Oedo Botanical Garden

oedo-botanical-gardenA view of Oedo Botanical Garden and the blue sea

Oedo Botanical Garden (or Oedo-Botania) is a beautiful botanical island garden. It serenely sits on an island between Tongyeong and Geoje island belonging to Hallyeohaesang National Park.

Oedo Botanical Garden goes back to 30 years ago as a labor of love by a man to establish such a famous garden similar to those in other countries.

It is a private botanical garden that started in a small piece of untenable land but now covers the entire island.

Special Garden Features

The whole island is planted with both flowering and non-flowering plants in European-style gardens. You will find sculptures and statues that set the European atmosphere.

You can observe and explore the beauty of the whole island with all sorts of plants at any time of the year.

However, you will be all the more amused if you come during the Spring or Summer seasons. You know why! Flowers!

With its garden bloom with all sorts of flowers, the whole island is more attractive, especially in April.

You can then stroll around the gardens wherever the paths will lead you without getting worried about being lost.

You can also walk amidst the forest trails' cool shades during summer and relish the cool breeze blowing over from the sea.

By the way, there is a report about dinosaur footprints found on Oedo Island. This should add to your curiosity and interest in visiting this botanical garden!

geojedo-parkA park in Geoje-si

Refreshing Facility

While on the island, there is no worry about getting starved or parched as there is a cafe that offers refreshing drinks and snacks.

The cafe offers not only refreshing drinks and food but also rejuvenating elements to your soul. You'll have a spectacular view of Haegumgang Island and its surrounding turquoise and blue sea.

From Geoje City, you can get there via ferry only, and so far, there is no available accommodation on the island.

Useful Information

The visit to Oedo Botanical Garden or Oedo-Botania is a ferry tour package. You can move around the island in around 1 hour and a half.

See the tour course as follows...

Main gate - Management office - Cactus Hill - Venus Garden - Lee House - Benvenuto Garden - Bamboo Road - Panorama Observatory - Sculpture Park - Eden Church - Hill of Love Observatory - Stairway to Heaven - Gift shop - Geojedo Observatory - Breakwater/ Lighthouse of Hope

Business Hours
The island tour at this botanical garden is scheduled regularly for the Winter and Summer season with slightly different time schedules.

Winter: 8:30 AM to 5 PM
Summer: 8 AM to 7 PM

Entrance Fees
There is a regular fee for an individual depending on age, and a discount fee for a group.

Individual: Adult: 11,000 Won; Teenage: 8,000 Won, Child: 5,000 Won
Group: Teenagers: 6,000 Won; Children: 4,000 Won


As mentioned above, let me summarize the facilities you can enjoy at Oedo Botanical Garden below:

  • themed gardens,
  • an observatory,
  • rest area,
  • walking paths,
  • cafe, gift shop, etc.
  • restrooms.

A parking area is only available at the ferry dock in Geoje City.

Now, Oedo-Botania is not the only great place to see while in Geojedo City. Some of the best places and sites nearby include...

hakdong-mongdol-beachHakdong Mongdol Beach

Hallyeohaesang National Park (한려해상국립공원-거제)
Halleohaesang National Park is one of the only two national parks in Korea that include both the land and sea elements. The other park is Byeonsanbando National Park.

Hallyeohaesang got its designation and as the first national marine park in 1968. It covers the area between Jisimdo and Odongdo islands.

Hakdong Mongdol Beach (학동몽돌해변)
Hakdong Mongdol Beach is a beautiful beach area with a fantastic view and surroundings. Its beauty is set by its surrounding mountains--the Nojasan Mountain and Garasan Mountain.

It is named Hakdong as its shape is like a crane, the English term for "hak" in Korean.

Gujora Beach
Gujora Beach is another beach area that is famous not only due to its natural beauty and crystal water but also its easy access. It is located in Geoje-si.

Windy Hill
Windy Hill seems like an ideal place to be during summertime. You will find this hill on your way to Haegeumgang Village, passing through another fishing village called Dojangpo.

Dojangpo Fishing Village (도장포어촌체험마을)
Dojangpo Village is sitting near Sinseondae Cliff and Windy Hill.

It is a famous destination due to its beautiful scenery and surroundings created perfectly by the cliffs and hills around. Couples love this place.

Getting to Oedo Botanical Garden

If you come from Seoul, you have to head to Nambu Bus Terminal and take an intercity bus to Geoje City via Jangseungpo and get off at Jangseungpo Terminal.

Then grab a taxi or a local bus to the ferry dock on Geoje City, where you can get a ferry for Oedo Island.

For further details and the latest information, please visit their site:

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope you'll have an excellent journey.

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