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Seoul Land Theme Park is a familiar and popular park for families. It is the first theme park in Korea known for its beautiful scenery and surrounding views of Cheonggyesan Moutain.

It was first opened in 1988 right before the Seoul Olympics was held.

Seoul Land Theme Park, or Seoulland, is an all-in-one park where (you know what I mean) you can experience lots of entertainment facilities. You can spend a whole day exploring and enjoying the park.

It is very much accessible via various public transports from various points in the country. Since the park has spacious parking areas, you can also bring your vehicle or rented car and park there for your convenience (for a fee).

The entrance fee varies according to age, but very reasonable and worth your every penny or Korean Won!

You can purchase anything you will need there, including food, drinks, refreshments, snacks, heavy meals. Shops are also accessible at specific points.

Exciting Facilities and Events

You can find anything that can entertain you, even if you are an adult. This park also includes educational themes such as traditional architecture from around the world. Here are more...

Traditional Korea at Samcheonri Hill
Western Frontier at Model Land
Fantasy Land

Seoulland is divided into five themes and areas. Among its exciting facilities include the rollercoasters (around 40 of them): the Space Cruise, Black Hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Rapid Current Ride, Movie Theater, Story Land, and Adventure Theater, among many types of rides.

Seasonal Festivals
Seoulland is a dynamic theme park. One of its exciting features is holding seasonal festivals.

Seoulland manages various sorts of festivals depending on the season, such as harvest, planting season, marriage ceremonies, tulip festival, among others.

If you come in the evening time, you can watch the exciting Laser Shows. Below are the seasons and corresponding exciting festival you can experience depending on your time of travel.

April to May: Tulip Festival
July to August: Starlight Rose Festival
September to October: Chrysanthemum Festival
December to February: Snow Light Festival

Other Relaxing Facilities
Aside from the facilities inside the theme park, you can also explore additional spacious and relaxing sites as below...

Forest Bath Resort
National Modern Art Center
More attractions.

There are more entertaining facilities and places where you can spend time well with family or friends.

Exciting Facilities Available
Aside from the roller-coaster rides mentioned briefly above, you can also engage in activities suitable for exercise, including...

outdoor swimming (available in summer only),
snow sledding (winter only)

Other Facilities

  • Free wheelchair rentals (Inside the building opposite the central information center/In the basement of the Black Hole 2000 building)
  • Consulting room for group visitors and one-year memberships,
  • Main information center,
  • First aid room
  • Nurseries
  • Baby stroller rental (3,000 Won)
  • Storage lockers
  • Restaurants,  ATM
  • Children's resting area

Parking Space
When coming with your vehicle, proceed to the entrance towards Seoulland, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art road.

Parking Fees: large bus: 20,000 Won; Sedan: 10,000 Won
A large bus means that it can accommodate up to 25 passengers.

Entrance Fees to Seoul Land Family Park

Depending on the time, age, and the number of visitors the rate varies. Below are the general fees to be collected...

Day-time Fees:
Adult: 25,000 Won / Teenagers 22,000 Won / Children 20,000 Won

Adult 22,000 Won / Teenagers 19,000 Won / Children 17,000 Won
An infant of below 36 months will be admitted for free, but proper identification is required.

One Day Pass
For this admission, you will have unlimited use of all attractions. But you CANNOT access these: experiential facilities, coin facilities, special exhibition, and exclusive performances.

Adult 42,000 Won / Teenagers 39,000 Won / Children 36,000 Won

Adult 35,000 Won / Teenagers 32,000 Won / Children 29,000 Won

Please, note that the fees rates will vary depending on the season. Also, updates from the park's management can happen anytime without prior notice.

So, please ensure that you check their website (below). However, changes usually happen minimally.

Details for Inquiries
Phone: +82-2-509-6000 (Korean, English, Japanese)
Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Address: 181, Gwangmyeong-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Getting to Seoul Land theme Park

Please, find the possible means of transports to get to Seoulland Park using my suggestions below.

Here is the easiest way...

Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Grand Park and Seoulland Station.

Proceed to Exit 2, and then take the Elephant Train (for a fee if you want) to reach Seoulland Main Gate, which is around 100 meters from the subway station.

Other means would be taking a taxi or car to reach the entrance of Seoul Land Theme Park.

Thanks for reading through this page. Let me know if you need specialized help.

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