Jeju Island Light Garden

jeju-island-light-gardenColorful lights by the roadside on Jeju Island

Jeju Island Light Garden

Jeju Island Light Garden is attracting visitors who belong to the younger generations and light lovers. It is a perfect place for young lovers, couples, and families for night photo shooting.

To be brief, the place is excellent for...

  • photography with lights at night
  • sunset photography
  • and photo-taking at its studio

Of course, you don't have to take photos with yourself or anybody when you visit. But it is a fantastic place to simply relax alone, with a friend(s), family, and special other.

You can stroll around along the Garden and enjoy a relaxing evening or the mesmerizing sunset.

By the way, they operate from 6 PM until 12 midnight only. The last admission time is one hour before (11 PM) the closing time!

Please, let me describe more about the facilities you can access while on-site...

More Facilities

As briefly mentioned above, at Jeju Island Light Garden, you can take selfies or groupies anywhere in the Garden as you see fit. Yes, the results are great for your social media outlets!

Photo Studio
At this facility, you can use the photography tools you can access, including the various fun backgrounds, lighting equipment, and more pretty props.

While moving around the Garden, you can bring some snacks and drinks from the cafe.

When you feel you are parched and starving, you can purchase delicious meals and thirst-quenching drinks.

The one thing you should not miss is when the entire garden area lights up, making it alive and illuminating the dark night.

Important Information

Find the following useful information before deciding to visit the place, including the ticket rates and directions.

Ticket Rates
Child (0-2 years): free entrance
Child (3-12 years):
For the entrance ticket that you will pay, the following items are not included...

Food and Drinks
professional photographer and services
other expenses

Online Ticket
When you purchase your ticket in advance, you will need to remember the following requirements.

Use your passport (or ID) and a printed ticket or mobile voucher.
Your ticket is valid only on the date and time specified.

Getting to Jeju Island Light Garden

You can easily and quickly get to this Garden via public transportation, such as the bus and taxi.

From Jeju International Airport
Head to the exit area and bus stop stations. Look for bus number 150-1 express and get off at Unjin Port Bus Stop. Transfer to bus 250-1 and get off at Yusuam Complex.

From Yusuam Complex, walk for about 3 minutes to reach the Garden. The whole bus ride will take about 38 minutes in total.

By Taxi from Jeju International Airport
From the taxi waiting area after you exited the airport, head to the cab, and show the driver your destination (preferably in Korean).

It takes more or less than 20 minutes to reach Jeju Island Light Garden.

Thanks for reading this page. Have a fun and memorable evening at Jeju Light Garden.

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