Grandiose Jangho Beach

jangho-beachAmazing observatory island located just in front of Jangho Beach area.

Jangho Beach

Jangho Beach is a beautiful cove beach area on the east coast of South Korea in Samcheok City, Gangwon Province.

The beach is known for its panoramic sea view and calm, clear water. The Beach is a perfect place to spend holidays either with friends or family members.

Many people refer to 'Jangho' as Korea's 'Napoli' (in Italy) due to its fantastic land and seascapes, aside from the clean beach area.

You can enjoy fishing, tasting fresh seafood, beach activities, exploring nearby areas and services.

You can find various facilities and travel resources in the area, including rental services such as camping sites, container houses, caravan, and related sleeping facilities.

Jangho Beach is also famous for snorkeling, thanks to its translucent water - sea creatures are a fun way of enjoying the sea. Besides the beach, one can snorkel the Jangho Port's calm water.

Aside from snorkeling, you can do more should you want to do kayaking or scuba diving.

Going under the sea of Jangho Beach, you will see and enjoy various fish species, starfishes, rock formations, seaweeds, and other sea creatures.

You can find this beach at 413-7 Jangho-ri, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheog, Gangwon-do, South Korea.

jangho-beach-mapStrategic location of Jangho Beach

Additional Attractions
While in the area, take advantage of exploring the attractions and sites nearby...

  1. Jangho Port
  2. Jangho Port Observation Deck
  3. Samcheok Sea Cable Car
  4. Younghwa Beach
  5. Galnam-ri Beach & Galnam Port

Right near the beach area, you can find the Jangho Beach Campsite. It is a beach area in Samcheok where you can enjoy camping with friends, family, and loved ones.

Jangho Beach Campsite is located within the vast marine tour belt in Southern Gangwon Province.

It is close to exciting attractions and activities, such as the Beach Rail Bike, Fishery Experience Village, Marine Ropeway, Haesindang Park, and more, waiting for holidaymakers and explorers.

Jangho Campsite has these features...

  • Camping area: 11,884㎡
  • Opening: January 2017
  • Maximum Occupancy: 160

Let's check out more below.

Jangho Campsite Facilities

Jangho Campsite offers various facilities and services, including spaces where you can rest and sleep comfortably during your holidays.

It offers a European-made luxury caravan. The van is equipped with a toilet, washbasin, an air conditioner, and a heater.

From the inside, you will enjoy the fantastic sight of the beach directly from your bed.

There are only three of these, and each can accommodate two guests. It has a table for four with a parasol. Reservation inquiry: 033-576-0884~0885

A barbecue fire pit is available, but you have to prepare your own grill, charcoal, and a torch.

Guests are not allowed to pitch a tent next to the caravan, and pets are not allowed.

Container House
Another space to sleep and rest is in a container house. The size is about 64 square meters that can accommodate up to eight guests.

You stay on the second floor. You can find the whirlpool, bed, toilet.
The first floor serves as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

jangho-beachJangho Beach's container house

Jangho Camping Sites

On the camping site, you can find wooden camping decks where you can pitch your tent.

Nearby, there is a parking area, outdoor tables, electrical outlets, and spaces lawn.

Reservation inquiry: 033-576-0884~0885

You will be reminded that only one tent is allowed and one vehicle per camping deck site.

If you are planning to prepare your food, bring with you cooking utensils, including a barbecue grill, charcoal, torch, and others.

Management Center & Other Facilities:
While camping, you can ask for more details about your needs at the management center.

Should you need to purchase supplies for your food and drinks and other personal needs, you can find shops and convenience stores nearby.

If you want to find more choices, you can head to the more giant marts, about 20 minutes by car.

Please, found out more through their official website:

Getting to Jangho Beach

You can get to Jangho Beach by public transport or private vehicle.

Here is your direction...
Samcheok-Hosan Terminal-Homeplus-Jungang Market-Samcheok Hospital-Obun-dong-Mongbang-Geundeok-Dongmak-Gungchon-Chogok-Yonghwa-Jangho2-ri-Jangho1-ri-Galnam-Sinnam-Imwon-Hosan-Terminal

Coming from Samcheok Terminal
When taking the bus from Samcheok Terminal, you need to get off at the bus stop called "Jangho 2-ri". Better, inform the driver that the campsite is your stop.

Private Vehicle
If departing from Seoul, you need to follow this direction...

Hannam IC - Gyeonggi-Gwangju JC - Yeongdong Expressway - Donghae Expressway (Gangneung JC) - Namsamcheok IC - National Road No. 7 Yonghwa Intersection

It takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes to get here for a distance of 295 kilometers.

By Car from Busan City
You can take the following route...

Gyeongbu Expressway (Guseo IC) - Gyeongju TG - National Route 7 Yugeum IC - National Route 7 Yonghwa Intersection

The travel time is around 3 hours and 40 minutes for the 270 kilometers distance.

By Car from Incheon
It would take around 3 hours and 30 minutes to get there for the distance of 319 kilometers.

Yeongdong Expressway (Seochang IC) - Donghae Expressway (Gangneung JC) - Namsamcheok IC - National Road No. 7 Yonghwa Intersection

Thanks for reading this page. You may scan more pages to discover more attractions in Gangwondo or other provinces in the country.

Should you have questions, please contact me. Have a wonderful day!

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