Seoul COEX Aquarium

seoul-coex-aquariumEntrance area of COEX Aquarium

Seoul COEX Aquarium

Seoul COEX Aquarium is one of the largest and exciting aquariums in South Korea. It is located right in the busy business and shopping center of Seoul.

Kinds and species of Marine Animals
COEX Aquarium takes care of thousands of both seawater and freshwater animals. Among other exotic animals, the aquarium also houses penguins of various species.

The COEX Aquarium houses three generations of Humbolt Penguins who are living together since their arrival here.

Yes, you can watch the Grandparents Penguin to Grandchildren Penguins here. Watch them, especially during feeding time!

Penguin's Playground is where you can find them during feeding time.

Otters, Harbour Seals, Manatee
Watch and observe the seals during feeding time at Marine Mammal Village inside COEX Aquarium.

Otters and Seals are cute, smart, and even funny. They are very playful and interact with human beings, which little kids would love to do.

Sharks are the most predatory animals that live on seawater. However, if you understand why they do the things they do, you will enjoy their behavior and feel like a scientist!

There are 17 kinds of sharks being housed at COEX Aquarium. It is the only aquarium in the country that has the largest number of sharks. So, if you want to learn and enjoy watching them, come in!

Amazing Amazon
Although this aquarium cannot be compared with the real "Amazon," you can still see unique freshwater animals from Amazon.

You can see Amazon's monster fish called Piraruku. This 'monster' is known as the world's largest freshwater fish.

Journeying inside the Amazon area, you can also discover some mangrove and beach views (although it cannot be compared to the wide beaches).

You can watch technicolor and other colorful fishes all over you as you pass through the 72-meter long and 180 degrees Undersea Tunnel.

Stingrays, butterflyfish, sharks, and other tropical fish species can be found here.

Phone Booth Aquarium
You can watch small and colorful variety of fishes inside a phone booth. Yes, this is an imaginary thing that you can only see in fantasy movies. But it is a reality here!

20,000 Sardines
Lively deep-sea theater
Feeding Schedule Show

Hyangwonjeong Pavilion
It is a pavilion in the middle of a pond in Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. This is a replica where you can feel how it is in reality. In here, you can see Lotus flowers and Carps.

The colorful carps can entertain you with their dancing moves inside the glass tank. In fact, you can also see them in reality when you visit Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Getting to Seoul COEX Aquarium

You can easily and quickly get to COEX Aquarium by Seoul Subway. Of course, you can take a bus, car, taxi, or any private vehicle close to the area.

Samseong Subway Station
Get off at this subway station from wherever you are connecting or coming from.

Go ahead directly to Exit 5 and 6 of Samseong Station. It could take 10 minutes on foot after entering Starfield COEX Mall through Millenium Plaza. Then just follow the signs inside the mall.

Bongeunsa Station
If you decide to get off at this station, go ahead directly to Exit 7 and enter through ASEM Plaza. Then you will find signs that will guide you to COEX Aquarium.

bongeunsa-temple-bell-pavilionBell Pavilion at Bongeunsa Temple opposite of COEX mall

Nearby Facilities

Since COEX is located amid the shopping and business district, you will enjoy various and many facilities.

Hotels, shopping centers, outlets, small luxury shops, banks, Casino, Starfield Library, Bongeunsa Temple, and all sorts of restaurants are only steps away from COEX.


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