Jeju Bird Park Falconry Center

jeju-bird-park-falconry-centerAn owl doing its daily training and exercise

Jeju Bird Park Falconry Center

Jeju Bird Park Falconry Center Garden is a place to experience beautiful flowers and plants, and the bird species usually observable from a distance. Both adults and children alike can enjoy the birds.

The facility offers close-up and personal experiences with some animals and birds. Some birds are easy to befriend while some need specialized training to be approachable by humans.

The best way to experience them is by feeding your favorite bird (such as a parrot) or animal (such as the alpaca).

Below, you will find animals and their related activities.

Experience Tour Programmes

Hwajowon Guinea Fowls and White Pigeons
You will experience a close encounter with Guinea Fowls and White Pigeons at Jeju Bird Park Flower Garden. As you call them, you will see them flying towards you and encircle you while you're feeding them. Amazing feeling!

The experience program is available only four times a day and depending on the weather conditions.
Parakeet Feeding
Yes, you will see these lovely and colorful animals. You will be feeding them and enjoying their company and conversations. You are given about 10 minutes only to experience feeding the parakeets.

Flying Birds of Prey
You can watch up close and personal the birds of prey, an experience that is hard to find. The activity is available four times a day, only for 15 minutes.

jeju-bird-park-falconry-centerFeeding time of parakeets is fun

Waterfowl Feeding
This is available for a 15-minute experience and exciting for kids.

Rabbits and Turtles Feeding
Rabbits and turtles are quite exciting among children, as they are gentle and safer to be around. You will be given about 15 minutes only to feed and experience such animals.

Parrot Feeding
Maybe this is more exciting among adults to experience. You can take photos as well while feeding and playing with them for 20 or more minutes.

Alpaca Feeding
Alpacas are also observable at this facility. You can take photos with them while feeding them. You are given around 15 minutes to be with them.

jeju-bird-park-falconry-centerAlpacas and other animals are also enjoyable sights at Falconry Center

Schedules & Fees

Here below, let me describe the useful information relevant to your search before deciding to explore the place.

Operation Time
April to September: 9 AM to 6 PM
October to March: 9 AM to 6 PM

The last admission time is 1 hour before closing time. The facility does not allow guests to bring pets inside.

Entrance Fee Rates
Adult (19-64 years old): 18,000 KRW; Handicapped: 14,000KRW
Youth (13-18 years old): 16,000 KRW; Handicapped: 12,000 KRW
Child (36 mos-12 years): 14,000 KRW; Handicapped: 10,000 KRW
Senior (65 and above): 14,000 KRW; Handicapped: 10,000 KRW

All Jeju residents are entitled to a 25% discounted according to age bracket.

Fees with Preferential Treatment
Costs vary according to the group rate. Please, check out at their website for any updated rate.

The preferential treatment to a person with a physical handicap is 4,000 KRW. To get this discount, you need to present an identification card.

Elderly Treatment
An elderly is given preferential treatment if over 65 years of age or older.

Children or infants under 36 months are allowed to enter for free with a proper document to confirm the age.

Getting to Jeju Bird Park Falconry Center

Taking a public transportation is available to get there.

A taxi can quickly take you there from anywhere or where you can get one. Taxis are available at Jeju International Airport.

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