Songdo Tri-Bowl

songdo-tri-bowlAn evening view of Songdo Tri-Bowl with mesmerizing lights in the background

Songdo Tri-Bowl

Songdo Tri-Bowl always fascinates me every time I get close to it. That's probably because it is something that has elements attracting my taste of such art.

Yes, I think it is a beautiful structure, a work of art. You cannot fake art. That is why if the art is genuine and meaningful to the observer, then it is beautiful.

Anyway, that's how it looks to me, but maybe not to you.

However, Songdo Tri-Bowl is a very famous structure. Now, what I am going to say is my understanding and guesses why it is popular...

  • It is a work of art.
  • It is located in a strategic location.
  • It is a symbol of Incheon.

People seek to see and do something around and within it.

songdo-central-park-tri-bowlSongdo Tri-Bowl at the Central Park

To explain my understanding of Songdo Tri-Bowl, please allow me to explain each sentence I tried to express above.

It is a work of art...
Most people love a piece of art. Nobody doesn't like it. Even people we considered 'bad' people (such as Adolf Hitler) love arts, such as painting.

Tri-Bowl attracts visitors as its design is unique (some say neo-futuristic). It seems to reflect some essential elements in nature. It looks like an inverted shell or a mushroom to me.

With such connection or symbolism with nature, it definitely connects with human beings, who also like shells and mushrooms.

songdo-central-parkAn amazing evening sight around Songdo Tri-Bowl

As a work of art, it has been recognized and awarded for its artistic and architectural design in 2010

It is in a strategic location...
I am saying it in a positive tone. What I mean by 'strategic' is that it is in the right place where it should be.

First, it is located in Songdo Central Park, the most charming Park in Songdo. Central Park is where you can access your necessary enjoyable travel needs on this island.

You can stroll from here to various attractions. It should be the place that you start your exploration of Songdo Island. From here, you can proceed with your itinerary for the day's activities.

For example, you can walk by the canal's side to the boathouse where you can rent a canoe, kayak, or boat. After enjoying the water rides, you can move to explore the nearby attractions, restaurants, or shops.

songdo-tri-bowlSongdo Central Park and Tri-Bowl structure with the G-Tower in the background

It is a symbol of Incheon...
People seek to see and do something around and within it. Built-in 2009, Songdo Tri-Bowl is the symbol of the development of Incheon City.

The three inverted mushrooms (or just bowls) symbolize the three Incheon districts, namely Songdo, Yeongjongdo, and Cheongla. These three districts are developing fast and coping with other districts in the country.

Photography, TV Drama, and Modelling
Bloggers, filmmakers, and advertisers come to create take their best shots within and around the Songdo Tri-Bowl structure.

Many Korean movies and drama series were filmed inside and outside this structure. That is because the atmosphere and scene seem other-worldly, mysterious, but serene. And it could be romantic as well.

Advertisers promoting their products come here to take photos or film their models with Songdo Tri-Bowl as either the background or foreground.

I know that because I have seen it. Pretty ladies, especially, are the models they bring and create the best photography results.

Lastly, due to its popularity, many social media influencers, bloggers, and website owners come to experience its majestic existence to take photos and compose their best stories!

Psy (Park Jae-sang), the popular singer-composer of "Gangnam Style," took many scenes for his music video at Songdo Tri-Bowl.

In the evening, Tri-Bowl looks more mesmerizing and dreamy. Its sides emit various dim colors via LED lights.

songdo-district-incheonTaken from the G-Tower in Songdo
songdo-central-parkSongdo Central Park
songdo-central-parkG-Tower Bridge and Tri-Bowl

Songdo Central Park

Located right on Songdo Central Park, the Tri-Bowl is truly in a strategic place. It is close or walking distance from and to the Incheon Subway Line 1 (Central Park Station).

You can enjoy the spacious gardens, paths, and the vast, serene area at Songdo Central Park. It is genuinely relaxing as it has no structural obstructions within. The buildings, such as the G-Tower and the apartments, are in the periphery of the Park.

In the Park, you'll find various themed parks, silver grass fields, green open lawns, and relaxing facilities.

The Park is eco-friendly. You can brisk-walk, run, jog, and do any exercise you want. Being an island, you can be rest assured that you are breathing the cool and clean sea breeze of Incheon's sea.

songdo-central-parkPhoto of the Central Park I took from the G-Tower during one of the Green Climate Fund's Board meetings

Songdo Central Park seems to me like an expansion of Songdo Tri-Bowl itself. The Park is considered South Korea's first international city that covers over 100 acres or around 40 hectares of land (some reclaimed).

Central Park is Songdo's center for various civic and cultural activities. It is crossed by a human-made canal provided with seawater, where various water ride activities can be enjoyed.

Amenities and Facilities
Being a popular destination for relaxing activities, visitors and locals come to spread mats, pitch tents, or simply lie on the grass.

Seats and benches are available facing the canal or waterway.

Pathways and jogging paths are accessible by the canal's sides. Small bridges connect both sides whenever you decide to cross or stay on top of it and watch the water, reflections, and the passing boat.

If you go further away from Songdo Tri-Bowl following the canal, you will find cafes, a traditional hotel, a traditional Korean village, a mini Rabbit Island, a mini Deer Farm, and other exciting sights.

Going a bit further to the busy downtown but less crowded streets of Songdo, you will find a boat house center where you can rent any water activity ride, such as transparent canoes, kayaks, motored boats.

songdo-central-park-boathouseVarious exciting water activity facilities for rent

More Attractions In Songdo District

Aside from Songdo Tri-Bowl attraction, you will surely enjoy more sights and exciting public places that could make your day in Songdo. As this page develops, more descriptions of Songdo attractions will be available as links here and in this website. Some of them are the following...

Incheon Metropolitan Museum
Songdo Moonlight Festival Park
Hanok Village Songdo
Compact Smart City Songdo
NC Cube Canal Walk
Haedojji Sunset Park

Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon
Oakwood Premier Incheon
Songdo Central Park Hotel, Sheraton Songdo

songdo-hotelsNewly-built hotels near Songdo Tribowl at Songdo Central Park

How To Get To Songdo Tri-Bowl Area

Getting to Songdo or Songdo Tri-Bowl area is very easy. You can take any public transportation available from early morning to late in the evening.

By Subway
Take the Incheon Subway Line 1 to Central Park Subway Station and go out at Exit 3 from this station.

For another public transportation guide for Songdo, please visit Songdo Island District for a more detailed description. The page is handy if you come from Incheon International Airport.

Thanks for reading this travel information about the Tri-Bowl attraction in Songdo.

Enjoy your trips and stay healthy!

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