Millak Waterside Park

millak-waterside-parkThe Gwangalli Bridge is the best sight you will see flashing brightly infront of Millak Park

Millak Waterside Park

Millak Waterside Park is strategically sitting between Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach. Millak Waterfront Park is the very first Park in Korea to combine the oceanfront with public rest and leisure centers.

The Park can accommodate up to 40,000 excited guests and boasts benefit centers such as gardens, shaded rest locations, and benches.

When the tide is high, the 3,040 platform from which visitors who prefer not to explore the beach serves as a location where they can dip their feet in the ocean.

From Gwangan Metro Station, head left when you get to the beach. There, you'll discover Millak, house to a large raw fish center and Millak Waterfront Park.

Purchase fresh raw fish and head to the waterfront park. Find a seat and savor simply how great locally-caught, fresh fish can taste. Obviously, no raw fish meal would be complete without at least a little soju, making this a real Busan beach experience.

Fantastic Gwangan Bridge Sight
From this side of the beach, Gwangalli Bridge seems much more extensive, like the moon when viewed from different angles.

It is not a surprise that the spot is famous for amateur and professional photographers publishing masterpieces on Facebook and Instagram.

Before you leave the area, make sure to have a look at the skyrocketing parking tower near Millak Port, where a large, meticulously-drawn depiction of a fisherman stands 56 meters tall.

The statue of a standing fisherman is not only an exciting sight but also as an excellent landmark to guide travelers of their right destinations in case they get lost.

Of course, you can use any navigator App you may have in your smartphone!

millak-waterside-parkPeople enjoying their relaxing evening facing Gwangalli Bridge (photo:
haeundae-beachHaeundae Beach is the closest popular area to Millak Waterside Park

Getting to Millak Waterside Park

To get there quickly, you can take any public transport of your preference, such as a bus, subway, or taxi.

Busan Subway
Take Subway Line 2 and get to Geumnyueonsan Station, and come out from Exit 1. Then you can either walk to the beach area toward your left. Or take Bus 83-1 to reach the Park.

Alternatively, you can take Subway Line 2 or 3 and get off at Suyeong Station, then come out from Exit 5. Then take Bus 210 near Exit 1 and get off as you reach Millak Waterside Park Bus Stop.

If you want or need the correct address of Millake Waterside Park, here, it is: 361, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu.

Thanks, and enjoy your beach explorations in Busan City.

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