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LG Arts Center

LG Arts Center is a popular place where artists and curious individuals come to enjoy or simply inspect anything new on arts publicized by artists.

LG Arts Center is where people come to communicate and interact with one another through the arts. It is located in the Seoul area with greater accessibility to the public.

The Center is an internationally distinguished multi-arts efficiency center where the audience and the entertainers come together as one to share the enthusiasm for the contemporary arts and develop experiences that are distinct and mutually advantageous.

LG Arts respects the varied artistic worths and expressions of time, and it believes that the Center must act as a meeting place where creative and passionate artists and their fans engage and meet in open interactions.

Enjoying Art Performers
LG Arts Center thinks that the audience should have to delight in the best efficiencies at all times. It is where artists and curious individuals can enjoy arts and talented performers who share their gifts with the public.

To deliver the Center's mission, LG Arts try its best to present premium performances that feature not only essential works selected from a variety of genres that reflect related international trends but also those performances that occur from new, bold and ingenious strategies.

Making Artists and Performers Happy
LG Arts Center does its best to make the artists enjoy the best audiences in a modern venue. It offers the artists world-class stage facilities and top-notch technical assistance to help the entertainers realize their artistic perfection.

The Center is devoted to supplying both the artists and the audiences the creative motivation and overall remarkable experience, and to win their trusts and make LG Arts Center their most favored presenter of performing arts. To realize this, the Center is striving to accomplish the following objectives

Artistic Goals
To supply our audiences with "must-see" modern works produced by some of the most prominent and internationally acclaimed artists of our time.

To balance our program portfolio by thoroughly showcasing works of next-generation artists.

To produce an environment where Korean artists can display their artistic skills to the maximum and help them perform on global phases.

To provide guests with new experiences to the audience by promoting merging across genres and cooperation between and amongst Korean and worldwide artists.

Customer care and Public Interest Goals
First is to help the audiences broaden their perspectives by embracing a wide range of performing arts categories along with works produced through brand-new experiments and collaborations, thus promoting the worth of variety in our society.

Second, to responsibly employ the crucial financial support provided by LG, its family, and organization in contributing good things to society.

Third, to play a leading role in promoting an audience-centered carrying out arts culture in Korea by introducing sophisticated theater management practices and ingenious marketing strategies.

And to connect to it community by using its members' different curricula related to the performing arts.

Accessible Parking Area

If you are driving your private vehicle, you can park at GS Tower's underground parking space.

From the underground parking area, proceed to the elevator to the second floor. From the second floor, you can take the LG Arts Center elevator. Then get off either on the Third Floor or the Fifth Floor.

LG Arts Center clients can utilize the GS Tower underground parking lot. GSPark24 supervises of GS Tower parking lot, and those who have enjoyed efficiencies can utilize the parking area at a discounted price (3,000 KRW).

By the way, note that you are limited to 4 hours only to park. Beyond four hours, the guest needs to pay for the extended hours for reasonable rates. And if you do not have a ticket, you will be charged 2,000 KRW per thirty minutes.

The parking fee machine calculates charges correctly. It accepts a parking voucher, cash, and even credit cards.

Flat Rate Parking Fee: 3,000 KRW per 4 hours
Overtime Charge: 1,000 KRW for every single 15 minutes (Please utilize the fare adjustment device)

Reminders to Guests

To get a discount as an audience, make sure you have both the parking area ticket and admission ticket.

Please bring them to the fare reception area on LG Arts Center Main Lobby. The reception area is open one hour before the performance until completion).

Please, enjoy the artworks and performances. Thanks for reading this article and resource.

Getting to LG Arts Center

By Train
Yeoksam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2)
Take Line 2 and get off at Yeoksam Station. Then you should proceed to Exit 7, which is linked to GS Tower B1. Then take the LG Arts Center elevator for your destination.

Alternately, you can avoid a large crowd if you come out from Exit 8 of Yeoksam Station and then walk straight to reach the arts center. Go to your left on the first corner (front of Kona Beans), then straight to find LG Center's main lobby.

By Bus
Various buses pass through this direction. You have two choices: blue and green buses.
Blue Bus: 146, 147, 242, 341, 360, 463, 740, N13, N61
Green Bus: 4211

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