Ulsan City Tourist Attractions

ulsan-city-tourist-attractions-mountain-evening-skyUlsan City Tourist Attractions

ulsan city tourist attractions

Ulsan City is beautifully located on the seaside of South Korea's southeast. It has a population of more than a million and growing.

Although the City was not a popular travel destination, that story belongs to the past! Ulsan City is now catching up with other tourism places in the country.

Ulsan is the GATEWAY to Yeongnam Alps where one of the most fantastic provincial parks of the country is located.

Also, the City has twelve designated 'scenic sites' including both natural sights and building structures.

One cannot escape from the industrialized districts in Ulsan nowadays. However, still, you can explore and enjoy places, structures, and nature amidst the progress that the modern world is expanding.

Now, let's check out some of Ulsan City tourist attractions you can explore when you visit.

Ulsan Parks & Sites

ulsan-city-tourist-attractions-rocks-bridgeDaewangam Park, Ulsan City
ulsan-city-tourist-attractions-mountain-rocks-stepsHiking the famous rocky mountains in Ulsan City is one of its popular attractions

Most online travel guides include the following famous places...

Daewangam Park
Taehwa River Seepri Bamboo Grove
Taehwa River Grand Park
Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Village
Hakseong Park
Seopyeong Children's Park
Dinosaur Footprint Park
Ulsan Grand Park
Ilsan Beach
Paraeso Falls
Sinbulsan Falls Recreational Forest
Ulsan Theme Botanic Garden
Jinha Beach
Jeongja Beach
Amethyst Cavern Park

Ulsan Specialized Museum

ulsan-city-tourist-attractions-bamboo-forestBamboo Park in Ulsan City

Besides outdoor activities and places you can explore, you may visit specialized museums that focus on particular subjects.

Visiting such places would give you some insights and knowledge about Ulsan City's history and recent industrial development, among other themes.

Jangsengpo Whale Museum
Ulsan Museum
Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Village
Jangsaeingpo Special Whale Culture Zone
Ulsan Petroglyph Museum
Ulsan Daegok Museum
Segye Pachungryu Checheom Bakmulgwan
Youngwol Jonggyo Misool Bakmoolgwan
Ulsan Science Museum
Ulsan Sound Experience Hall

Ulsan Landmarks & icons

ulsan-city-tourist-attractions-cherry-blossomsUlsan City Tourist Attractions - Cherry Blossoms

To explore and enjoy some of Ulsan's important points, you may travel to its relevant landmarks. Again, you can not only learn history but also experience their beauty.

Seoknamsa Temple
Seuldo Lighthouse
Seosaengpo Japanese Fortress
Bangudae Cliff
Ulsan Bridge Observatory
Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium
University of Ulsan
Statue of Peace
Ulsan Station Whale Sculpture
Ulsan Hyanggyo

This page only serves as an introduction to Ulsan City tourist attractions. So, you might have to discover more by reading the linked articles about this City.

Now, if you are interested in finding out how to go there, the following mode of transports are accessible.

Getting to Ulsan City

Here we go...

Flying to Ulsan
You can fly and arrive in Ulsan via air from two domestic airports--Seoul (Kimpo) and Jeju Island airports. Unfortunately, Ulsan cannot receive (yet) international flights.

You can transfer (via limousine bus, subway or taxi) from Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Gimpo Airport. Easily do this by taking the Limousine Bus that departs from the main terminal at Incheon Airport every 5 minutes.

From Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport:

  • Limousine Bus time travel: 35 minutes
  • Limousine Bus Fare: 6,000 KRW
  • Departure Area: Incheon Int'l Airport (T1) bus waiting area
  • Travel Time to Ulsan: 1 hour; Weekday/Weekends: from 60,000-70,000 KRW

KTX (Speed Train)
You can take a fast train (or bullet train than can run up to 350 mi/hr) from Seoul and arrives close to Ulsan City. Just like the Ulsan airport, the KTX Station is somehow 'inconveniently' located as they are not in the City itself.

However, you can easily take buses or taxis to get to the city center.

You can take the regular city buses (yellow and white) that costs 1,200 KRW. This is the cheapest ride you can get but not the fastest one that reaches the City.

The quickest buses (and a bit costly) are the express or Chwaseok Bus (seated) lines. They cost 500 KRW more than the regular bus but have more comfortable seats and uses the expressway to the city center.

The 500 series express buses can bring you from the KTX Station to various points in Ulsan City. This is the quickest transport you can take and costs 3,200 KRW in cash and 3,000 KRW by card.

There is a taxi stop at the Station. It will cost you around 25,000 KRW to get to the city center. You can also quickly get around the City via taxi if you want to save time and be comfortable.

Non-high Speed Trains
The older trains are still accessible to come in and out of Ulsan. The train station is called Taehwagang (Taehwa River) Station. The KTX Station is called Ulsan Station.

Mugunghwa trains travel twice a day to Seoul (Cheongryangni Station), and another one travels overnight to arrive early in the morning in Seoul.

By Car
If you travel to Ulsan City by car, it is also a good idea. You can explore the area freely and comfortably.

Car rental in South Korea is reasonably cheap. It is very convenient for a small group or family traveling together without worrying about dragging around your luggage.

The following are the expressways you can take when driving from these points of origin...

Seoul, Daejeon & Daegu--Take the Gyeongbu Expressway towards Busan City, then exit at Eonyang Junction.

Gwangju City--Take the Namhae Expressway towards Busan City, then exit at Wonyang Junction

Chuncheon City--take the Jungang Expressway towards Daegu City, then change to Gyeongbu Expressway towards Busan City at Geumho Junction

For other points of origin, please let us know or do your homework!

Ulsan Intercity Buses
Ulsan City has intercity buses that provide services to passengers coming in and out of the City. They provide services to major cities and smaller cities in the country.

The terminals are located in Samsandong and Bangeojin.

From Seoul
It takes more than 4 hours from Seoul to get there. Take the express bus from Express Bus Terminal in Seoul, which departs every 30 minutes.

You can also take an express bus from Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal that departs every 30 to 40 minutes.

From Busan
You have several options if you depart from Busan City to Ulsan City. Here are the following...

From Nopodong Bus Terminal you can either the Chwaseok (seated) City Bus or the Intercity Bus that travels to Samsandong, Ulsan City.

Chwaseok Buses: 1137, 2100, and 2300 numbers. Each bus costs from 2,700 to 2,900 KRW.

From Haeundae
You can take an Intercity Bus (Siwae Bus) from Haeundae Bus Terminal, which is located across from Haeundae Train Station. It takes about 1 hour and 1/2 to Samsandong Terminal. It runs once every 30 minutes.

A non-stop ('jiktong') service is also available and only takes 1 hour to Ulsan City.

Ulsan City Public Bus Network
If you are traveling for several days, something like for a week, it would be good if you buy a transportation card. This card entitles you to get 50 Won discount on the fare at regular buses, and around 200 Won on Chwaseok buses. You get free transfer between buses if you travel within the hour.

You can purchase this transport card in various places, including shops and convenience stores.

To avail that discount, ensure that you place over the card 'check' box before embarking the bus to activate the free transfer.

Moving Around the City

If you are traveling around the City, make sure you have a map, or guide or phone navigator.

It would also be helpful if you have addresses or destinations in the Korean language. These are useful in case you don't have any means to locate them personally.

Of course, Google map or the local Naver map can serve you well if you have your smartphone with you.

I hope you will have great travel if you do.

Staying at Hotels in Ulsan City

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