Moonlit Woljeongri Beach

woljeongri-beachFantastic sight of Woljeongri's beach area

Woljeongri Beach

Woljeongri Beach is a white and expansive beach area on the famous Jeju Island, South Korea. I can only say that you will love all beaches on this island just like this one.

You can search for the blue sea from the beach area as far as your eyes can see. You can have both the picturesque and panoramic views of the sea and the island's natural beauty.

Being a spacious and relaxing area, you will find it very peaceful and serene. Even during the peak summer season, you will discover that Woljeongri Beach is not crowded and noisy despite its popularity!

Coming here is not a problem as it is located by the rural roadside. But it is not a congested area. You can reach via public transportations (bus or taxi) from anywhere on the island.

Cafes, Shops, and Eateries

Don't worry about anything you need for your day's beach relaxation activity. You can purchase your basic needs from the shops and other small suppliers nearby.

You won't miss seeing the cafes, eateries, convenience shops, beach facility rental shops, and street vendors across the beach.

Relax with a hot or iced Cappuccino at a coffee shop while gazing towards the white beach and turquoise sea and enjoying the cool sea breeze caressing your skin.

Also, you can stay overnight or longer at any accommodation facilities nearby, including a motel, bed and breakfast, condo, among others.

woljeongri-beachBlack rocky islands, blue water, wind turbines

Exciting Beach Activities

As long as you don't cause any harm or loiter on the beach, you can play any game you like.

Most visitors to this beach would basically do the following...

  • sunbathing
  • play games (volleyball, Frisbie, soccer, etc.)
  • snorkeling
  • collect stones and seashells
  • kayaking (glass-bottom kayak)
  • surfing, stand up paddling
  • parasailing, etc.

If you need an address, here it is:
540-2 Woljeong-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

A Legend of Woljeong's Origin

It is said that Woljeong Village ('ri') was a name given by a schoolmaster who composed a poem about the place.

According to the legend, Won Bong, the schoolmaster, noticed while composing his poem that the village resembles a half-moon when seen from the sea.

Literally, the word "woljeongri" means a village with a beautiful half-moon seaside shape.

Story has it that due to Woljeongri's geographical location, locals can see the moon for half a month, that means fifteen nights of moonlight a month.

Now, let me describe to you how to get there from Jeju International Airport below.

Getting to Woljeongri Beach

You can take any public transportation that travels to this fantastic beach area. Or, you can rent a car or motorbike to get there. (I explored the island with my bicycle!).

By Bus
From Jeju International Airport, take bus number 38 that will bring you to Hamdeokri (4gu). Then transfer to East Ilju Line bus (Seoilju Bus) and get off at Gujoa Jungang Elementary School Bus Stop.

By Taxi
You can also get to Woljeongri Beach by taking a taxi from Jeju Airport or anywhere in Jeju City or island.

By Car
You can rent a car on Jeju Island. Please, book in advance your car to ensure that you can get it as soon as you arrive at the airport.

I hope you have a fantastic journey. Stay safe and have fun on the island!

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