Yeomiji Botanical Garden

yeomiji-botanical-gardenOutdoor gardens and entrance to Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Yeomiji Botanical Garden

Yeomiji Botanical Garden, I believe, is the largest one on Jeju Island, if not the whole country. I totally enjoyed the various species of plants they have collected from around the world.

Yeomiji Botanical Garden is an indoor garden located in the Jungmun Resort area. It is one of the finely-established botanical gardens in the whole of Asia.

The southern atmosphere greenhouse garden houses over 2,000 tropical and subtropical plants.

To roughly explore the whole place, you will need one and a half hours to do it.

Thematic Gardens

From a distance, you can already feel the uniqueness and commanding atmosphere of the botanical garden. You can see its towering glass spire and spreads below, providing a canopy of all living plants under its wings.

As I entered, I was greeted by the pools with water lilies, lotus plants, and beautiful flowers. I wasted no time and took my phone to video-record the fantastic scenery around me.

Now, the fantastic themes of plants await my presence. The tropical and subtropical plants arranged according to themes include...

  • Flower Garden
  • Water Lily Garden
  • Jungle Garden
  • Subtropical Fruits Garden
  • Cactus and Succulent Garden
yeomiji-botanical-gardenGoin' to see bananas at Yeomiji Botanical Gardens

Also, one can find an Observation Platform where you can survey the themed gardens from atop, giving you a fantastic view. It is a 38-meter high structure.

From this platform, you can have a better view of Hallasan Mountain, Marado Island, and other nearby coastal areas.

You can find other gardens outside the greenhouse, including the Jeju Native Garden, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and French types of gardens.

Facilities & Convenience Accesses

If you decide, you can spend a half-day (or whole day) with friends or family enjoying the botanical garden.

You don't need to worry about your immediate needs since they have facilities such as restrooms, drinking water, sitting areas, and food and drink services.

Mainly, you have access to the services and facilities, such as restaurants, gift shops, snack outlets, plant stores, ice cream stores, and digital shops.

Exciting Activity

If you are already an expert and are simply exploring Yeomiji to see what it got, you are exempted from the following offer.

At Yeomiji Botanical Garden, any interested individual can learn about botany in practice. The botanical garden offers a Botany Lesson Program.

Here are the details:

Date: March to May (Request for class can also be accommodated)
Participants: 50 people, one class a day
Lessons: Fundamental theories of botany, plant observation, and practice
Fee: 3,000 KRW (may change without advance notice). This includes the admission fee and one plant.

The classes will be held in a conference room, exhibition room, and plant nursery area. The botanists of Yeomiji Botanical Garden will be conducting the classes and hands-on experience lessons.

yeomiji-botanical-gardenCactus at one of Yeomiji Botanical Garden's subtropical gardens on Jeju Island

Important Information

Yeomiji Botanical Garden opens from 9 AM to 6 PM only. But you can explore the Outdoor Garden until sunset.

From Spring to Autumn, the last admission is allowed at 5:30 PM, but until 5 PM only from November to February.

Parking areas are available.

Entrance Fees
The entrance fee varies according to age and number of visitors:

  • Adult: 9,000 Won, Youth: 6,000 Won, Child: 5,000Won, Senior Citizen: 7,000Won
  • Groups: Adults: 6,000Won, Youths: 4,000Won, Children: 3,500Won, Seniors: 6,000Won

An adult means from 19-64, youth 13-18, child 3-12, and senior citizen 65 and above ages. A group also means from 30 and more people.

Alright, after exploring and enjoying the amazing and rare plants, you can also explore other nearby attractions and entertainment sights.

Attractions Nearby

The Seogwipo City of Jeju Island is one of the best places to explore on the island. It offers various facilities and natural sights. Some of them are the following...

Cheonjeyeon Falls
This is a natural waterfall whose water is considered a mineral spring water is coming from the icy top of Hallasan Mountain.

Cheonjeyeon Falls is dubbed as "The Pond of God" due to its unique beauty. Consisting of three sections, Cheonjeyeon Falls supports the variety of plants around it.

cheonjeyeon-falls-jejuCheonjeyeon Falls is one of the must-visit natural sights on Jeju Island

Jeju Jungmun Resort
They say that Jungmun Resort is the largest one in South Korea. Located in the seashore of the Jungmun area, the resort offers various holiday and entertainment facilities.

Ripley's 'Believe It or Not" Museum
If you are interested in exploring something mind-blowing and unbelievable but existing things on Earth, you should visit this museum.

As a franchise of Robert Ripley, the museum has unbelievable displays of items, including meteorites from Mars, life-size unicorn man, among others.

Jungmun Golf Club
Jungmun Golf Club, opened in 1981, is beautifully created on the seaside with cliff views in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island.

It offers an 18-hole golf course and a country club equipped with various relaxing facilities and luxury services.

Teddy Bear Museum
This bear museum is located close to the Believe It or Not Museum. Around the area, you can find other exciting facilities aside from cafes and convenience shops.

If you love bears either as a child or an adult, you can explore and enjoy the varied collections of Teddy Bears.

I am sure that you can find more exciting and relaxing places and sights on the island, especially in the Jungmun Tourist Complex area.

Now, let me describe a bit of how to get to Yeomiji Botanical Garden below.

Getting to Yeomiji Botanical Garden

You can get to Yeomiji via public transportation, including a bus or taxi from anywhere on the island. However, if you have a hotel that provides you a free service from Jeju Airport, you are in good hands.

By Bus
From Jeju International Airport, head to Exit 1 and find the bus stop where bus number 600 stops. Take this bus that will ferry you to Yeomiji Botanical Garden Bus Stop in around 50 minutes from the airport.

By Taxi
You can also take a taxi from Jeju International Airport to Yeomiji in less than 30 minutes.

Taking the taxi is inexpensive or cheaper and practical, especially when you have a partner or two more friends/family members.

Vehicle Rentals
You can rent a car or motorbike (or bicycle) on the island. For a car, you can do it at the airport or rent in advance online. A motorcycle or bicycle can be rented in a shop in Jeju City.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you have a wonderful trip and a holiday!

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