Songdo Skywalk of Busan

songdo-skywalkDistant view of the Skywalk

heavenly songdo skywalk

Songdo Skywalk is an exciting and popular structure in Busan, South Korea. Visitors and travelers alike can walk on it and experience the beauty of the sea and the surroundings.

The Skywalk is said to be about 365 meters long extending from Songdo Beach area and overhanging on top of Turtle Island.

I got very excited when I got off from my Songdo Marine Cable Car ride from the other end of the cable car system, which by the way has a fantastic view of Songdo Skywalk from above (some 50 meters above sea level).

I immediately walked towards the attractive and curve-shaped structure busy with excited sightseers, including the thrilled ladies feeding the always-hungry seagulls through their palms.

songdo skywalk's features

I did mention that the total length of the Skywalk was 365 meters long from end to end.

However, you will also notice that it is not fully connected as there is a different ‘bridge’ structure that connects the Skywalk in the middle.

The connected part of the Skywalk is linked through a stone structure which looks like an opening of a turtle’s mouth.

With that description, the island is called the ‘Turtle Island’ over which the Skywalk was built.

Although the structure seems long, I really enjoyed it because it is curved so that I could see various views around while feeling the cool breeze blowing all over me.

songdo-skywalkSongdo Skywalk's wooden pathway

I noticed that the walkway of the Skywalk was well-built. It has sturdy and well-made railings that prevent visitors from falling over into the sea (still shallow part!).

The width is about 2 to 3 meters with a steel plate and wooden panels. Although the walkway or bridge is somehow ‘wavy,’ its height varies from 5 to 6 meters above sea level.

Moreover, on the broadest part and overhanging part of the structure, you will also notice the tempered glass areas under your feet.

Yes, they are built for you to see and experience the thrill above the sea water.

songdo-skywalk-busanViews of the sea

That’s not high, right? I hope you are not so disappointed. (For a more elevated Skywalks in Busan, you can check out Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory and Oryukdo Skywalk).

I believe that it is built in that way to accommodate the general public who have various physical strengths and weaknesses. You know what I’m saying, yes?

Besides, it is not located by a cliff or mountain area.

Overall, I was delighted and satisfied with my experience with the Skywalk.

songdo-turtle-islandSongdo Turtle Island and Skywalk's view

engaging in activities

Please, be reminded that you cannot do anything active on top of the Skywalk. That’s because it is built for some less active things such as below...

Observing and watching views
You can have a wide vista of the surroundings.

Observe the blue waters of the sea, ships gliding above the sea waves, the mountains, sandy beach of Songdo, bridges and towering structures on the other side.

Feeding birds
I noticed that kids and even young ladies are doing this. They were feeding the Seagulls which are more excited than them feeding through their palms filled with food (maybe not so healthy for the birds?).

Yes, this is one of the best things you should do. It could be just a selfie (for solo travelers), a groupie (selfie with a group!), or taking photos of the views as a pro or newbie in photography!

Enjoying and meditating about life while feeling the gentle sea breeze.

Food and drinks are I guess not allowed here. Find the convenience store, restaurants, cafe or coffee shops nearby.

turtle-island-mermaidMermaid with snake tail on Turtle Island

attractions nearby

Close to the Skywalk, you can easily explore and enjoy places and sites without spending much time and energy.

Songdo Beach
Amnam Park
Songdo Marine Cable Car

And then you may also explore a bit further more Busan attractions and travel destinations which include…

Gamcheon Culture Village
Jagalchi Seafood Market
Yongdusan Park (Busan Tower)
Busan City Center

You can also check out more travel destinations in Busan through that article. I have been to most of those sites and highly recommend them.

Right… Let me provide you some info below on how to get there. But please let me remind you that the information below could change. So, please check again to ensure you got the right transport information.

Besides, I will keep this article updated from time to time.

songdo-beachViews from Songdo Beach

getting to songdo skywalk

If you are already in Busan City’s city center, Songdo Skywalk is only about three kilometers from there. You can use your phone’s navigator to guide you.

However, take a bus from anywhere in the city to get here in a jiffy.

Take the local buses with the following numbers: 7, 26, 71, 96, 6-1, 16, 17, 61, 161 and get off at Songdo Beach Bus Stop.

Taking a taxi is also an alternative. Taxi here is not that expensive. You could save more if you have a companion(s). It’s faster as well!

Accommodations Nearby the Beach

Given my descriptions above, you can hit more than three birds with one stone.

You know… you can visit Songdo Skywalk and explore nearby attractions as well during your visit.

If so, let me introduce you to some of the popular hotels near and around Songdo Skywalk area. See the comments of other experienced travelers and the discounted rates per facility.

If you prefer to get more discounts (from 50 to 70%), better book your room in advance. Preferably, travel during off-seasons or right before the peak seasons (such as Spring and Fall).

Now, let me end this experience-based article here. I hope this has helped your research for your travel plans.

Let me know should you need any useful tips which I might have missed.

Have a pleasant journey and exploration.

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