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Sinsadong Garosu-Gil is a famous street in Gangnam-gu (District), Seoul, South Korea. Young people love to explore, shop, eat, or relax in this upscale but friendly neighborhood.

It is a street with a sense of creativity and art. You will find that each shop or business is unique and attractively designed.

Newbie business people and artistic designers started their dreams and express their creative minds through their products.

Local visitors and foreigners alike, explore Sinsa-dong (pronounced as 'shin'sa-dong) Garosu-Gil in particular due to its unique attractions compared with other streets in Gangnam District area.

The Attractions of Garosu-Gil

One of the famous sights in the street are the Gingko Trees lines up in the road. These trees would be great for your eyes when its color is green in late spring.

But it is more magical when the leaves turn yellow. The yellow leaves blanket the street making it great for photography!

Garosu-Gil ('gil' means street or road/way) stretches almost a kilometer long in Sinsa-dong. It is regarded as the main attraction area although it is not long enough within the greater Gangnam area--the business center in Southeast Seoul.

What attracts people the most in Garosu-Gil are the number of quaint small shops and their captivating Bohemian setups. The overall atmosphere will seem to transport you to another place.

Art galleries are fecund in Garosu-Gil. Most of these galleries were established in the 1980s. Therefore, you can sense how it was like by then if you compare with the new development in most places in Seoul.

The smaller shops or stores started to mushroom on in the early 1990s. It is only in more than a decade that modern shop began to emerge alongside some interior design stores.

Most of the shops are under the management of artists, stylists, and designers who went abroad to study and returned to establish their own businesses in the late 1990s and early 200s.

Aside from the shops for fashion, you can also explore open studios, ateliers, cafes, bars, restaurants, toy and phone accessories, among many.

What distinguishes Garosu-Gil from other Gangnam streets is that while it accommodates modernity, it also embraces the relax and calm atmosphere of the olden days.

If you have been to some European streets or Soho in NY, you might feel some similarities among them.

In other words, although you can feel the air of the modern global world, you can still sense the Korean culture blending in harmony.

What Else To Do...

Youngsters come here to date someone special. It is a romantic and ideal place to date somebody you like here. The atmosphere and the facilities seem to support your heartfelt purpose (or proposal?).

It is also ideal for inviting friends and hang-out to relax, drink a latte, or eat green tea cheesecake.

Of course, taking pictures, selfies, and even filming around would be great for your memorable experience in the area.

gangnam-dormy-inn-hotelGangnam Dormy Inn Hotel's yummy food

Sample Places to See in Sinsa-dong Garosu-Gil

The following places are just some of the many choices you can freely explore whatever you feel like doing right there and then...

Line Friends Flagship Store
What the customers said about this store through Tripadvisor:

"The store is easily spotted since there is a big Brown bear in front welcoming."

"Cuteness overload."

"You can take many photos there because many familiar cartoon characters were there."

And some more...

Stretch Angels Carosugil
Jun Art Gallery
Gallery SP

Among many places.

Subway Services & facilities

If you want to get ready before exploring Sinsa-dong Garosu-Gil, you might want to make use of the facilities available in the subway station...

  • Washrooms (free)
  • Vending Machines
  • Locker Rentals

You can access this locker at Sinsa Station (line 3) whenever you want to leave your heavy loads and prefer to roam around more freely.

You can use a T-money Card, credit card, or cash when you deposit your luggage or bag.  Fees will be collected every four hours.

Getting to Sinsa-dong Garosu-Gil

Although buses are also available in the area (but traffic congestion could be an issue), you would instead take a subway to get there.

Seoul Subway
Get to Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3), and then proceed to Exit 8.
From that exit, walk ahead for about 250 meters until you see the street on your left-hand side. Yes, that's the one!

Find more information about it at Gangnam Tourist Information Center here.

Thanks for reading this!
Please, enjoy your shopping or date!

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