to this beach many years back and weren't there yet!

The two lighthouses were built like a horse (somewhat looking like Trojan horses to me!). Each has different colors. One is white and the other red.

You can reach them through the wave breaker, which serves as your bridge toward the horses. Just walk toward the direction. You can even climb up and watch the surroundings from their tops.

iho-tewoo-beachIho Tewoo Beach's sandy shores

Mesmerizing Sunset
Where this beach is located faces the South. Therefore, you can enjoy the sun slowly getting lost into the horizon and darkness.

You can experience various changing colors of the sea and the horizon while sitting on the soft sandy white beach.

As the sun goes down, you will notice the flickers of lights start to appear from behind you.

Glimmering technicolor lights from the neon lights, series lights, and various lightings from shops, houses, eateries, hotels, and other structures nearby and buildings along the shores.

Enjoyable Activities

As you know, you can do various exciting and fun activities on the beach (such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, shells collecting, surfing, etc.).

Aside from those current ones, you can also simply do the less strenuous and less adrenaline-pumping activities.

You can stroll along the shores and relish the beauty of the sea, islands, views of the rising mountain (Hallasan).

Various rental services are also available for multiple sea activities. One of these activities is fishing.

Rent a boat from one of the rental shops found along the beach area. Then head to fish anywhere nearby or by the seawall.

Local fishers spend their time catching fish along the seawall (where the lighthouses shaped like horses are located). Try it!

iho-tewoo-beachView of the beach and the Hallasan Mountain on the background

Fresh Fish Restaurants
You can finish up your day's activities with a dinner at a nearby 'hwe' (sushi) eatery or restaurant.

When having dinner there, make sure that you are facing the sea to enjoy the fantastic nightscape of the sea and lights along the shores.

Then you can take another short stroll along the road in parallel to the shore feeling the cool and refreshing evening sea breeze.

Attractions Nearby

You can quickly move from the Iho Tewoo Beach area to other attractions and tourist spots nearby. Buses and taxis are visible everywhere.

Besides the beach's rejuvenating effects, you can also explore the 'man-made' facilities or entertainment nearby...

Halla Arboretum
It is located in Jeju City and a type of recreational forest area. Halla Arboretum was built for research and conservation of nature. It means that you can enjoy their collections of plants of varied species.

Halla Arboretum was established in 1993 and has over 900 types of local tree species and other subtropical plants.

Paradise Casino Jeju Grand
Hmm, yes, it is a casino but also more than a casino. You can explore and enjoy its various entertainment facilities, aside from beating, eating, and drinking!

You can try golfing, horseback riding, and other fun rides and sight-seeing activities inside the grand facility.

Computer Museum
This is for children and younger visitors who are into technology and computer world. This is specially established for industrial tours.

At Nexon Computer Museum, an online game developer, you can learn the historical backgrounds of games, computers, images, and other electronic and computing features of the electronic world.

Jeju Golden Beach (KAL Hotel)
This establishment is both a hotel and a casino. It is the largest one of its kind on Jeju Island, which is for foreign guests only.

You can enjoy its equipped and luxurious facilities and amenities. I guess (as I have never tried entering into this place), as long as you are a foreign passport holder, you can enter or book a guestroom.

You can use this hotel as your base for exploring Jeju Island's attractions and travel destinations.

Jeju Samseonghyeol
Also established in Jeju City, you can enjoy this place as a historical site or monument of past events on the Island.

It is designated as Historic Site (#134). It is situated in the pine forest area just in the middle of Kal Hotel and Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum.

These attractions are easy to find and quick to access via public transportations.

Getting to Iho Tewoo Beach

You can take any of the following buses...

Bus Numbers: 7, 17, 30, and 60

Then get off at Iho Beach Bus Stop. Usually, the automatic announcer is turned inside the bus. Announcements are in various languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Since taxi fare in Korea is inexpensive, you can take it to get there in a jiffy. It is more advisable if you have a companion as you can save more and could be equivalent to taking a bus.

I hope you have a wonderful trip and a memorable holiday on Jeju Island.

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