yuseong hot spring park

yuseong-hot-spring-parkYuseong Hot Spring Park Spa

yuseong hot spring park

Yuseong Hot Spring Park is at the heart of Daejeon City in Yuseong District. The hot spring of Yuseong is its most priced attractions since many years ago.

If you are already in town, you may stroll around for an hour to see which facility is enjoyable. You won't regret it, I should say!

Some of the worth seeing facilities are the light square (better at night), children's fresh pools, grass garden, fountain areas, hot spring foot bath, and flower gardens.

Let me describe a bit and with photos below...

Enjoyable & Exciting Facilities

Light Square
I could only imagine the colorful spotlights and the reflections during evening and night time at this square.

You can either stand or sit down on the bench nearby while watching the harmonious dance between the lights and the fountain.

yuseong-hot-spring-parkLight Square at Yuseong Hot Spring Park

Children's Pool and Fountains
I was attracted to the noise ahead made by the excited children playing in the shallow pools. It was summer, and so it must be the solution to bit the heat in Daejeon.

As you can see (in the photo), children were accompanied by adults or parents. Tents and shades are obviously allowed in the area. Large parasols offer enough shades to parents waiting and watching patiently their excited kids playing in the pool.

yuseong-hot-spring-parkChildren's pool at Yuseong Hot Spring

Grassy Garden
Yes! It seems to be that this whole facility is a garden in the middle of the city. Green grasses, shrubs, and tress are the soothing sights you will encounter in the middle of the concrete structures and busy roads.

Fountain Area
There are two fountain areas in the park, but they were turned off at that time.

yuseong-hot-spring-parkGreen Grass Garden at Yuseong Park

Yuseong Hot Spring Foot Bath Experience

This facility was my original destination, while the rest of the park's facilities were secondary!

That's because I was wondering if the hot spring was real. Yes, it exists, and people are enjoying its usefulness.

In fact, it is one of the most popular places in town. Visitors and locals enjoy the shallow spring foot spa facility. You are required to wash up your feet first before getting inside the facility.

yuseong-hot-spring-parkHot Spring Foot Spa

Here are the healing effects of foot spa as described:
It alleviates pains due to cardiovascular diseases because the hot spring (and its elements) help improve blood circulation and activates the capillaries of your feet.

Second, by increasing your metabolism, the Yuseong hot spring spa will help release salinity and wastes from your feet and also causes to lower down serum cholesterol.

Third, it will help you concentrate and relieve stress, thus promoting a healthy body and soul.

Last, the warm temperature can normalize your body temperature and physiological functions.

100% natural hot spring water!

7:00 to 10:00PM on Summer
7:00 to 09:00PM on Winter

Flower Gardens
I was lucky that the summer flowers were blooming. Yes, they are mostly tropical flowers and are lovely to look at and take photos as well. Couples and anybody take pictures with the facilities in this garden area.

yuseong-hot-spring-parkFlower Garden at Yuseong Park
yuseong-hot-spring-park"Living is like a flower"
yuseong-hot-spring-parkMore flower gardens at Yuseong Hot Spring Park

Doodeurim Theater (Round-shaped Structure)
I suppose any kind of shows and public entertainments are being held here. It could also serve as a shade during the hot summer or when it rains.

Nearby Facilities
You can easily find restaurants, convenience stores, and various shops in the area.

Yuseong Subway Station is a few minutes away from Yuseong Hot Spring Park. Buses and taxis are accessible as well.

Parking Area
City Tour Guide

Thanks so much for reading through. I also wish you have a great journey in Daejeon.

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