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daejeon-expo-parkCycling trail and riverside park

historic dajeon expo park

Daejeon Expo Park is ideal for leisurely exploration with family or friends. Visiting the park museum, going up to the tower, and engaging at any activity are the site's exciting offers.

Coming out from Daejeon arts museum area and towards the I saw the eye-catching design of the famous Daejeon Expo Bridge and beyond it the sharp-tipped and spaceship-like Hanbit Tower.

It seems to me that if you found something that you've been looking for, other things will follow. Rightly so, because along the way towards Export Park, I also found the nature park called the Arboretum Park.

More so, I spent a great time at the rose garden and taking photos at the kids enjoying the best of their time bathing in the refreshing fountain.

Now, going back to Expo Park...hmm

The best possible places you would see in this area are the following...

  • Hanbit Tower (the 2nd Floor is a spacious observatory)
  • Daejeon Expo Memorial Hall (remodeled to commemorate Daejeon World Expo)
  • World Expo Memorial Museum (exhibits world expo souvenirs through the 200 years of expo history
  • Daejeon Traffic Culture Institute (children may participate in any activity on transportation history, etc.)
  • North Korea Pavilion

As of this writing, part of the park was under re-construction, and so other facilities are not available yet.

For example, other facilities including a simulation hall, video room, modern invention hall, electric energy room, a magnetic levitation propulsion showroom, expo musical fountain, among other fun facilities will be available soon.

daejeon-expo-park-hanbit-towerExpo Park Hanbit Tower
hanbit-towerSpacious observatory floor of Hanbit Tower
daejeon-expo-museumDaejeon World Expo Museum and Commemoration Center
daejeon-expo-bridgeDaejeon Expo Bridge
daejeon-expo-parkRiver Park as seen from Daejeon Expo Bridge

Exciting Crafts Learning

According to the source, there are various activities that visitors, including children, can participate and learn crafts...

Science experience: macrame, origami, beads-marking
Creative craft: jumping clay, mask-making, felt
healing craft: stencil, traditional paengi, woodcraft, and more

I suppose there is a pre-lesson registration before joining the craft learning activities. Please, see below the contact details.

daejeon-expo-parkPhoto of Daejeon Expo Bridge taken from Hanbit Expo Tower

Parking Area and Fees

I saw the large parking site around the park. If you are bringing your vehicle, you only need to pay a one-day fee and enjoy the park.

  • Small Cars: 2,000 Won/day
  • Large Vehicles: 3,000 Won/day
  • Light-weight vehicles: 1,000 Won/day
  • Free Parking Space: people with physical handicap only
  • Inquiry: +82-42-250-1545

Entrance, Fees, and Rentals
When I entered the Hanbit Tower, the Front Desk lady greeted with a smile and informed me that I should pay to get to the tower's observatory (2nd Floor).

She added that the rate is different when entering in the morning or afternoon and in the evening. A visitor has to pay more in the evening. That's because you can see more events; besides, more people come to see the place.

Alright, here are the rates...

  • Adult (from 19 years above): 2,500 Won
  • Youth (from 13-18 years): 2,000 Won
  • Kids (from 3-12 years old): 1,500 Won

Baby Stroller Rental Fee: 1,000 Won
I believe they have wheelchairs available as well as these are required in more public and private facilities.

Dogs are only allowed in if they have leashes and caretakers have pickup bags or cages carried around. (I don't know if they allow other pets, such as rabbits, hamsters, snakes, etc.)

You may enter any paid facilities from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The last admission time is 5:00PM. The Hanbit Tower is accessible in the evening as well.

Useful Contact Details

Phone: +82-42-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Further Inquiries: +82-42-250-1111
Homepage: www.expopark.co.kr (only available in Korean language)

Around Daejeon Expo Park
DCC - Daejeon Convention Center
Future Energyum
Golfzon (Golf practice facility)
Car-racing Facility (small
Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise Exhibition Center
Restaurants & Shops
Hotels - Benikea Hotel Daelim, Boutique Hotel Lacky, Lotte City Hotel Daejeon

daejeon-expo-parkCar-racing facility at Expo Park
daejeon-expo-parkEnergyum Building as seen from Hanbit Tower
daejeon-convention-centerDaejeon Convention Center (DCC) as seen from Hanbit Tower
daejeon-international-merchandise-exhibitDaejeon International Merchandise Exhibition Center (DIME)
daejeon-expo-parkBerlin Wall exhibit outside Expo Museum

Getting to Daejeon Expo Park

Depending on your point of departure, you can quickly arrive in Daejeon City by bus, car, train, or even taxi.

From Daejeon Bus Terminal, you can take Bus 103 for Expo Park.

If you are coming from Seoul, proceed to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and take the Daejeon-bound express bus. It only takes around 2 hours to get there.

For further information on transports, please let me know.

Thanks for visiting this article. Feel free to suggest or comment below.
Enjoy your travels.

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