Seoul Shopping Centers

seoul-shopping-centersDongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and its surroundings are great for shopping gifts and souvenirs

Exciting Seoul Shopping Centers

Exploring Seoul Shopping Centers is an exciting adventure and feat, especially when you travel to the capital city of South Korea. You will get want if you wish to purchase as a gift, memorabilia, or for personal consumption.

Most Koreans love branded products. But others also like the 'almost-similar' branded products because they are cheaper. Of course, you can also buy the cheaper ones in many shops.

Aside from your detailed travel plans to the most popular tourist sites in Seoul, you must also research your shopping area target.

That's because you cannot find and get everything you want in just one place. Most shopping districts, shops, malls, and department stores have specialized products. Their prices also differ--much!

In Seoul, there are different shopping malls where you can shop for home appliances, clothes, accessories, shoes, furniture, books, electronics, gifts, and so much more.

But exploring those shopping malls may not offer you many choices as they offer almost everything. But some of them are limited displays if you are looking for a particular product for your friends or a loved one.

Therefore, may I strongly suggest that you visit shops or places that specialize in specific products you really want to bring home with you.

Let me categorize them with specific places as in the following...

Electronic shops
Head to Yongsan Electronic Shops. As you already guessed right, you can find all sorts of electric and advanced pieces of gadgets.

You can purchase the cheaper ones to the most expensive products. At Yongsan, you can find cell phones, cameras, USBs, karaoke, stereo, amplifier, headsets, players, TVs, and everything.

They sell a lot of Korean-made products. But sometimes, buying the Korean products in Seoul could be a little expensive when compared to other countries, or your home country (such as in developing nations, for example).

So, be careful, and you might have to do your homework before buying it here.

However, if you really want to buy it here as your remembrance, then go ahead!

Of course, you can also purchase electronic products at Yongsan that are made from other countries. I mean those not Korean made products. They have Sony, Apple products, Nokia, among many.

And, after purchasing your gift or souvenir(s), you can spend an exciting time playing your favorite (or will be favorite) virtual game.

If you have kids with you, you can also explore the children's fantasy characters and other entertainment facilities inside the electronic shop.

Alright, to make it quicker for you to find, let me mention the place very briefly...

Underground Shopping Centers
Jongno Underground Shopping Center, Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center, etc

Cultural Streets and Tourism Shops
Insadong Culture Street, Daehangno Arts Street

Shopping Districts
Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam District

Shopping Malls
COEX Shopping Mall, Shinsegae, etc.

Department Stores
Lotte Department Store, Hyundai Department Store,

Street Shops
Jongno Street, Samcheongdong Street, etc.

Songpoong Bookstore, Kyobo Bookstore

seoul-shopping-centers-myeongdongMyeongdong shopping area is one of the most popular destinations among travelers to eat, relax, and shop gifts and souvenirs

Most Popular Seoul Shopping Centers

There are about less than ten places where people would randomly visit when they don't know what to buy (or do).

The top places include...

Namdaemun Market
Yes, you can buy anything at Namdaemun Market for a lower price and in bulk. This place usually sells products in volumes to buyers who have their own shops.

However, you can also purchase gifts and souvenirs here. Some would come solely to enjoy the atmosphere of a market place or see things not available in their home of origin--something cultural and idiosyncratic.

seoul-shopping-centersNamdaemun (or Sungnyemun) Gate is unarguably a very historical entrance gate and it is located close to the famous Namdaemun Market in Seoul

Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Nearby 'DDP,' you can purchase cheaper products at the Dongdaemun market. It is located just across this new and out-of-this-world designed structure.

At Dongdaemun Design Plaza, you can purchase unique items, including those works of creative newbies selling their products inside this colossal structure.

Many travelers come to buy things, eat and drink something, see pieces of arts, or merely look at things they have never seen before.

For example, you can visit DDP in the evening and wonder in the field of LED white flowers. It is located some 50 meters towards the back part of the DDP when at the main entrance.

seoul-shopping-centers-ddpLED flowers at Dongdaemun Design Plaza located nearby shopping places like the Dongdaemun Market

Gangnam District
Yes, it is the place that 'Psy' is referring to in his world-famous 'Gangnam Style' pop song.

You can find branded and popular products here. Some mid-range products are also available. However, generally, the prices in Gangnam are higher compared to other districts.

Why? Because it is a business center where you can find banks, central offices of companies, famous plastic surgery clinics, and expensive buildings (such as apartments).

As you can see, shopping in Seoul is very easy and provides a lot of fun. Shopping in Seoul is definitely a great way to spend a few hours, especially during the busy holiday season.

Be sure to check out some of the places, as mentioned earlier, because they will allow you to shop while experiencing Seoul's vibrant life as well.

I hope you are getting excited to visit one or a couple of those Seoul shopping centers mentioned above.

Let me know should you need further information.
Enjoy your visit and shopping!

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