Sorae Marsh Ecological Park

sorae-ecology-park-windmills-wood-pathwayMini windmills at Sorae Marsh Ecological Park, Soraepogu, Incheon.

Sorae Marsh Ecological Park

I left home at around 4 in the afternoon, feeling ambivalent about my rushed decision to travel to Sorae March Ecological Park in Incheon. I felt excited and uncomfortable because I might miss the sunset's golden hour.

I packed a slice of banana cake, an orange, and a bottle of hot green tea. Right, please prepare something to bite or a lunchbox. Spending a leisurely and calming time and enjoying the area would be my best advice.

Since it was my first time finding the place, I used my smartphone's subway map. In short, it took me around 40 minutes to get to Soraepo Station from my place.

I came out at Exit 2 and had to turn left and face to my right to find the crosswalk (zebra walk). According to my smartphone, it would take 15-20 minutes to reach the park if I followed the directions.

Across the main road, I suddenly got excited upon seeing the signage 'Sorae Marsh Ecological Park' (in Korean 소래습지생태공원) prominently displayed onto the upper part of the underpass.

Then I reached the main entrance gate, and my eyes grew wide, and my heart thumped wild when I realized that the whole place was extensive and marvelous!

sorae-ecology-park-entranceEntrance gate to the park

Entrance Area
Near the entrance area, I could see marsh areas, no plants but only water, observation decks, and an old broken bridge.

As you enter the area, you will notice the open observation deck linked with the hanging wooden pathway where you can observe and enjoy the marsh areas few feet above.

Brief Background

sorae-ecology-park-mudflat-1Sea water at Sorae Marsh Ecological Park and a view of an elevated wooden pathway by the sidelines.

Sorae Marsh Ecological Park in Incheon opened in June 1999 and has a vast area of over 3.5 million square meters.

It was initially a saltern and now features an ecology exhibition space and the Ecology Hall and Nature Learning Center, added in April 2001.

The park offers educational experiences about the local flora and fauna. Its picturesque walking paths by the salt storage and windmill are popular for photography.

The amenities include rest areas and benches, making it a favored spot for families and couples, especially in fall when the silver grass is a major attraction.

The park's expansion and transformation into an ecological and educational space highlight its significance.

Facilities & Activities

sorae-ecology-park-building-observatoryThe main building that holds the educational resources at Sorae Marsh Ecological Park.

Sorae Marsh Ecological Park offers a blend of natural beauty and educational facilities. And that is what excited me the most.

I consider myself an environmentalist and climate-concerned citizen, so I support this idea and get excited when I discover places like this one.

The park, once a saltern, has been transformed into a space for ecological learning. In fact, you could still see the salt-making areas they maintain. I believe they are still making sea salt, as you can see in the photos below...

sorae-ecology-park-salt-farmSaltern at Sorae Marsh Ecological Park

Ecology Exhibition Space
The Ecology Exhibition Space showcases the history of the area and the diverse ecosystem. It was already closed when I arrived; therefore, I have to update this part to include photos and descriptions. However, I can show you what the building looks like.

Ecology Hall & Nature Learning Center
The Ecology Hall and Nature Learning Center provide educational experiences about local plants and animals. Indeed, this is an exciting and very relevant space.

Great Layout & Facilities

sorae-ecology-park-stage-bench-parasolSpacious observation deck and platform with seats, benches, and parasols.

The park's layout includes picturesque walking paths, ideal for strolls and photography, particularly around the salt storage area and windmill.

I found the layout, design, and the strategic facilities are being placed. It is enjoyable walking around and exploring various areas of the park.

In fact, I feel it is really exciting to see every corner, besides it is expansive and you can feel the joy of being free from the claustrophobic places in the cities, or offices, or work places. 

Wooden Walkways & Muddy Pathways

sorae-ecology-park-windmill-2Sorae Marsh Ecology Park - Windmills

I love these paths. Using only the wooden paths is enough to make you feel happy and enjoy the surrounding views.

Yes, I used these wooden paths elevated above the marshland to quickly reach exciting features of the area - bird observation decks and areas, resting areas, and windmills, among others.

As you can see, bringing kids here is a good idea and easy enough to manage. I thought it was not a good idea to bring somebody with a physical disability since there is no ramp available for access to the wooden walkways in the marsh area.

Still, you can get them only around the entrance area and around the main facilities of the Ecology and education areas.

Seats & Benches

sorae-ecology-park-seats-floorSorae Marsh Ecology Park Resting Areas

Rest Areas and Benches
Additionally, the park is equipped with rest areas and benches, making it a comfortable destination for visitors.

sorae-ecology-park-traditional-pavilion-1Sorae Marsh Ecology Park Resting Areas - A traditional type of pavilion where you can rest, eat and drink, lie down...
sorae-ecology-park-observation-elevationA circular observation deck and ramp for watching birds at Sorae Park.

You can find resting facilities and benches everywhere, even in the middle of the marshland. They are perfect for outings with friends or families - or solo travelers.

Silver Grass

sorae-ecology-park-windmill-1Mini windmills at Sorae Park

Silver Grass
The park becomes beautiful in the fall with its shimmering silver grass. This park is an educational and recreational destination for families, couples, and nature enthusiasts.

When I first visited Sorae Marsh Ecological Park park during late winter, the grass's leaves were dead - light brown or golden colors!

So, I am excited to revisit Sorae in late spring and summer. It would look different, showing off the silver grass's elegant color and hair (flower?).


sorae-ecology-park-windmill-soloSorae Marsh Ecological Park Windwills
sorae-ecology-park-windmills-closeupSorae Marsh Ecological Park Windwills
sorae-ecology-park-2-windmillsSorae Marsh Ecological Park Windwills

The windmills made me very curious and enticed me to visit this area. I have seen websites and their photos of the beautiful windmill views, but I need to learn about the area.

I hope the photos I included here give you a better idea about the place, its facilities, and its services.

Useful information


  • •1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
  • (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
  • For more info: +82-32-435-7076

Operating Hours:

  • Available Parking Hours: 04:00-23:00
  • Trail hours: 09:30-17:30
  • Ecology Hall Access: 10:00-18:00

Holidays (Closed): [Ecology Hall] Mondays (closed the following day if Monday is a public holiday), the day following public holidays, New Year's Day, Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day) & Chuseok (Lunar New Year's Day) holidays

Admission / Fee: Except for the free exploration of the marsh areas and walking pathways, you may have to pay for the following facilities and services:

Pergola, observation deck (3rd floor), eco experience facilities, marsh, salt field reservoir, exploration trails, convenience store, lounge, bike rental, etc.

Website: You can find out more on this link:

Getting to Sorae Marsh Ecological Park

soraepogu-station-trainSoraepogu Station

Check out the information below if you plan to explore Sorae Marsh Ecological Park any time of the year.

Address: 77, Sorae-ro 154beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon 인천광역시 남동구 소래로154번길 77

First, take the Incheon Line 1 then transfer to Suin-Bundang Line at Woninjae Station. Take the direction (the next stop is Namdong Induspark) to Soraepogu Station (four stops from Woninjae Station).

Next, come out from Exit 2, turn to your left, and walk for a few meters until you reach the intersection. Then turn to your right and cross the (green light!).

Then, keep walking straight until you reach the main road with the overpass across it. You will immediately see the signage 'Sorae Marsh Ecological Park' (in Korean language).

It takes more or less than 20 minutes from Soraepo Station to the park.
Have fun, and like this page or comment if you find this helpful!

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