Sanbangsan Mountain
Hot Spring

sanbangsan-mountain-hotspringA view from Sanbangsan Hot Spring of Sanbangsan Mountain in Seogwipo

Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring

Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring offers a unique experience for visitors who travel this far. This public hot spring is the first one on Jeju Island, South Korea.

Sanbangsan Hot Spring is quite popular among locals and regular visitors due to its long history.

It is believed that the carbonic hot water coming from the volcanic nature of the island helps invigorate blood circulation, purifies the skin, and relieves physical pain aside from removing stresses away.

Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring is an excellent spot for holiday-makers to relax their muscles and relieve aches after a hike at Hallasan Mountain or walking the Olle Trails.

The Hot Spring is especially famous for its outdoor hot spring facilities and services. It offers fantastic views of the turquoise sea and a proud view of Sanbangsan Mountain.

You will undoubtedly make use of your swimsuit or swimming trunk when you come, especially when you use the outdoor hot spring facility.

If you forgot to bring one, know that you can rent one from the Front Desk Service area for a reasonable price.

Useful Information

Here, you'll need to read the necessary details to facilitate your travel to the area.

Location / Address:
981 Sage-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea
Phone number: +64-792-8300

Operation Hours:
Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring welcomes you as early as 6 AM and closes late at night (or 24 hours for the indoor facility). The swimming pool closes at 11 PM.

Admission Rate & Payment Methods
The facility accepts credit cards or cash on the spot.

Adult: 12,000 KRW (19 years old and above)
Youth: 9,000 KRW (12-18 years old)
Child: 6,000 KRW (elementary schooler)

Some Additional Fees:
You need to pay for minor fees when you enter any of the following places or facilities...

Outdoor Hot Spring: 3,000 KRW
Jjimjilbang (sauna room): 1,000 KRW
Swim Suit/Trunk: 2,000 KRW

Those rates apply to all persons of various ages.

You may find out more details about Sanbangsan Hot Spring through this following.

Experiences from Guests
Some of those who have visited that facility posted some of their most positive experiences. Here are some of them.

This store is located in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island. It is an old-looking hot spring steaming house. But the inside is good, especially clean. I have to say that the quality of the sticks is really much higher than that of the Chinese. No one wears shoes where you enter barefoot, unlike some sweat-steaming halls in China. In addition to outdoor hot spring pools, there are indoor hot spring pools and steaming. Here you can tie the horns and knock the eggs like a Korean drama. Generally very happy, you can go to experience the experience. (source:

Another traveler mentioned the views from this Hot Spring facility...

Sanbangsan Hot Spring is located in three islands (Maro Island, Gapado Island, Brother Island), five mountains (Hannashan, Sanbangsan, Junsan, Songaksan, and Tansan). It is also a relatively rare carbonated hot spring in Korea. (source:

More Features and Facilities

Aside from the items and descriptions mentioned above, you can find more when you visit the place. Since this page is limited and can only describe what the writer can find, please excuse that limitation. However, we can assure you that you can get more than what is described here.

This Hot Spring is remarkably advised as the place not to be missed, especially after your rigorous day activities to help you relax and enjoy the remaining hours of the day.

The high-end facilities will keep your aching muscles calm, your blood circulation regularly, your stresses and tensions relieve, and skin better and soothed.

Other facilities include:

  • sauna rooms (called jjimjilbang in Korean)
  • open-air baths
  • guest rooms, and
  • massage rooms.

Getting to Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring

To get to Sanbangsan Hot Spring, you have to be on Jeju Island, the most famous island in South Korea. It is considered the 'Hawaii in Asia' by some travel pundits.

You can get to Jeju Island, for example, by flying from Gimpo International Airport (GMP) to Jeju International Airport (CJU), which takes only an hour.

A ferry from various places in the Korean Peninsula will also take you there for some hours, such as Busan or Mokpo City.

By Taxi
Taking a taxi from Jeju Airport is the quickest and most comfortable mode of transport to the Hot Spring. It will take around half an hour to reach the area. A bus will take about more than an hour.

By Bus
You need to get to Jeju City Intercity Bus Terminal and take a bus to the Sanbangsan Mountain Hot Spring area. Please, check the bus schedules in the airport or from sources available through your smartphone.

Hope this article helps you experience better Jeju Island and the hot spring we briefly described here.

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