Emerald Sehwa Beach

sehwa-beachA view of Sehwa Beach along the road

Sehwa Beach on Jeju Island

Sehwa Beach on Jeju Island is a cute and beautiful beach area. It is known for its emerald or cobalt blue seawater color. Since not many travelers are not so familiar with Sehwa, it is spotless.

You can relish the beauty of the black basalt rock during low tides, contrasting its color with the sand. Great for photography!

Sehwa Beach is located on the northeastern side of Jeju Island. It is characterized by its gentle slope sand, shallow water, and mild waves at any time of the day.

Sehwa was opened to the public in 1980. It only stretches to around 200 meters and approximately thirty to forty meters of sand between the water and roadside as a small beach.

Comments from Tripadvisor
I found the following comments from the visitors to the beach...

...we thought Sehwa Beach was a lot nicer and less crowded than the Hyeopjae Beach. The calm sea, the soft sands all to yourself! They also have one and two spot set up, especially to take picture, and it IS a very instagrammable spot indeed haha (linlintn)

Not a wordy person, but this truly is a must-visit. A Jeju local recommends it to me, totally fell in love with it. Not to swim but to explore, for kids to play with the fish and small animals on the rocks. Very safe. (thucanhngthi)

Conveniently Accessible
Sehwa Beach is in Sehwa-eup (a small village). Although a town, you can quickly get there via public transportation (bus, car, taxi).

As the beach is getting more popular, you can find small shops and convenient stores selling various products more than enough to fulfill your day's needs while on the beach.

Other amenities and facilities are available at various choices of accommodation nearby the beach (such, B&B, minbak [overnight stay room], motel, and small hotels).

sehwa-beachAn amazing view of the beach from the pathway

More Attractions Nearby

Nearby Sehwa Beach, you can explore other attractions, including small parks, natural habitats, historical sites, and local culture areas, among others.

Some of such attractions include...

  • Byeolbangjin Fortress (stone walls)
  • Crinun Lily Habitat (rabbits' island)
  • Seokdawon Park
  • Sehwa Folk Market
  • Haenyo Divers Museum (Jeju Women Divers)
  • 1,000-year-old Bijarim Forest

By the way, if you are hiking Jeju Island, especially along the 20-course Jeju Olle, you can find Sehwa Beach just between Sehwa Folk Market and Haenyo Divers' Museum.

sehwa-beachThe stark contrast between the sand, seawater, and black basalt rock is a fantastic sight during low tides!

Useful Facilities

You can find some useful facilities for your visit. Here are the most useful ones...

Parking area
Public restrooms
Shower rooms
Changing rooms

Getting to Sehwa Beach

As mentioned above, you can take public transportation if available from your point of origin. Buses, taxis, or hiring a car is possible.

You can also rent a motorbike, car, or bicycle if you choose to explore more freely at your own pace.

By Bus
From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus #701 then get off at Sehwa-ri Bus Stop. The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The bus fare would be less than 5 US dollars. Listen to the bus stop announcement for your stop. From the bus stop, it will take less than 10 minutes to reach Sehwa Beach.

From Jeju City or Jeju International Airport, it could take around 30 minutes to reach the beach by taxi.

Enjoy the day and the beach!

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