Seoul National University Art Museum

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Seoul National University Art Museum

Seoul National University Art Museum is the first university art museum in South Korea dedicated to modern and contemporary arts.

The world-famous architect Rem Koolhaas designed the Museum of Art (or MoA) of Seoul National University. The Museum was donated and constructed by the largest chaebol in the country -- Samsung Group.

The Museum of Art of Seoul National University was independently established in 1995 after some years of planning under the Department of Modern Art.

Since then, the Museum of Art has developed into a cultural destination built with exhibition halls, classrooms, auditorium, and more educational facilities for all students and visitors alike.

Structure of the Museum

The total structure area accounts for almost three thousand square meters. See the main floors for your guide...

First Floor: Lobby Area
second Floor: Core Exhibition Hall (2), Lecture Room, Auditorium
Third Floor: Core Exhibition Hall (1), Exhibition Halls 1-3
Basement 1: Media Lounge
Basement 2: Lounge

Aside from the modern and contemporary artworks, Seoul National University Art Museum also exhibits various art forms and cultural features, including music, literature, films, theater, and architecture.

Brief Historical Background

  • 1995: Professor Jong-Sang Lee proposed the establishment of the Museum of Art of Seoul National University
  • 1996: Samsung Foundation of Culture and Koolhaas conducted an onsite study for the building
  • 1997: Structural design was completed
  • 2004: Commencement of building construction
  • 2005: Construction of the building was completed
  • 2006: Museum of Art opened on June 8th

SNU MoA Architectural Features

Rem Koolhaas, a Dutch professor at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, designed the Museum of Art of Seoul National University.

The exterior structure is a U-glass that transparently shows the steel-framed trusses of the building.

Part of the architectural designed was to build the Museum on a sloping site of the University's campus.

The Museum's structure was cantilevered (supported by a high beam to float the structure) to look like it is floating or in space.

The Museum basically consists of four major areas: exhibition, educational, library, and operations areas.

It is certainly worth one's visit as the Museum touches everything humanly and could inspire one to develop his or her talents.

Getting to Seoul National University Art Museum

You can take any public transport available in Seoul are to reach the place quickly and cheaply.

Buses, subway, taxis, and other vehicles can pass by the University's campus area. Here are my suggestions...

Seoul Subway
Take the Subway that will bring you to Seoul National University Station (line 2). Get off at this station and come out from Exit 3.

You can walk, but you can also take the school Shuttle Bus available at Exit 3.

Depending on your point of departure, if available, you can take any of these buses:
5511, 5512, 5513, 5516, and 5518. If there are changes, please kindly let me know.

The Museum is located to the left side of the Main Gate of the University of Gwanak Campus.

Thanks for reading this article. It will be updated soon, and more photos are coming.

Have fun then!

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