Samcheok Beach

samcheok-beachA view of Samcheok Beach from the main road of Samcheok City in Gangwon Province.

Samcheok Beach

Samcheok Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with a long stretch of shore. It is situated on the east coast in the Province of Gangwon, South Korea.

It is in the neighborhood of Galcheon-dong, belonging to Samcheok City. On the northern end of this beach lies the other famous beach called Daemyung Resort Sol Beach Samcheok.

The beach is only 1.4 kilometers away from Samcheok City proper.

Exciting Descriptions

As of this writing, there is no entrance fee for this Samcheok Beach. Its vast sandy beach is accessible for any beach-lovers, including children (with guardians).

The white sandy beach is 1.2 kilometers long and is about 100 meters wide. It is spotless, and the sand is fine and soft to your sole.

In addition to that description, the green pine trees, the shallow water, convenient facilities, and the serene atmosphere attract about half a million visitors a year.

If you wish to do something active to add more fun with your friends or family members, you may rent facilities nearby such as floats, snorkel gears, fishing gears, boats, and more.

Among other entertaining events during the summer holidays, you can watch people participating in the contest for "catching flatfish with bare hands."

samcheok-beachA beautiful and serene sight of Samcheok Beach's sandy area.

Nearby the beach area, you can find shops, eateries, and other suppliers of goods for your day's needs.

Parking Area
Three parking lots are accessible with 800 spaces for sedans and vans. In addition, there are fifty spaces for buses.

Getting to Samcheok Beach

If you're coming from Seoul (and other places), you can take public transports, such as the train or bus.

By Train
Purchase your ticket online and take the train from Seoul Station (or Cheongryangni Station, Seoul) to Donghae Train Station. Then, get off and transfer to a taxi or bus for Samcheok City (less than 20 mins.).
If you are taking the Sea Train, get off at Samcheok Beach Station.

By Bus
Head to Express Bus Terminal in Seoul and take the one for Samcheok Express Bus Terminal. It takes a little over four hours to get there. However, upon arrival, you can get a taxi to Samcheok Beach within ten minutes or so.

Here's the full address of the beach should you want it...
14-22 Galcheon-dong, Samcheok, Gangwon-do, South Korea
강원 삼척시 갈천동 14-22

Further Info

You may visit Samcheok City's official website and checkout for yourself any information that may not be available or mentioned above.


Phone Number
1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
The hotline number would be available in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese languages. For more information, call +82-33-570-3843.

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