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play-k-pop-museumJeju Island's Play K-Pop Museum

Play K-Pop Museum

Play K-Pop Museum is one of the hot attractions on Jeju Island, especially among younger generations and lovers of Korean famous star singers, K-pop music, and performers.

If you plan to get there being one of your itineraries on Jeju Island, it should not be a problem as public transports can quickly bring you--bus or taxi.  After enjoying the museum, you may just continue exploring the nearby attractions as well.

I guess you already know that since it is a museum, you won't really see or meet any 'live' K-pop pretty or handsome singer/performer. However, it would be worth your time and effort as the museum has somewhat realistic technology that would excite and feel you are with your favorite singers!

You will learn not only through information, photos, or albums of the star singers but also by interacting with Korean technology to impress you through an interactive experience. Let me outline more below...

  • You can learn the moves of the K-pop singers using the famous tunes and beats
  • Through computer animations, you will surely be amazed by its glamorous virtual makeover
  • You can watch a 'live hologram concert' and feel like you are in a real K-pop concert!
  • You can also take photos/pictures with your favorite singers, including BTS, EXO, and more...
  • Finally, you can also pretend for a moment being a K-pop singer or performing with one of your idols, among over 30 kinds of entertaining experiences

I guess you are already feeling excited as your imagination is getting more vivid and wild!

play-kpop-museumLearning to be a star!

Please let me describe a bit more about Play K-pop Museum to help you become more familiar.  I mean, I am telling below the facilities and methods of accessing the entertaining technology at the museum.

Here we go...

Just relax!
As soon as you arrive at the Play K-pop Museum, head to the ticketing area, and you will be given a card after payment. Keep this card with a barcode, which you will be using to scan as you enter the museum's exhibition rooms.

K-Pop History

I suggest you start here, and maybe you can be quick but not too rush, as it will help you understand more about what K-pop really is! You'll be surprised by the way the place is adorned.

In this area, you will be walking inside the Time Tunnel while listening to the songs that the K-pop singers have been singing throughout Korean music's history.

Then you will also find a well-arranged section showing a variety of records, photos, memorabilia, among other stuff that might be of interest (or not!).

play-kpop-museumPlay K-Pop Museum on Jeju Island
play-k-pop-museumWonder Girls group

Meet the Star Section

With the sub-title, you can already have guessed. You will see technological or virtual and life-size stars in this section.

The innovative use of computer technology will make you get immersed and experience an almost realistic and ecstatic situation!

You can get a photo with your idol star singer at these exhibits and come out with almost realistic results.

You will then be surprised (maybe not so much as I already mentioned it here!), as you will see your photos randomly shown throughout the museum later on as a front cover on a magazine about the Play K-pop Museum.

You will continue to be entertained with various augmented reality exhibitions. And more loads of crazy and funny photo opportunities.

The Star Magic Bench

One of the best 'fun' opportunity is the Star Magic Bench. On the sofa, you must sit and watch on a screen magical selections of K-pop singers coming over and sit next to you.

It would help if you were quick to snap photos with them... eh, ask your friend to take pictures, which can have super realistic photo results.

3D Cinema

After your exciting photo sessions with your favorite stars, you can take time and relax a bit watching a short cartoon in 3D.

I know that you know what 3D is and might just brush it quickly. But you should know that Play K-Pop Museum takes it to the next level...

You will be watching a 3D cartoon in front of you, but also that stretches around the cinema. Yes, it will be a complete 360-degree experience for you! Interested?

Now, let's go to the next one...

Be the Star

At this exhibition area, you will be spending the next around 30 minutes living the lives of the K-Pop stars. It's a fantasy!

As you enter the room, you will be walking over the red carpet, where you will be greeted with camera flashes all around.  Certainly, cheering fans will be loud and too excited to see you!

Then the next exhibition area could be an exciting place. It is set with iconic K-pop star outfits. You cannot only see them but also try them out. However, trying them on is only through augmented reality screens.

Virtual Reality Experience

Now, you can get the full star experience using virtual reality technology. YOu have the chance to show off your talent in the star recording studio and dance room.

They also use the augmented reality to make you feel like singing and dancing with the K-pop singers.
Now, that's all I can describe the Play K-pop Museum on Jeju Island. Should you be interested and feeling more excited, start planning your trip before things get difficult to book in advance.

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