Seoul Finance Center Mall

seoul-finance-center-mallSide view of Seoul Finance Center

Seoul Finance Center Mall

Seoul Finance Center Mall (or SFC Mall) is conveniently located at the heart of Seoul, in Jungju District, near Gwanghwamun Square, the center of events and actions.

Seoul Finance Center Mall, I can say, is a small or medium version of the more giant malls you can find in the Seoul area.

I said "small or medium" because I've been here and compared with other more prominent malls in the city and other cities in other countries.

Second, even if they call it a mall, SFC Mall is still a smaller version fundamentally because it is a tiny part of the whole Seoul Finance Center's building.

In other words, SFC Mall is only an extension to the SFC's primary purpose--a finance building that provides such programs and businesses.


You should not make a mistake like I just did. I have been to the SFC Mall a few times before, and I thought it was that small.

But when I visited again yesterday, I realized that it is larger and more extensive than I initially thought.

I, honestly, was astonished to see that there is more we can do and enjoy when visiting this facility. I realized that there are more and various restaurants, cafes, shops, and even a sports facility.

seoul-finance-center-mallPeople exploring in the restaurants floor at Seoul Finance Center
seoul-finance-center-mallA chocolate shop at SFC Mall, Seoul

Due to what I saw and realization, I promised myself to come back someday to try any of the restaurants (Korean, Western, American, Chinese, Asian, etc.). A chocolate store was very inviting!

Before I continue describing the available resources for your visit, please let me describe very briefly what the Seoul Finance Center does in this part of Seoul's busy thoroughfare...

Seoul Finance Center
Seoul Finance Center offers the most exclusive business services in Seoul, as described on their website. SFC houses the leading financial and international companies.

SFC is not only conveniently established at the heart of Seoul's central business district, but also located beside and nearby Seoul's relevant and historical sites, juxtaposing the past and future.

Simply put, you can explore the surrounding travel attractions nearby and then may drop by at SFC to relax or get refueled with your favorite dish and drinks.

In terms of building design, Seoul Finance Center is a modern and minimalist structure. It is designed to ensure that business people can work well in a business-friendly atmosphere and business-thriving environment.

seoul-finance-centerFront and side view of SFC
seoul-finance-centerSeoul Finance Center

Accommodations are very much accessible around. Most hotels nearby are established to cater to the needs of international travelers and guests — not only business people but also family and solo travelers alike.

Seoul Finance Center Facilities
If you are reading this article as a business person, I can only describe very quickly the facilities they have for your convenience.

The following are the facilities they offer, as you can see on their official website...

  • Members Lounge
  • State-of-the-art Connectivity
  • Full-Service Operational Support
  • Expert IT Support and Infrastructure
  • Complimentary Refreshments
  • 24/7 Access
  • Secure, Keyless Locking System

 Seoul Finance Center Mall

Indeed, they offer more than what you can find at their site as they can update easily depending on the needs of their customers.

Now, let me continue describing the Seoul Finance Center Mall...

The SFC Mall has two levels of restaurants. I would say that they offer premium quality of food accompanied by great hospitality and service.

If you ask me about the price? I can say that it is worth paying for. I believe that their food rates should be a little less than a 4- or 5-Star hotel in the Seoul area. I mean, it is affordable!

seoul-finance-center-mallSeoul Finance Center Mall
seoul-finance-center-mallA flower shop at SFC Mall

All right, let me enumerate the things you can expect to see...

restaurants: Korean, Asian, Western, European
pizza house, bars
cafes, fast-food chain shops
shops: flower shop, chocolate shop, eyeglasses, wine shops, etc.

Yes, you can find a diverse array of choices that will delight your taste buds or senses!

Although my photos are not enough to fully describe the SFC Mall, I guess you got enough ideas or feeling about the place.

All right, if you are already thinking, even a little bit, of coming, then let me share with you the way to come here. There you go...

Getting to Seoul Finance Mall

If you are coming from Incheon International Airport, you can come through three choices of transport modes: taxi, limousine bus, train.

By Train/Subway
After you are out from the airport and ready to explore Seoul (or South Korea), go across the airport building (Terminal 1) to take the Incheon Airport Train for Seoul Station (takes around 45 mins).

From Seoul Station, transfer to Seoul Subway Line 1 for City Hall Station (it's only one stop). Then from City Hall Station, walk for about 5 minutes towards Gwanghwamun Square.

Notice that there is a Koreana Hotel right across the Seoul Finance Center. I'm sure you will use your navigation. If not, simply ask any Korean in the street.

By Taxi
The distance from Incheon Airport to Seoul/SFC is about 59 kilometers. It will cost you around 50USD$ or 53,000KRW (depends on the current exrate).

You can flag a taxi from Incheon Airport's outside Ground Floor area. Or, you can ask from a taxi Help Desk located inside the airport before you exit.

By Limousine Bus
Limousine Buses are usually provided for free by most upscale hotels in Seoul area. If you plan on taking a bus from the airport, please inquire from the Information Desk for details and ask for a Seoul map if you need one.

Seoul Finance Center Address:
Level 21, Seoul Finance Center, 136 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul Korea 04520
Phone: +82 2 3782 4500

Now, if you think you need further information from me about Seoul or Korea, please email or social media available on this travel guide website.

Thanks for down this far. Have safe travels, and enjoy it!

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