Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum

seodaemun-prison-history-museum-front-ground-viewFront view of Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum, Seoul, South Korea

seodaemun prison facility museum

Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum was a prison located at Seodaemun Independence Park in Seoul. It was built near the end of the Joseon Dynasty period.

This prison facility left a regrettable memory in Korean history. It was here that the Japanese imperial army imprisoned, tortured, and executive many independence movement activists and followers.

Inside the prison facility, the government established the Seodaemun Prison History Hall in remembrance of Seodaemun Prison and to honor the Korean patriots who fought with their lives.

seodaemun-prison-facility-museumIndependence statue located in Tapgol Park were Koreans declared independence from imperial Japan

Structure of Seodaemun Prison Facility

seodaemun-prison-museum-garden-pondInside and garden at Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum

The prison is not very huge in comparison to the concentration camps or present prison facilities anywhere in the world.

Most of the building's foundations and walls are made of red bricks. Briefly, here are the main prison places you can still find today...

  • Seven jail cells
  • Execution room
  • Watchtowers
  • Torture and holding items
  • Basement cell

It was in the basement cell that the historic independence fighter Yu Gwan-sun met his fate.

Education & Prison History Facility

seodaemun-prison-history-museum-frontviewThe main and front gate of Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum

For the visitors to learn about the history of Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum, various educational facilities are set up.

A Place of Reverence
It is on the first floor (ground floor) where one can have a glimpse of the prison via video.

You can watch it through a widescreen TV describing the foundation and the transition period of this prison facility.

Reference Room
Visitors can look at the displays and information related more on the history of the independence movement and the people's struggle for independence.

A Place of History
This hall is located on the second floor. You can see various rooms that exhibit information about the prison...

  • National Resistance Room
  • Prison History Room
  • In Prison Life Room

In this floor, you can also learn how people fight for freedom during those trying period in history.

independence-park-water-pond-areaIndependence Park in Seodaemun is beside Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum

A Place of Experience
It is a room where various kinds of unthinkable methods were executed on the prisoners.

Temporary Detention Room & Torture Room
You will see the dreadful and horrifying remake of how the prisoners were treated.

Historical Exhibition Hall
Outside Exhibition Hall

 More Sites to Explore

independence park gate viewIndependence Gate (Dongnimmun) leads to Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum

Aside from the prison facility, you can also explore the nearby Independence Park and its Independence Hall, Patriotic Martyr Monument, the March 1 Declaration of Independence Monument.
Address: 51, Tongil-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 서대문구 통일로 251 (현저동)

Phone: +82-2-360-8586
Operating Hours: Mar-Oct: 9:30-18:00; Nov-Feb: 9:30-17:00

Monday (If Monday is a holiday, then closed on Tuesday), January 1, The Day of Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day) & Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

Length of Tour: 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes

Facilities & Services

As a prison museum, Seodaemun Prison Facility Museum serves as an educational facility. The facility is accessible to all visitors of all ages and offers facilities, especially to the disabled guests.
Wheelchair rental service
Restrooms for men & women
Parking spaces

Admission / Participation Fees
Adults (over 19): 3,000 Won/head; 2,400 Won/group (30 or more people)

Teenagers (13 - 18): 1,500 Won/head; 1,200 Won/group
Children (7 - 12) 1,000 Won/head; 800 Won/group
※ Free: Children under 6, Seniors over 65, people with disabilities.

Parking Fee
Large vehicles: 450 Won/5 min; 5,400 Won/hour
Small & mid-sized vehicles: 150 Won/5 min; 1,800 Won/hr

Language Interpretation
There is a guided tour service with interpretation. You need to register for it a week before your visit. At least 30 visitors will be accepted for this service. English and Japanese languages only are available.

Phone: +82-2-360-8586

If you come with a bigger group and needs a guide, you have to reserve for a group guided tour in advance.

Please, inquire from this number: +82-2-360-8583

Website (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Getting to Seodaemun Prison Facility

All public transports are accessible in getting to this historical place. A Subway line, buses, and taxis are very convenient transportation facilities.

Seoul Subway Line
Take Seoul Subway and get off at Dongnimmun Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), and then proceed to Exit 5 where you can immediately see the facility.

Any bus with the number below will be passing by Seodaemun Independence Park. Yes, get off at this park when you hear the announcement on the bus.

Blue - 471, 701, 702, 703, 704, 720, 752
Green - 7019, 7021, 7023, 7025, 7712, 7737
Red - 9701, 9703, 9705, 9709, 9710, 9711, 9712

I hope this is useful. Thanks for visiting this page and enjoy your prison experience!

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