Korea National Maritime Museum

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Korea National Maritime Museum

Korea National Maritime Museum is one of the best places to discover items and historical backgrounds about the sea in the whole country. It offers new tools and facilities that enhance your learning and experience.

The need to construct an extensive maritime museum was raised to enhance the nation's potential by producing a landmark institution reflecting the nation's maritime history.

The Museum will make guests acquire an understanding of the maritime world in an organized and detailed method through the collection, research study, and exhibit of associated nautical antiques.

The second benefit of having the Museum is that is can activate the local economy by promoting the maritime tourism industry. So, if you are visiting the place, you are doing both favors and benefits!

By the way, the project started in 2009 and completed in 2012. It is located at 301-45 (Dongsam-dong), Haeyang-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan City.

The whole site is over 45 thousand square meters, and the overall floor area is over 25 thousand square meters.

Now, if you are feeling excited, please let me describe the main places where they exhibit the collections and other items.

korea-national-maritime-museumSide view of Korea National Maritime Museum, Busan City (photo: lynxproaudio.com)

Exhibition Floors

Discovering the Ocean: Second Floor
On the second floor, they have the Children's Museum, where you can see performances for kids and a variety of experience-based activities under the theme of the ocean and the environment.

You can easily access to several convenient centers for family visitors, consisting of a nursing room and picnic space.

You may also wish to check out colorful exhibitions on numerous topics in addition to the ocean and marine environment in the unique exhibit hall.

Unique Exhibition Hall
As you have already guessed, the multi-purpose exhibit hall can hold the various type of unique exhibitions. Numerous special exhibits will be held in cooperation with abroad and national museums, maritime research institutes, and so on.

Children's Museum
The central theme of this Museum is on the sea and its environment. It is made to excite children by creating a theater space that shows everything about the sea and its related world.

The Museum will help children easily comprehend the sea and environment by experiencing and seeing real items and specimens.

The Central Hall
This Hall is also an exciting place that you should not miss. It is an
an architectural style that integrates and infuses the shape of both a fan and the Panokseon-- a combat boat used throughout the Joseon Dynasty to reveal the dynamism of the marine environment.

Meeting the Ocean: Third Floor
On this floor, you can discover and feel the ocean's history and culture, which has actually existed together with people through different marine relics and artifacts.

You can also delight in a close-up view and feel marine life that is tough to experience in daily life by touching marine organisms in the aquarium and aquatic life hall.

Maritime Culture

The exhibit has been organized along with the styles of maritime religions and the traditional fishery methods and methods that were commonplace amongst communities who are making their livelihood from the sea.

Maritime History and Figures
In this section, you will learn more specific and facts about the sea. It can help individuals to comprehend the changes and advancement in ideas about the sea at each age by revealing the activities of some noteworthy maritime figures.

The Ship Builders
In this exhibition area, you will discover items and information about the technology and maritime power of the ancient Korean mariners and such people.

The shapes and styles of Korean standard ships, the seas where they voyaged, and the records of exchanges and antiques are displayed.

The Aquarium
Yes, you can observe and get excited about the huge and vibrant sea animals inside the aquarium. They are all categorized according to the origins and variety of each group.

Maritime Experience
This space is for one to enjoy the sea. The area has actually been created so that people can come to happily find out about and value the sea by promoting their interest and interest in maritime leisure and sports.

Cruising the Ocean: Fourth Floor
On the 4th floor, you can go to the Marine Industry Hall that explains the financial capacity and efficiency of the ocean, the Marine Science Hall for the sustainable advancement, and the Marine Territory Hall that shows the future role and development of the sea.

Don't forget to drop by at the 4D Theater where you can experience the marine world in a very sensible way.

4D Theater
The Maritime Library in the Korea National Maritime Museum has collected and set up both domestic and overseas special books and digital media in museology and archaeology, which consist of information in areas of maritime culture, maritime history, and marine figures.

The management is running the library in such a way where visitors can easily use the products and information related to the Museum.

Useful Information

Phone: 051-309-1882, 1883.
Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00.
Closed Days: Mondays, Sundays, and special holidays including New Year and Chuseok holidays.

You can do research onsite near the Front Desk area.

Seminar Room.
They are accommodating 6 to 8 persons (Reservation required).

Admission Time:
The last admission will be allowed 30 minutes before the closing time.
Entrance Fee. No fee except for special exhibitions.

Group Visitors
Group visitors of 30 or more people are advised to make an Internet reservation a minimum of 1 day before checking out. It is quicker to get in if a booking is made in advance for a group.

4D Theater
A 4D experience about the sea world is available as a 4D film. The theater tickets will be sold onsite in front of the 4D theater on the 4th floor.

Audio Guide
Audio guides are used to supply professional info on the products showed in the permanent exhibit hall.

ID is essential for leasing. (Children can use the ID of their guardian).
Rental fee: 1,000 won. You can rent the audio at the Information Desk on the second floor.

Convenience Facilities

Food and Drinks. You don't need to worry about any drink or food. The Meals and beverages are offered in the Fourth Floor's café and Second Floor's restaurant.

Personal Items: Bags and valuables may be kept at the information desks on the 1st and 2nd floor or in the coatroom.

Special Needs. The old, the infirm, or the disabled may utilize wheelchairs free of charge. Memorabilia and cultural products are sold in the Museum Shop on the second floor of the Museum.

Getting to the Korea National Maritime Museum

Due to the efficient transportation facilities in South Korea, you can easily and quickly move around the cities, and even in the countryside. Simply find the bus or subway station (or terminals) and you can get to wherever you want to go.

Here's how you can get to the Korea National Maritime Museum...

Busan Subway
Take the Subway Line 1 and get off at Nampo-dong Station. Then come out from Exit 6 where you can take Bus #66 or #186 to the Maritime Museum.

Busan Bus
You can also take a bus (either number 66 or 186), if available in your area, to Korean National Maritime Museum bus stop.

By Taxi, of course!
If you are within Busan City, it is quite convenient to take a taxi to the museum. It is more advantageous, in terms of saving transportation fare, if you have one or two other visitors with you. Anyways, taking a taxi in Korea is quite affordable compared to other cities in the world.

Thanks for checking out this website. Let me know if this helps.

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