Refreshing Samnak Ecological Park

samnak-ecological-parkSunflower field at Samnak Riverside Park

Samnak Ecological Riverside Park

Samnak Ecological Park is the biggest of the four riverside parks situated along the Nakdonggang River banks.

The park is equipped with a marsh, bird feeding website, grassy fields located within the Nakdonggang Estuary Eco-park's Migratory Bird Habitat (Natural Heritage No. 179), wildflower field, cycling & walking paths, auto-camping site, water leisure town, and more amenities.

The park likewise features almost 60 exercise machines for all visitors and residents. The marsh path is lined with reeds and willow trees for a romantic and lovely strolling space.

The park is especially popular among bird-watchers in winter when the migratory birds settle here to pass the colder months.

A pathway best for bike riding along the Nakdonggang River in Sasang-gu is covered in pink every early spring.

Samnak Ecological Park is a lovely area to appreciate the great outdoors all year. Still, it genuinely shines throughout this time of year, specifically along its five-kilometer recreational trail that flanks the waterway.

More than 3,000 cherry bloom trees live along the route, which envelops visitors in a transcendent tunnel of pink petals. Enjoy them from the end of March till the beginning of April.

Don't stop there! Samnak Ecological Park is taking off with marvel throughout the year, including lotuses and sunflowers in the summer, irises in fall, and reeds in the winter.

samnak-park-sunflowerSunflower field

The park is likewise equipped with sports facilities such as badminton, tennis, soccer, and basketball.

Take your bike there or rent one for 3,000 Won an hour (6,000 won for tandem bikes). For those who want to relax simply, there are lots of quiet spots in Samnak Ecological Park, far from roadways, far from loud distractions, that offer break from busy city life.

Admission Fees:
Free of charge.

Accessible & Free Facilities

Samnak Ecological Park is not only established for purely ecological purposes. It is built to help visitors become relaxed and feel better through various active activities.

The park offers athletic facilities for those who want to improve their skills or simply stretch out or learn for the first time. Here are the athletic facilities...

Soccer field, baseball field, tennis court, volleyball court, football field, basketball court, X-games field, gateball court, inline skating rink, rugby field, golf, bicycle path, national archery site, etc

Other facilities and conveniences available include seats, benches, bicycle rental shops, and convenience shops.

samnak-cherry-blossomsPinkish and fresh cherry blossom flowers

Getting to Samnak Ecological Park

You can get there quickly via public transports including bus, subway (metro), or taxi.

Subway Line
Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Sasang Station and come out from Exit 3.

Alternatively, you can take the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit, get off at Renecite Station, and then come out from Exit 1. Then cross the bridge that will lead you to the park.

Thanks, and please enjoy your day and travels!

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