Gwangju Bus Terminal

gwangju-bus-terminalA vintage car on display at U-Square where Gwangju Bus Terminal is located

Gwangju Bus Terminal

Gwangju Bus Terminal is accessible inside U-Square complex center at the heart of Gwangju City, Jeollanamdo, South Korea.

Gwangju Bus Terminal has everything that a traveler needs...

  • ticketing services (ticketing machine and ticketing windows)
  • shops (e.g., bookstores, personal effects, gadgets)
  • cafes and restaurants (fast foods, Korean restaurants, etc.)
  • souvenir and gifts shops
  • movie house (I-max theatres)
  • ATM services
  • Washrooms, lockers, sitting areas, relaxation areas, etc.
  • performance stage and widescreen
  • parking areas
  • arrival and departure areas
  • bus and taxi areas

And more! Let me discuss some more about them below.

gwangju-u-squareGwangju U-Square

Travel Destinations

Gwangju Bus Terminal at U-Square complex serves visitors and travelers that arrives or leaves Gwangju to almost all destinations in the country.

Structure & Facilities at U-Square Complex
As I mentioned above, U-Square has restaurants, shopping facilities, convenience stores, offices, among useful services you can get.

Let me describe them below...

First Floor
Restaurants: Food court, Seouleongtang, Yehyang Korean Restaurant, Sushi & Soba, Friday's Family Restaurant, Misoya, Kongbul, etc.
Convenience Stores: Seven Eleven, Kim Soonok Donuts, Design Skin
Shopping Stores: LGU+, Aritaum, Etude, Candle Namu, Yes-Body Guard, The Face Shop, etc.
Hair Shops: Leekaja Hairbis, Psc Hair Studio, Riahn Hair
Snacks & Beverages: Caffe Bene, Dunkin Donuts, Sanmu Patjuk, Walnut Cake, Cafe Pascucci, etc.
Bookstore: Youngpoong
Bank/CD: Kjbank, ATM Machines
Pharmacies: Jonghabyakkuk, Terminal Yakguk, Hyundai Yakguk, Hyeseong Yakguk
Nursery/Feeding Room
Bus Companies Offices

gwangju-bus-terminalA piano for public entertainment
gwangju-bus-terminalWaiting area inside U-Square before boarding a bus

Second Floor
On this floor, you can also enjoy the following facilities and services available...
Kumho Art Hall, Dongsan Art Hall, Kumho gallery
Restaurants: Ashley, Zipsin, Phobay, Menmusha, Grilled Food & Nabe, etc.
Snacks & Beverages: Burger King, Twosome Place, Holly's Coffee, dal.Komm Coffee, Babeans Coffee
Others: Olive Young, Gameland Norazone, Kidspark, Gray 1324

gwangju-bus-terminalShops inside U-Square that houses Gwangju Bus Terminal

Third Floor
Kumho Bus Company occupies this floor with its offices and other facilities for their business

Fourth and Fifth Floors
On these two floors, you can enjoy your time watching the latest movies, if shown, in the world.

On the 4th floor, you can avail four movie houses by CGV with an IMAX facility.

While on the 5th floor, you can enjoy CGV's 4D movies. The floor has seven theatres available.

On both floors, they have ticketing machines, baggage office, elevators, restrooms, escalators, ATM, lockers, nursing room, taxi stop, urban bus stop, and a customer service center.

How To Get To U-Square Complex

gwangju-bus-terminalExploring the facilities of U-Square

As you have already guessed, you can come here through public vehicles of your choice.

Buses from any point in the country travel vice versa to and from Gwangju. It takes around three hours and a half to get there.

If you are departing from any major cities or bus terminals, you can get an express ride to get to Gwangju U-Square just as I did.

If you are arriving from Incheon International Airport, you can take the bus straight to Gwangju as well. It is available on the ground floor (first floor) of Incheon Airport and tickets are available there as well.

kinds of Buses (Coach)

Basically, there are two choices if you take the bus to come in and out of Gwangju City.

Regular Bus
This bus travels from one city or town to another in the country. It offers comfortable seats with safety belts. You are required to wear them at all times during your travel, by the way!

Of course, it has both the cooling and heating systems for any of the four seasons in Korea.

For the fare, it is a few thousand Korean Won cheaper compared to the express bus or the fast train (KTX Train).

But the only 'disadvantage' is that you might have to make one or two stops (or drops) in select towns to pick up or drop off some passengers.

Express Bus (Udong Bus)
Compared to the Regular Bus described above, this has a full seat and more spacious.

It does not make stops except for the roadside 'Rest Areas' where you can buy snacks, go to the washroom, or simply stretch out before reaching the final destination.

Yes, it is just a bit more comfortable and quicker, but it would cost you just a little bit more than the Regular Bus (around 3 to 5 thousand Korean Won) depending on your distance or time travel.

Gwangju Local Buses

Gwangju City has its local buses that serve riders who wish to get in and out of U-Square complex and bus terminal.

Yes, I found the local buses very accessible from the terminal. I didn't travel right away after I arrived but headed to my hotel first.

gwangju-bus-terminalBus Stop in front of U-Square where Gwangju Bus Terminal is located

From U-Square, I took Bus #9 for Jeungsimsa Temple. This temple is located on the foot of Mudeungsan (mountain) -- my actual destination and purpose of getting to the temple area.

Yes, if you want to hike Mudeungsan Mountain, just take this bus as soon as you arrived at Gwangju Bus Terminal. Bus 9 makes stops, but it makes its final stop at Jeungsimsa Temple area.

These buses are accessible right in front of U-Square complex where Gwangju Bus Terminal is located.

gwangju-u-squareTaxi Stop in front of U-Square (Bus Terminal)

Gwangju Subway
There is only one line at this stage that's available in Gwangju City. But I think it serves the most magnificent places you need to visit in this city.

It takes about 10 minutes on foot from the bus terminal, or less if you're fast. The subway station is called Nongseong Station, and it is one of the twenty stations. It's comfortable!

Gwangju Taxi
The taxi stop is also strategically established right in front of U-Square complex area.

Taxis are waiting in line, and they serve passengers, I believe, 24/7 and all-year-round.

Now, if you are ready, head to your preferred transport station for Gwangju. Should you have questions, please let me know!

Have an enjoyable and safe journey.

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