Eco Land Theme Park

jeju-ecoland-theme-parkThe Train at Eco Land Theme Park

Jeju Eco Land Theme Park

Eco Land Theme Park is a nature reserved area located in the forested part of Jeju Island. It is a famous nature exploration and relaxation area built in Jeju's one-square kilometer Gotjawal primeval forest area.

Aside from the stimulating views and nature's healing effects, guests and travelers of various ages can enjoy facilities available onsite.

Quickly, you can explore the whole area between one to two hours.

Without further adieu, let me describe the main facilities and activities that you and your family or friends can avail of and enjoy during your visit.

Facilities & Activities Available

As mentioned above, Eco Land Theme Park was built intended for guests of various ages levels and groups of people for relaxation.

Check out the facilities...

Baldwin Train Look-Alike (Lincoln Train). There are seven of these trains that are accessible inside the Park for enjoyment. They were ordered and built manually in the United Kingdom.

Both young and adults can take this train to explore the various plants, animals, flowers, animals, and other living creatures quickly, making their homes in this Gotjawal forest.

The Lake
Besides the exciting train service, you can find a small lake at this theme park to see other forms of the forest's ecosystem.

Visitors are allowed to spend time having a picnic at some spots, aside from strolling around the lakeside.

Family Facilities
Besides that adult-type of facilities, for families with kids, you can also have fun at the following child-friendly places...

  • Eco Bridge,
  • Eco Windmill,
  • Picnic Garden,
  • Kid's Town, Eco Road,
  • Bare Foot on Scoria,
  • Floating Café, and
  • topiary artworks.

Operation and Accessible Time (Period)
Eco Land Theme Park nature tour is mostly accessible in the year except during the Winter season.

Here is the schedule for the nature tour...

  • 9-5 PM: from May to September
  • 8:30 AM-7 PM: October
  • 9-4:50 PM: from November to April

Please, also note the following reminders that vary according to circumstances...

The time for the last train is subject to change depending on the sunset hours. That's because one cannot see anything when it is dark, being a forest area when there's no sunlight.

Tickets are available 10 minutes before the last train leaves for the nature tour.

If you wish to enjoy longer by taking the long tour, purchase the train ticket at least an hour before the last train.

Train Station & Routes
When you take the train, you will be enjoying various stops within its routes during the nature tour.

Central station: Eco-bridge Station – Lakeside Station – Picnic Garden Station – Lavender, Green Tea & Rose Garden Station (Only Stops during April ~ November)

Entrance Fee Rates
The admission fee varies according to age and group number. Check it out as follow...

Adult (19 years old and above): Individual 14,000 KRW / Group 12,000 KRW (30 persons)
Youth (13-18 years old): Individual 12,000 KRW / Group 10,000 KRW (30 Persons)
 Child (25 mos.-12 yrs. odl): Individual 10,000 KRW / Group 8,000 KRW (30 persons)
Infant: Free Admission

More Facilities & Attractions

As a theme park, Eco Land Theme Park offers various facilities for active guests, especially for children and younger visitors. Of course, adults have their places to relax as well.

  • snack bar, restaurant, gift shop,
  • floating cafe, picnic cafe, eco cafe
  • Main square with a fountain,
  • feeding room,
  • video room
  • Bumper boat, discovery zone,
  • Don Quixote and windmill,
  • Garden, floating deck,
  • eco-road, barefoot scoria experience,
  • miniature pony, eco-therapy,
  • Kid's town, grass square, miniature wooden train,
  • European garden, etc.

Restrooms and lavatories are, of course, freely available to all guests. Handicapped and children's toilets are accessible as well.

Parking lots are available for your vehicle free of charge.

Nearby Attractions

Aside from Eco Land Theme Park, you can also find other attractions nearby. You could plan ahead and explore them after or before visiting this theme park.

Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원)
Jeju Stone Park is mostly showing off the sculpture and other stonework of arts created and found on the Island. You can find various exciting shapes of stones aside from the famous Halbang or Hareubang stone sculpture that seems to be the symbol for Jeju Island.

Geomun Oreum Lava Tube System [UNESCO World Heritage]
Geomum Oreum Lava Tube System is a series of lava tubes due to the eruption that created the Geomun Oreum, a parasatic cone. Geomun Oreum has an altitude of 456 and enlisted as a UNESCO site.

Jeju World Natural Heritage Center (제주 세계자연유산센터)
Jeju World Natural Heritage Center was established to recognize Jeju Island's value as the sole UNESCO World Natural Heritage in South Korea.

Jeju Central Park (제주 센트럴파크)
Jeju Central Park is a theme park that includes five various zones for relaxation and fun activities: Dinosaur Land, World Heritage Land, Fantasy Land. It is excellent for young children and not-so-young adults who want to relax with their kids.

Bengdwigul Cave [UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site]
Bengdwigul Cave is one of the famous caves you can easily explore on Jeju Island. It has a total length of over 4,400 meters that forms like a maze. It is one of the most complex lava tubes ever discovered in the world.

jeju-stone-parkJeju Stone Park

Getting to Eco Land Theme Park

As Eco Land is located on Jeju Island, you need to get there either by plane or ferry from the mainland of South Korea. For example, you need to take a flight from Gimpo International Airport (GMP) to Jeju International Airport (CJU).

By Bus
From Jeju International Airport, take a taxi to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and take bus #730 bound for Jeju Hannam-ri, Seogwipo-si (City).

Then get off at Lee Gipung Missionary Memorial Hall Bus Stop. You will find directions on site and walk for around ten minutes to reach the Park.

By Taxi
It should take over 30 minutes to reach Eco Land from Jeju International Airport. I paid around 30,000 Korean Won during my last visit in 2020.

Car Rental
If you want to travel around the Island freely and more comfortably, you need to rent a local vehicle (either a van or car). It is cheaper than hiring a taxi.

Thanks so much for reading this article. Should you have inquiries, please drop me a line.

Enjoy your travels.

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