Golden 63 building

63-buildingThe glass panels sparkle its golden color when the sun shines any time of the day, but more spectacular at sunset.

The 63 Building by the Han River in Seoul, South Korea, is a skyscraper that stands at over 300 meters tall. It was designed by the renowned Korean firm Samoo Architects & Engineers and completed in 1985.

The building has been widely praised for its unique design, which features an oval-shaped top with four curved towers that meet at the center.

The 63 Building houses over 70 restaurants, two cinemas, an aquarium, a wax museum and other attractions. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul, with millions of visitors every year.

The building has been the venue for several international events such as the G20 Summit and the World Taekwondo Championships. In addition to its stunning architecture and spectacular views over Seoul, the 63 Building is a symbol of the city's ambition and progress.

It stands as a testament to South Korea's growth and development since the end of World War II, when the nation was divided between North and South. Today, it is an icon of Seoul and South Korea as a whole.

The 63 Building will remain one of the most impressive landmarks in the city and a symbol of South Korea's progress for many years to come. 

The 63 Building is home to a variety of attractions, including shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, art galleries and more.

The building offers visitors a unique experience with its spectacular views and interactive activities like virtual reality shows and educational programs. Visitors can also explore the stunning Sky Deck, which provides a 360-degree view of the city from nearly 500 feet above. 

The building also houses the 63 Aquarium, one of Asia's largest aquariums. It is home to more than 40,000 aquatic species and features interactive activities like snorkeling and ocean exploration simulations.

The Aquarium is also home to a diverse range of educational programs and special events throughout the year, such as the popular Marine Life Festival. 

The 63 Building stands proudly as a symbol of Korea's modernization and progress, showcasing the country's commitment to innovation and development. It is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the vibrant culture, energy, and technological advancements of this dynamic country. 

The 63 Building is more than just a modern icon. It provides visitors with an array of activities to explore, from its breathtaking sky deck to the educational opportunities available at the Aquarium. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why the 63 Building is one of Korea’s most popular attractions.

the 63 building

The 63 Building (or Yeoksam Building) is once the tallest building in Seoul. It is one of the eye-catching landmarks in Yeouido that offers spectacular vistas of the capital city.

With the completion of Lotte Tower, which stands over 100 stories tall, 63 Building is now just ranked the second tallest building in the country.

The Building stood 249 meters (around 817 feet) high and comprised of 60 floors and three basement floors.

I could not forget the first time I explored the building with my friends during my first few weeks in Korea. For one, I was amazed to watch my first IMAX cinema experience in this very building.

63-buildingFireworks by the Han River where you can find the 63 Building

Another interesting physically feature of the building is its glass elevators. These elevators do not only serve as lifts but also as viewing observatory. It ascends at 460 meters per minute, and it only takes 25 seconds to reach the top floor.

Further, 63 Building is distinctively colored in golden yellow. It might surprise you to know that the gold color is a real thing: each glass pane is coated with a thin film of 24-carat gold.

The 14,000 panes reflect the sunshine with gold, red, and silver colors during sunset. This appearance makes the tower distinctively stunning to the viewers!

It is like taking a rocket taking-off while enjoying the astonishing views of the city. That’s just one of the fantastic features you can experience. See more below

63-buildingIcy Han River passes by the 63 Building (Yeoksam Building)

Exciting Features of 63 Building

Just like most modern skyscrapers nowadays, 63 Building is a multi-purpose tower with multi-function to cater to various clientele needs. Mainly, the building has…

Performance Hall
63 Wax Museum
Adult (19+) : 13,000*
Children (4-18) : 12,000*
Citizens of South Korea pay an extra 1,000 won.

Aquarium (63 Seaworld)
Adult : 15,000
Youth : 13,000
Children : 11,000
Elderly (65+) : 11,000

Art Gallery (63 Sky Art Gallery)
Adult : 12,000
Teenager (13-19) : 11,000
Children (12 and under) : 10,000

IMAX Cinema
Open until 21:10 on Monday and 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.


With all such features, the building used to be the hottest place among families, friends, and a favorite spot for dating.

Tourist Attractions Near the 63 Building

Aside from the attractive features and facilities of the building, you can also explore more exciting and relevant sites, historic places, entertainments, restaurants, businesses, green public parks, arts and exhibitions, and relaxing spaces.

Nearby Hotels
In Yeouido area, you will easily find accommodation with various fantastic facilities and services.

63-buildingSkyscrapers as seen from a temple area

How To Get There

Taxis in Seoul are available 24-hours daily. If you are not so sure about your address better have it with you in case communications fail (in Korean). Also, have your address details in the Korean language (and English) as much as possible.

Seoul Metro Subway
The Seoul Subway is a very efficient public transport. It is the quickest way to navigate and find places in Seoul.

Yeouido Station (subway lines 5, 9) exit 5, then take the free 63 Square shuttle bus. Alternatively, take Bus 62 from St. Mary’s Hospital platform for the tower.

Saetgang Station (subway line 9) exit 1, then take the 63 Square shuttle bus

Yeouinaru Station (subway line 5) exit 4, then take the 63 Square shuttle bus located left of the intersection.

Take Subway Line 1 to Daebang Station (Exit 6). Then take the free shuttle bus or Bus #62 for the building.

Private Vehicles
Hotel Service Vehicles

63 Building Business Hours
The multi-service tower is open all-year-round, except during special national holidays.

Business Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 PM
Days of Operation: Monday-Sunday

Address: 07345  50, 63-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (Yeouido-dong, 63 building) 

Please, let me know should you have specific questions regarding the contents of this article. Hope this is helpful.

Enjoy your travels.

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