yongheunggung royal residence

yongheunggung-royal-residenceThe walls of Yongheunggung Residential Palace, Ganghwado (Island), Incheon

historic yongheunggung royal residence

Yongheunggung Royal Residence (Palace) was not actually a ‘palace.’ It was simple a residence of a royal family member who later on became a king.

This royal residence seems quiet but well-maintained by the local authority of Ganghwado. Many travelers visit the residence not only due to its historical relevance in Korean history but also the old royal residential structure.

I visited this historic place with my friends. It was one of the places we have visited and enjoyed in a day (more sites below).

Since Ganghwa Island is generally a flatland (except for its mountainous parts), visitors of various ages can easily move and walk around with no difficulties.

yongheunggung-royal-residenceA quarter of the royal residence

I mean, older people and little children can walk around safely and freely as there is no heavy traffic.

People enjoy nearby Yongheunggung Royal Residence its coffee shops, souvenir stores, pottery shops, restaurants, and other traditional and rural features.

yongheunggung-royal-residenceMain entrance to the royal residence
yongheunggung-palaceAlleys inside the residence
yongheunggung-royal-residenceOndeul (the two holes are the exhausts of the old heating system of the traditional Korean houses.
yongheunggung-royal-residenceAn old well at Yongheunggung (Palace)

brief Historical Background

Yongheunggung royal residence is where King Cheoljong (circa 1849-1863) used to reside long before he was enthroned.

The king was a Joseon Dynasty ruler reigned in 1849-63. The palace was his residence before he became a king.

The governor of Ganghwa, Jeong Gi-Se, ordered to reconstruct the original structure in 1853 during the fourth year of King Cheoljong's reign, and the residence was named Yongheunggung.

The main entrance gate is located in an alley and the buildings the composed the residence are simple just like the Nakseongjae House in Changdeokgung Palace located in Seoul City.

yongheunggung-palace-memorialMemorial at Yongheunggung Residence
yongheunggung-royal-residenceMemorial site gate

Other signs that it is the residence and former house of King Cheoljong are the memorial stones and a monument that inscribed this fact.

Recently, one can find an inner hall and an annex hall in this residential structure.

By the way, Yongheunggung Royal Residence is interestingly located adjacent to the popular Anglican Church which is also a national treasure having its own historical relevance in the area.

Traveling To Yongheunggung palace

Assuming that you are departing from Seoul area, here’s how you can get to this royal residence in Ganghwa Island…

First Option:

  • Go to Shinchon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit 4
  • Then go to the Bus Stop at Artreon (movie house)—260 meters from the station
  • Take Bus 3000 for Ganghwa Bus Terminal

Second Option:

  • Go to Yeongdeungpo Station (Seoul Subway Line 1)
  • Take Bus #88 traveling to Ganghwa Bus Terminal.
  • Take a taxi (Cab) to Yongheunggung Royal Residence from Ganghwa Bus Terminal, which will only take 5-8 minutes.

Third Options:

  • You can rent a car during you vacation and travel around Ganghwado more quickly and efficiently.
  • Of course, you can go there straight by looking for a taxi willing to take you there. However, this needs further information. To do that, please inquire from your hotel's Front Desk for their proper guidance.

Moreover, if you want to know the complete address and for further information, please see them below.

Address: 16-1, Dongmunan-gil 21beon-gil, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon (인천광역시 강화군 강화읍 동문안길21번길 16-1)
Phone for Inquiry: +82-32-930-3033   
Website: www.ganghwa.incheon.kr

More Tourist Attractions on Ganghwa Island

Aside from this historical and educational tourist destination, more sites and attractions are also waiting for your visit on Ganghwa Island. Such are the following places…

  • Oldest Ganghwado Anglican Church in Korea
  • Goryeosan (Goryeo Mountain)
  • Ganghwado Island Seasides, Beaches, and Islands
  • Goryeogung Palace Site
  • Ganghwa Nadeul-gil Courses (hiking trails)
  • Ganghwa Island Mountain Fortress
  • Traditional Places - shops, streets, stores
  • Korean Restaurants
  • Cafes, Shops (souvenir, potteries, arts, etc.)

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