Namsan Park in Seoul

namsan-parkNamsan Tower and flowers in the forefront

Namsan Park, Seoul

Namsan Park is located in one of Seoul's landmarks-the Namsan (mountain) area. You would easily find Namsan because it is the tallest one protruding at the heart of Seoul.

If you search using the keyword 'namsan', you will get the keywords, including Namsan Park, Namsan Tower, and even the famous Namsan Cable Car.

Officially, Namsan Park is called Namsan Urban Nature Park. As a park, you can find various sections that serve are places where visitors and citizens spend a relaxing time with friends or family.

Yes, I've been here with friends many times. One of my most memorable moments was having a picnic with friends--singing, chatting, and enjoying our snacks.

Features and Facilities

As Namsan is a mountain with various terrain and features, you will find it very accommodating depending on your hobby or tastes.

You can just sit on some flat areas or hike trails, or visit gardens found all over the mountainsides.

If you want to do some hiking along the trails, you will find Namsan Dulle-Gil (track), connecting the northern road and the southern forest road. You will see the National Palace (Seokhojeong), the Samsung Stairs, and the Seoul Jeongdo 600-year old Time Capsule along those roads.

Lush of trees abound, and you will find yourself hiking the trail amidst trees with other hikers.

Namsan Outdoor Botanical Garden
Namsan Outdoor Botanical Garden is also one of those lovely places you will discover at Namsan. This was first created in 1997, which was divided into various sections.

The sections include the aquatic botanical gardens such as Pond, Paldo Pine Complex, and Wildflower Garden.

Right in the middle of the park, you will find Namsan Park Children's Forest Experience Center. As you already have correctly thought, children can play here with facilities for children.

You can also take photos with your kids playing the see-saw, slides, kiddie house, and such facilities with the green forest and gardens around. 

namsan-parkWater Garden

Moss Garden
As you already know, Namsan is lush with green trees. It means that you can find various types of plants, including mosses.

The Moss Garden is specially managed to support plants that flourish amid the wet and cool environment.

When you visit this area, you will experience a different feeling of being transported to another place in Namsan. You will see the subtropical and tropical types of ferns that grow here abundantly, along with the mosses.

They say that mosses are quite sensitive to changes in the environment, let alone air and soil pollution. As a visitor and hiker in this garden, you will find it healing in both mind and body.

The moss garden is consists of three moss species: true feather moss, fur feather moss, and feather moss. Mosses can generate more oxygen in the atmosphere.

Getting to Namsan Park Area

The descriptions above do not suffice to present a much more in-depth view of many things you can find once you're there. Let your imagination flow as you already have insights through the limited information provided above.

Now, should you include Namsan Park as one of your travel destinations in South Korea, let me provide you a bit of useful information below...

Namsan Outdoor Botanical Garden is located at 323 Sowell-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Admission is free.

To get there, take the bus with number 402 or 405 from Seoul Station and get off at Namsan Gymnasium.

From that bus stop, you should cross the crosswalk to find the Namsan Outdoor Botanical Garden.

Should you need further details, you may inquire by phone from Namsan Urban Nature Park Management Office at 02-3783-5900.

Thanks for reading this article down to this part. Wishing you have a wonderful and memorable visit and trip!

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