Daejeon Travel Attractions

gyeryongsan-national-park-peaksHigh peaks of Gyeryongsan National Park


Unveil the hidden gems of South Korea in Daejeon, the country's fifth-largest city, known for its scientific advancements, vibrant culture, and inviting natural beauty.

Positioned at the heart of the nation, Daejeon serves as a transportation hub, making it a convenient gateway for exploring South Korea.

Daejeon's unique blend of modernity and nature is evident in its thriving science and technology industry, exemplified by the renowned Daedeok Innopolis, a hub for research institutes, and the popular National Science Museum.

These attractions offer intriguing insights into Korea's advanced technology, making Daejeon the 'Silicon Valley' of Korea.

The city's urban landscape harmoniously blends with serene green spaces such as the Daejeon National Cemetery and Jangtaesan Recreational Forest, providing tranquil retreats for relaxation and leisurely walks. The picturesque Sikjangsan Mountain offers stunning panoramic views of the cityscape.

Culturally, Daejeon dazzles with its Hanbat Arboretum, home to diverse plant species, and the Daejeon Museum of Art, exhibiting contemporary Korean artworks. The city's gastronomic scene is equally enticing, particularly the famous Daejeon-style Kalguksu, a must-try local delicacy.

Combining innovation with natural beauty, and modern culture with culinary delights, Daejeon City is a fascinating destination that offers a diverse range of experiences for every traveler.

daejeon-geological-museum-tricerotops-headA fossil head of Triceratops at Daejeon Geological Museum, Daejeon City

Daejeon travel attractions

I had a great impression of Daejeon during my first travel years back. I had my first big bowl of "Dotorimok" (Iced-Acorn Soup Dish) which was very refreshing as it is being served during summertime.

Expect that I will be including popular sites, events, and facilities on this article. Below are the major themes of attractions...

Cultural Facilities
Science Tour Resources
Culture Tour Resources
Ecological Tour Resources
Hiking Tour Resources
Themed Tour Resources

Please, see more items per tour resources below so that you can decide which ones you want to explore when in Daejeon.

Now, let me share with, as representatives of Daejeon's attractions, my brief descriptions, and photos of the places I've explored in two days.

gyeryongsan-nammaetap-pagodasNammaetap Pagodas, Gyeryongsan National Park
daejeon-yuseong-hotspring-foot-bathYuseong Hotspring Foot Bath

Now, let us explore a bit the main Daejeon travel attractions which include various aspects of resources available in the area.

Here we gooo...

Cultural Facilities

For this sort of facilities, you can explore places and facilities such as museums and centers which exhibit items and specimens which are interesting to see.

Yetteo Folks Museum, Hanbat Museum of Education, Korean Genealogical Document Museum, Pai Chai University Museum, Currency Museum, Geological Museum,

Daejeon Prehistoric Museum, Daejeon Municipal Museum, History of Oriental Medicine Museum, Chungnam University National History Museum, Hannam University Natural History Museum, Daecheong Dam Water Culture Museum

Art Museums
Daejeon Museum of Art, Lee Ungno Museum, Yeojin Museum of Buddhist Arts

Culture Museum
Donggu Culture Center, Jung-gu Culture Center, Seo-gu Culture Center, Yuseong Culture Center, Daedeok Culture Center

Movie Theater
CGV cinemas, Lotte cinemas, Daejeon Art Cinema, Mega Box

Science Tour Resources

Daejeon is a city with various research and science centers. These places could be exciting and add more colors to your travel in the area. Take a look at the list and see which ones you find worth your time and resources...

Expo Science Park, National Science Museum, Daejeon Regional Meteorological  Administration, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Invention Education Center, Korea Institute of Geo-science and Mineral Resource-Geological Museum

Korea Research Institute of Bio-science & Biotechnology, National Fusion Research Institute, Kora Basic Science Institute, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Daejeon Observatory, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Korea Institute of Energy Research

Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science, Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

daejeon-museum-of-artFront view of Daejeon Museum of Art building

Culture Tour Resources

You can also discover cultural places and learn about the present and the past of Daejeon culture. You will see how tradition and modernity are in harmony.

