Jeolmul Forest Park

jeolmul-forest-parkCedar trees at Jeolmul Forest Recreation Park, Jeju Island

Jeolmul Recreation Forest Park

Jeolmul Forest Park is a popular green recreational public park on Jeju Island, South Korea. It is popular and attractions people who love nature, leisure, and serenity amid the natural forest.

Jeolmul Park features various recreational facilities, including a grass square, promenade area, a pond, an observatory, and related facilities. Reservation for a forest cabin is available online.

Located on the northeast of Hallasan Mountain, Jeolmul is on the mountain's mail Oreum, a famous park with beautiful cedar forests around 30 to 45 years old.

Jeolmul Oreum is almost 700 meters high and where the park is sitting. One can hike the peak of Jeolmul Oreum and back in about an hour.

From the peak, you can observe stunning views around. When the day is clear and blue skies, you can see the famous Seongsan Ilchulbong or the Sunrise Peak on the east coast.

Also, you can see the horseshoe-shaped crater from its observatory. In the west, you can see the Musuchon Stream and Jeju City in the North.

The natural park is not entirely natural, as some forest areas were created. The whole forest area covers approximately 750 acres and serves as an alternate attraction to Hallasan National Park.

The park includes both a naturally formed forest and an artificially created one. Covering approximately 500 acres of artificial forest and 250 acres of natural wood serves as an alternative attraction to Hallasan National Park.

Accessible Facilities

Various facilities allow visitors to spend some quality time with their families or lovers:

  • strolling or hiking trails
  • spring mineral water,
  • small pond,
  • public grass lawn,
  • wooden sculptures and woodcraft experience center,
  • recreation facilities for children,
  • resting and accommodation service,
  • Wildflower park, Saeuran orchid park,
  • therapeutic walking trail in the forest,
  • roe deer observation center,
  • seminar room,
  • foot volleyball court,
  • foot bath area, etc.

Hiking Trails
For this facility, some parts are built with wooden steps and other means to help guests feel safe and comfortable.

The slopes of the trail are not steep and mostly with gentle slopes. It is quite easy among children and the elderly to explore the forest park.

For guests with some physical disability may use wheelchairs and can be accompanied by their guardians.

Useful Information

Below you will find necessary information before deciding to embark on a journey to this island.

Address: 78-1 Bonggae-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Phone number: +82-64-721-742

Admission Days/Time: Monday-Sunday: 9 AM-6 PM
Closed period: Jeolmul Oreum & forest road of longevity is closed on Mondays

Entrance Fees:
Adults: 1,000 Won Won (Group 800 Won)
Youth: 600 Won (Group 500 Won)
Children: 300 Won (Group 200 Won)

Note: A 'group' implies that it is composed of 20 or more guests to get the discounted offers.

Getting to Jeolmul Forest Park

You can use public transportation or a rented car/van or a motorcycle on the island.

By Bus
You can take bus #300 or 38 from Jeju International Airport to Dongmun Rotary. Then transfer to bus #1 at the Rotary and get off at Jeolmul Recreation Forest Bus Stop.

Bus at Dongmun Rotary come/depart at 07:57, 10:39, 11:30, 13:00, 13:45, 16:15, 17:15, 19:15.  Please, since bus schedules can change due to various reasons, get the most recent information.

By Taxi
This is the quickest way to get there without waiting for the bus to come or unexpected delays.

Please, enjoy your nature exploration at Jeolmul Forest Park on Jeju Island.

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