Jeju Island Folk Village

jeju-folk-villageAn old tree inside Jeju Island Folk Village by the roadside

Jeju Island Folk Village

Jeju Folk Village on Jeju Island offers the best traditional atmosphere and items of Jeju's past. It is the main tourist attraction for guests to learn more about Jeju's past culture and people.

You will discover over 100 traditional Korean houses and facilities that locals used for their traditional way of life.

You will see exhibits of items and scenes of Jeju Island's village from the 1890s. It is the actual village that was reconstructed based on the research and analysis from historians and other experts.

You are allowed to take photos of the items (and selfies) on display to aid your understanding and imagination about how the traditional Korean villagers lived their lives.

Interesting Activities & Programs

Jeju Island Folk Village does not only offer scenes of the past and items recovered from the old villages in Jeju. You can also enjoy a few exciting activities if you want to feel the local and traditional culture.

A traditional wedding hall is available if you wish to witness a mock-wedding.

Horse-back riding is also available if you are willing to learn or have the confidence to ride a horse. You can take photos while doing your favorite activity.

Tour Train
You can take a train with friends or family members within the folk village itself if you don't want to take time walking around.

Only over 50 passengers can be accommodated per ride. The Tour Train activity starts from 9 AM down to 5 PM only, and it is not available on weekends, for your information.

jeju-folk-villageHangari (earthen jars) are still being used today to preserve traditional Korean food and ingredients including kimchi, chili paste (gochujang), bean paste (dwenjang), etc.

Accessible Facilities

Just like in most tour sites such as Jeju Island Folk Village, you will find what you immediately need during your visit. You can find and enjoy the facilities as follow...

  • Convenience store
  • Agriculture and fishery products store,
  • A restaurant,
  • A computer photo-taking zone,
  • Relaxation and resting area, etc.

Entrance & Participation Fee Rates
Entering Jeju Folk Village requires guests a very reasonable admission fee. You will certainly get the worth of your every penny (or Won)...

Individual: Adult 11,000 KRW, Senior citizen 9,000 KRW; Teenager 8,000 KRW; Child 7,000 KRW

Groups: Adults 9,000 KRW; Senior citizens 7,000 KRW; Teenagers 5,500 KRW; Children 5,000 KRW

Note: Adult (age 19 and over), Senior citizen (age 65 and over), Teenagers (middle to high school students), Child (age 4 to elementary school students). You will need to present any valid identification card/certificate to get the discounted rate.

A Parking Area is available--it is Free!

Tourist Interpretation Service
Jeju Folk Village offers a reasonable amount for interpretation (explanation) if you need one. You can rent an audio guide tool in three languages--English, Japanese, and Chinese.

As you enter the premises, you will find the Ticket Office where you can also rent the audio machine.

For further details about Jeju Folk Village, you may visit their official website below. (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Getting to Jeju Island Folk Village

Public transportations are accessible on Jeju Island that can ferry you anywhere you wish to go or visit. A bus, taxi, car for rent are your choices.

Here is how you can get to Jeju Folk Village...

Bus from Jeju International Airport
Head to the transport waiting area and take bus #100 to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, which is in Jeju City downtown.

From the terminal, transfer to a bus bound for Bunyoung Road, for Jeju Folk Village's direction. Listen to each bus stop's announcement inside the bus in various languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese.

The travel time to the attraction is about an hour from Jeju Terminal.

By Taxi
You can take a taxi wherever you can flag one. You can go straight to the attraction from the airport quicker, which is about 30 minutes of travel time.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you have a marvelous and unforgettable experience on Jeju Island.

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