Dongchundang House (built in 1643)
Uam Historical Park
Sodaeheon-Hoyeonjae's Historic House
Songaedang House (built in 1597, Joseon Dynasty)
Ssangcheongdang Detached Quarters of the House (Poet: Song Yu, 1389-1446)

Yuhaedang House (Poet: Gwon I-jin, 1668-1734)
Korea genealogy museum
Birthplace of Danjae Shin Chae-ho (independence activist and historian)
Dosanseowon Confucian Academy (built in 1693)

Muncheungsa Shrine (mortuary tablets and portraits of Confucian scholars)
Bongsoru Pavilion (built in the 1600s)
Hanbat Museum of Education, Daejeon Municipal Museum, Daejeon Prehistoric Museum, Dunsan Prehistoric Site, Daejeon Culture & Art Center, Lee Ungmo Museum, Daejeon Museum of Art

lee-ungmo-museumLee Ungmo Museum

Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center, Natural Heritage Center, Currency Museum, Former Chungcheongnam-do Office Building (Museum of Modern History), NARAE Daejeon Traditional Exhibition Hall, Sky Road,

Daejeon Art Center, Daejeon Artist Residency TEMI, Daejeon Artist House, Daejeon Expo Memorial Hall, Daejeon Traffic Culture Institute, Solomon Law Park, Hyecheon Tower (Carillon), Daejeon Children Center, Memorial Sculpture of the Pope's Visit, T-NOLZA Animal Park, Daeungjeon Hall of Gosansa Temple

Ecological Tour Resources

Living in harmony with nature is one of my favorite thoughts. Daejeon offers places where you can enjoy and be with nature. My hike at Gyeryongsan National Park was one of my best experiences in the area.

The following are some of the best places in the city that are organized to accommodate visitors of various ages and tastes...

Bomunsan Mountain (Daejeon's most massive green and natural park)
Bomusan Forest Path (path extending up to 14 kilometers)
Bomunsan Mountain Forest Healing Center (gym, herbal tea, meditation, yoga, etc. facilities)

Daejeon Aquarium (largest freshwater aquarium)
Ppuri park (distinctive sculptures and roots of family names)
Daejeon O-World (zoo, flower land, birds theme park)

Sikjangsan Mountain (famous ecosystem and temples)
Gubongsan Mountain (mountain peaks and sceneries)
Sutonggol (Gyeryongsan National Park)
Gyeojoksan Mountain (40-kilometer forest trail)
Daecheong Hoban (crystal clear lake water)
Daecheong dam Water Culture Center (exhibition halls)

Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest, Sangso-dong Forest Park, Seongbukdong Forest Park, Maninsan Natural Recreation Forest, Jangdong Forest park, Daejeon National Cemetery,

Yuseong Spa, Yuseong Foot Bath experience center, Yurim Park, Hanbat Arboretum, Gapcheon Water Sports Experience Center, Daecheong Water Sports Center, Daedong Haneul Park, Chansaem Village, Daecheongho Dume Village

Musu cheonha Village, Seonchang Village, Sedong Milssam Village, etc.

yuseong-hotspring-foot-bathYuseong Hot Spring Foot Bath

Hiking Tour Resources

This resource recommends light walking and sightseeing areas and trails.  It is best for short walks, treks, and walking with family members and friends.

Daejeon Dullesan-gil
This 'gil' (road, way, or route) is a mountain trail connecting the mountains around Daejeon City.

Hwangtot-gil of Gyejoksan Mountain
It has a Jangdong Forest Park that reaches up to 40 kilometers. A part of the forest is interestingly made with red clay that stretches 14 kilometers.

Daecheonho Obaengni-gil
It is a road that extends for over 200 kilometers from a dam. You can experience fantastic vistas along the way, including the famous Daecheongho Lake.

Daechong Hoban-gil
You will hike a series of eleven amazing lakeside paths that reach over 50 kilometers if you complete it. Bicycle paths are also accessible.

Daedeok Science Road
If you love science and studies, you would prefer to walk this route, which is consists of research institutes, observatories, museums, science buildings, and such structures. The trail includes forest areas, parks, and natural environment.

Themed Tour Resources

It is said that there are about 100 exciting and beautiful bicycle paths in South Korea. Daejeon is proud to announce that 3 of those hundred paths are in that place. Here they are...

Daecheongho Eco Bike Path
This path has a field of wild grass and features beautiful scenes in the Autumn. There are eco-centers dedicated to the preservation of nature. Famous soap operas and movies were shot along this bike path.

Bomunsan Bike Path
They call this a 'healthy road' because people use this way to hike or ride a bike. It is only ten kilometers long. It starts from a park and ends at the other park.

Lohas (Sintanjin) Bike Path
This was used for the "cross-country cycling road" and the 2016 Tour de Korea. It is also great for family picnics, camping; and there are leisure activities, including water sports during particular seasons.

Containing Daejeon (Travel Guide)
Daejeon Metropolitan City
Daejeon Tour Industrial Department

You can find more details through that official source.

Thanks for visiting this page and more so if you reach this far.
I hope you have amazing travels as well.

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