Jeju 1100 Altitude Wetland

jeju-1100-altitude-wetlandHeavenly sight of Jeju 1100 Altitude Wetland during the snowy Winter season!

Jeju 1100 Altitude Wetland

Jeju 1100 Altitude Wetland is a famous trail among avid mountain hikers in Korea and travelers from outside the country. What makes this conservation area is the stunning Wetland found in this high elevation.

This Wetland is one of the few wetlands in the highland and represents such biodiversity in Korea. As a volcanic area, this Wetland plays a significant role in the Halla Mountain area, where water is scarce.  

This attraction is open most of the time of the year. Most of all, you can hike the area free of entrance fee!

As a wetland, it is rich with wildlife and under the protection of local authorities. It supports diverse endangered species and indigenous species in its beautiful landscapes.

With such incredible geographical and biodiversity, Jeju Wetland has been designated one of Korea's National Wetland Protected Areas. Even the Ramsar Convention designated it as a wetland of great international importance.

This unique kind of Wetland is located on the crater lake found on the top of 'oreum,' a secondary volcano on Hallasan Mountain.

Among the species living in this Wetland are the endangered species, including the Narrow-mouthed frog and the Giant Water Bug.

Along the trail, you will find various indigenous plants, including the Pitcher plant. To protect the plants from visitors, a visitor information center, wooden steps, and bridges were built, among other facilities.

Also, just to let you know that Jeju Wetland requires one to be generally fit, one who can climb stairways and steps to move up and down.

jeju-1100-altitude-wetland1100 meters in altitude!

Jeju 1100 Altitude Wetland is within Hallasan National Park, A UNESCO World Heritage enlisted site, and a Biosphere Reserve area.

The Wetland was designated as a protected area in 2009. It is a Ramsar Site Number 1893. More information about this area can be found at the following site:

Address / Location
Jeju 1,100 Altitude Wetland
Address: San 1, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, South Korea
Phone: 064-747-1105

jeju-1100-altitude-wetlandA sight along the trail of the Wetland

Getting to Jeju 1100 Altitude Wetland

You can take a public vehicle to get there if you don't have a car or rented any vehicle for your Jeju Island travel.

By Bus
The bus number depends on where you start hiking the Wetland. However, you can take bus #240 with the same route from Jeju City. On the eastern side of Seonpanak, you can take bus #281 from Seogwipo Bus Terminal.

By Taxi
You can get a taxi from anywhere on the island and tell the driver to bring you where you want to go. In this case, you need to show the driver your destination in the Korean language, that is if you don't speak the language.

Good luck and enjoy hiking at the Wetland.

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