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international-convention-center-jejuFrontview of International Convention Center Jeju

International Convention Center jeju

International Convention Center Jeju (or ICC Jeju) is an excellent place for various international and local events that convene many participants.

Yes, I was there and have joined one of such events. The place is enormous and located in a strategic place where guests can enjoy the facilities and the attractions surrounding the convention center.

The second time I went was when I was traveling for leisure. I passed through the grounds of ICC Jeju towards Jusangjeolli Cliff - remarkable lava rocks formed during the volcanic eruptions in Jeju Island thousands of years ago (see more Jeju attractions).

Spectacular nature, abundant Tourist Assets, Convenient Access, and Lodgings-a Warm and Friendly People. Jeju is a worldly renowned resort in regards to its leisure and tourist. This is a stunning island together with a superior convention center: ICC JEJU.

ICC Jeju Location

ICC JEJU an ideal site for our conventions.

ICC JEJU is located in the Jungmun Tourist Complex with the cobalt-blue Northern Pacific stretching on the towering and south Hallasan Mountain in the north. Topping an area of more than 5,000, the first-rate convention center is a 7-story building.

Artfully mixing tourist resources and convention center, this resort-style convention center is completely geared up for international meetings of any scale and provides expert logistic assistance for hosting occasions.

ICC JEJU is your best partner if you would like to add entertainment and leisure to your convention.

International Convention Center Jeju (ICC Jeju) opened in 2003 on Jeju Island, South Korea, in the Jungmun Resort near the city of Seogwipo. It began under private-public consortium ownership and is becoming fully publicly owned.

international-convention-center-jejuICC Jeju is accessible by all public and private vehicles

It consists of an immense oval-shaped glass structure and a smaller sized round glass annex, and surrounding facilities. The biggest hall accommodates 4,300 individuals, with numerous smaller halls and meeting rooms.

The structure includes a large elliptical totally glass-wall structure four floors above ground (and 2 below) linked to a smaller sized circular glass structure housing a dining establishment and coffeehouse and is set on a cliff over the Pacific Ocean. The building houses the Jeju Convention Bureau.

In 2007 construction started on the adjoining 50,000 sq. meter lot to construct a 600-room hotel-condominium to serve as ICC Jeju's "anchor hotel," set up to be finished in 2009.

Jeju International Airport is conveniently located at the center of East Asia and is quickly accessible from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The airport currently services 16 direct international flights and 13 domestic flights. They fly and land 143,000 times in a year consisting of Boeing 747's utilizing the 3km runway, and the Jeju Airport can deal with 15.2 million travelers a year.

daepo-jusangjeolli-cliffsDaepo Jusangjeolli Cliffs were formed by lava during the volcanic activities thousands of years ago on the Island

Direct International Flights to Jeju

There are numerous daily flights between Jeju and 10 different cities in Japan, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. The variety of paths is expected to increase.

Transfer through Major Hub Airports
Visitors from countries without direct flights may quickly take a Jeju trip through significant airports such as those in Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Transfer through Incheon International Airport (ICN)
Incheon International Airport is the entrance to Korea. ICN ranks 9th highest global traveler traffic with 79 airlines connecting to 182 location cities.

Guests can either transfer to Jeju's direct flight from Incheon or move to Gimpo Airport and transfer to a domestic flight from there. It is a one-hour-flight from Incheon or Gimpo to Jeju. To get to Gimpo Airport from Incheon, visitors can take a shuttle or high-speed rail. It takes approximately 30 minutes, and the shuttle runs every 5 minutes.

Visa-Free Entry
Jeju Island offers free-visa entry to 180 countries. However, it requires entry visa to the following eleven nations:

Afghanistan, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Macedonia, Palestine, Sudan, and Syria.

The free visa entry allows up to a period of 30 days.

international-convention-center-jejuA view from the field of ICC Jeju

Conditions of Entry

Those that arrive directly into Jejudo island by ships or flights.

*A Chinese traveler group coming to the Incheon International Airport, who plans to travel to Seoul and Gyeonggi Province within 12 or 24 hours and then go to the Jejudo Island by transferring to the domestic flight. This will be a domestic connection flight.

For a group transit traveler to Jeju, an individual must join a trip program of Korean travel agents that serve Chinese tourists groups only and that are designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and the Chinese travel representatives in charge of a group visa application at the Korean Embassy or Consulate General in China.

A group transit guest needs to hold a domestic airline company ticket to Jejudo Island in which a flight departs within 12 or 24 hours.

Source: Korean Immigration Office,

Enjoy your travels!

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