Songdo Marine Cable Car

songdo-marine-cable-carSongdo Marine Cable Car / All Photos: Abbie

songdo marine cable car

Songdo Marine Cable Car is one of the best attractions in Busan City. The management operates the system daily. Its operation gears towards serving all excited visitors to see Busan from above the sea. It is resumed after 29 years out of service due to some reasons.

This ‘Air Cruise’ has been one of my major planned activities in Busan. Among my listed travel activities, I promised myself not to miss this exciting attraction.

Yes, I did it! Moreover, I was not so scared while inside the cable car alone and some meters above the sea. Whew! I got what I wanted--an experience and taking photos from above.

It was a soul-lifting experience, very different from my daily routine. I have seen the turquoise sea, boats and ships gliding. From above, I saw the rolling mountain range of Busan, the towering futuristic structures, the fine beach of Songdo, and everything my eyes laid on.

I will surely retake a ride when the opportunity comes. And I believe it would be a different experience and could be better than the first.

All right let me share with you some useful information regarding Songdo Marine Cable Car. Hopefully, this could help you decide to make your visit worth your while.

songdo-marine-cable-carCable cars as seen from above the mountain

Busan Air Cruise Main Facilities

Below, you can see the facilities and areas offers for all visitors with varied needs. The facilities are meant to serve visitors of various ages and purposes including families with little children, adults and the aged, people with physical handicapped, couples, students, and group travelers.

It means that you do not need to see and experience all offers. But you are free to see them and try if you can enjoy them. More details on this further down below.

  • To See and Experience
  • Bay Terrace Observation Deck
  • Bay Harbor Rooftop Garden
  • Sky Harbor Observation Deck
  • Ocean Terrace
  • Park Square
  • Ocean Stage

Most of the facilities and spaces above were created to provide visitors and travelers better views and insights about the surroundings and sights available from each facility’s vantage point.

songdo-beachPhoto of Songdo Beach area taken from a 'Crystal Cruise' car

Yes, I recommend that you visit and experience one of such places.

That’s not all!

Below, you can see more facilities and services for your memorable and fun experience at Songdo Marine Cable Car air cruise facility.

Compared to the facilities just mentioned above, the following could be more exciting and entertaining to some who prefer some activities...

More Facilities and Services

  • Cable Car Museum - first cable museum in Korea filled with everything about cable cars including the principles behind the technology
  • VR Sky Swing - enjoy the thrill of being thrown in the sky
  • Ocean Terrace - see magnificent vistas and amazing sunset; romantic space for couples
  • Dragon of Wishes - make your wishes and let the dragon make them true by hanging it on his wings
  • Moment Capsule - write your memories and predictions, then put them into this storage for the future
  • Message In A Bottle - compose your secret stories and keep them in the bottle
  • Snail Garden - yellow garden snails will bring comfort to life
  • Moon Over Busan - take photos with the ‘Moon Over Busan’ with the coastal background
  • Dino Adventure - meet the enormous dinosaurs moving and making scary sounds to you kids
songdo-marine-cable-car-sky-harbor-deckSky Harbor building where you can purchase tickets

tickets/rates & details

Basically, you have two choices of cable cars you can ride on. The first one has all four sides transparent views except for the bottom ('Air Cruise' car). The second one has a transparent bottom ('Crystal Cruise' car) allowing you to see the seawater from above...

  1. Air Cruise (standard cabin): Round Trip-15,000Won (Adult)/11,000Won (Child); One-Way Trip-12,000Won (Adult)/9,000Won (Child)
  2. Cystal Cruise (crystal cabin): Round Trip-20,000Won (Adult)/15,000Won (Child); One-Way Trip-16,000Won (Adult)/12,000Won (Child)

*Adult: 14-year old and above; Child: 36-month old to a 13-year old person

Songdo Bay Station Facilities

Songdo Bay Station is the facility located down below and close to Songdo Beach area, Songdo Haneul Walk, and other facilities. You can purchase your cable car ticket and ride from here to the other end of the cable system.

Basically, Songdo Bay Station has the Bay Harbor Rooftop Garden. I’m sure you know what it means. The other one is Bay Terrace Observation Deck where you can see the panorama of the city and the vast blue sea of Busan.

While preparing, waiting, and planning about things, you can take advantage of the facilities inside the building. The basic facilities and services include...

  • Snacks: fish cake, fries, coffee, burger, hotdogs
  • Emart 24 and Convenience Store
  • Food Court (2nd Floor)
  • Cafe and Gift Shop
dragon-of-wishes-songdoDragon of Wishes at Songdo Cable Car

Songdo Skypark facilities

The Songdo Skypark is the other end of Songdo Marine Cable Car Air Cruise facility. Yes, you can also enjoy the parks and facilities surrounding the area.

On this hill, you can explore and have fun with the following facilities…

  • Ocean Terrace
  • Sky Harbor Observation Deck
  • Dino Adventure (tables and chairs area)
  • Park Square
  • Ocean Stage

I cannot tell you everything about each facility as I didn’t have much time to explore everything. Probably next time around!

It was from here that I purchase my first cable car ride in Busan! I took a bus to get here and walk all the way up the hill (almost like a mountain to me!).

Therefore, I would suggest that if you have an elderly and physically handicapped friend or family member better ride the cable car from Songdo Bay Station.

Alright, here are the facilities and convenience you can access and purchase at this Skypark...

  • Photo printing shop
  • Convenient Store
  • Cafes
  • Local Foods/Snacks
  • Seafood
  • Food Court (2nd Floor)

Kids would love to see the moving dinosaurs in the park. Adults can also make memorable experiences through the facilities I’ve mentioned above (such as the Time Capsule, Message Bottle, etc.).

getting to songdo Marine cable car

You can easily get to Songdo Marine Cable Car ticketing areas through various public transports. Some of the best directions are as follow…

From Nampo-dong
You can take...

  • Bus #6, 7, 26, 30, and 71. Get off at Songdo Beach Bus Stop and walk for around 10 minutes. You will see the place in a distance--obviously linked to cables with cable cars hanging on them!
  • If taking the Metro, transfer to a bus at Exit 1 or Exit 8 of Nampo-dong Station.
  • If you are taking a Taxi, it would only take around 10 minutes from Nampo-dong for about 5 USD.
  • Citytour Jumbo Bus. When taking this bus, get off at Songdo Beach bus stop then just walk towards the cable car facility.

Car Parking Area for Songdo Marine Cable Car
If you are driving, you can park at some designated places. The recommended places to park are the following…

  • Songnim Parking Lot: 171 Songdohaebyun-ro, Seogu, Busan
  • Namhang Parking Lot at 40 Chungmudae-ro 94beon Gil, Seogu, Busan
songdo-marine-cable-carSongdo Bay Station visible from the car

where to stay?

You will certainly find your hotel room in the area as there are many choices available.
Please, feel free to check out the hotel links in case you like one of their offers...

Hotel Foret Premier Nampo 5
Crown Harbor Hotel Busan
Stanford Inn Busan 2
Value Hotel Busan 2
YTT Boutique Hotel Nampo

If it helps, you may also find more nearby hotels here.

nearby attractions

If you are done exploring everything and around Songdo and Nampo-dong, the following nearby and some not so nearby attractions could be helpful.

Please, see some more Busan travel destinations and attractions here.

It’s my pleasure to have you read this article. I hope this has been useful in your travel search. Thanks and enjoy your travels.

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