Green Seoul Forest Park

seoul-forest-parkStream and wooded area of the Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest Park

Seoul Forest Park is one of the best places to see plants, flowers, trees, wetlands, and glimpses of nature amid Seoul's bustling city. It is located in the Ttukseom area and accessible by subway and bus.

Citizens and local residents regularly stroll around the spaces to relax, exercise and enjoy nature's way of providing oxygen and positive energy to everything within their spaces.

Seoul Forest Park was created with four unique themes or spaces for all guests and regular visitors. These are...

  • Culture and Arts Park
  • Experience Learning Center
  • ecological Forest, and
  • Wetland Ecological Park

In addition to the grand spaces, Seoul Forest Park is accessible or in contact with the Han River, the more expansive area for all sorts of relaxation, exercise, cultural, and entertainment facilities and activities.

Seoul Forest Park is considered the first to involve people's initiative in creating and promoting plant program operations.

seoul-forest-parkSeoul Forest Park's lake area [photo: Claire Saewon]

Seoul Forest Facilities

Since Seoul Forest is a public facility, it offers facilities accessible for free except for some items or activities the guest would procure.

So, you will find benches, tables, spaces, washrooms, potable water fountains, and such facilities found in most parks.

However, when you do more than just relaxing and spending quality time, such as anything commercial in value, you need to ask for permission.

For example, if you do any filming using the facility, you need to register in advance to ask for approval. Check out the official website to apply for any authorization for the use of the facility.

Open all-year-round (some facilities are closed on Mondays)
Address: 273, Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (Seongsu-dong)
Inquiry | Seoul Forest Park Management Office: 02-460-2905

Getting to Seoul Forest Park

You can take any public vehicle to bring you close to the Park. A bus, taxi, or subway is the quickest mode of transportation in most cities in the country.

By Subway
Take Bundang Line to Seoul Forest Station and come out from Exit 3. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the Park on foot.

Alternatively, you can take Seoul Subway Line 2 to Ttukseom Station and get out from Exit 8. This will take around 10 minutes to reach the Park on foot.

By Bus
Below are two colored buses you can choose to get to Seoul Forest Park.

Green Bus
2014: Jayang 4-dong Garage> Yeongdong Bridge> Seoul Forest> Wangsimni Station> Dongdaemun History and Culture Park

2412: Seongsu-dong Garage> Seoul Forest> In front of Norunsan Market> Jamsil Station> Songpa Station> Suseo Station

2224: Seongsu-dong Garage> Seoul Forest> Ttukseom Station> Seongsu Station> Konkuk University Station> Techno Mart

2413: Seongsu-dong Garage> Seoul Forest> Ttukseom Station> Yeongdong Bridge> Korea Trade Center> Samseong Station

Blue Bus
121: Hwagyesa Temple Entrance> Daejeon Intersection> Majang Station> Seoul Forest> Hanyang University
141: Dobongsan Entrance> Mia Intersection Station> Ttukseom Seoul Forest> Dosan Park> Seoul Customs

145: Northern Waterworks Office> Dapsimni Filming Office> Ttukseom Seoul Forest> Apgujeong Rodeo Station> Gangnam Station
148: Northern Waterworks Office> Daejeon Intersection> Seongdong-gu Office> Ttukseom Seoul Forest> Apgujeong Station

463: Yeomgok-dong Guryongsa> Yeoksam Station> Apgujeong Station> Ttukseom Seoul Forest> Wangsimni Station

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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