Jeju Island Stone Park

jeju-island-stone-parkJeju Island Stone Park offers open space exhibitions of old sculpted stones.

Jeju Island Stone Park is a great place to stroll around and experience ancient (and new) stone sculptures handed-down from one generation to the next by Jeju people. The park is also perfect for a serene exploration with views (the sea, mountain top, islands) embracing the famous island.

Jeju Island Stone Park sits on flatland in Jeoscheon-eup. Most of its inspiration came from the traditional culture and developed into this attraction employing the recent artistic plans in establishing the park for all to see and enjoy.

The park's theme points to Jeju Island's identity and foundation based on the mythical stories of Seolmundae Halmang (the Grandma Seolmundae), who was believed to be the creator of Jeju Island and the 500 stone generals called "Obaek Janggun."

With the influx of modern thoughts and business attractions, there are not many traditional and cultural sites except for this park. Most spaces, parks, and attractions relate to nature and modern attractions, but this is the only few sites where one can learn glimpses of Jeju's historical background.

Features & Facilities

Jeju Island Stone Park has a total of over 900 square meters only. Most of the sculptures represent the traditional shape of a grandfather called 'harubang' or halbang in Jeju's language.

(By the way, although Jeju people speak and use the Korean language, they use many terms not commonly used on the mainland).

The stone sculptures spread over the park's grassy space so visitors can easily explore them under the blue sky (if not raining) and with the refreshing sea breeze endlessly flowing.

Aside from the outdoor sculptures and nature, you can as well explore and examine additional displays at...

  • Jeju Stone Museum
  • Jeju Stone Culture Exhibition Hall
  • Outdoor Exhibition Hall
  • Traditional Jeju Houses,
  • Gallery,
  • and more.
jeju-island-stone-parkThe Park includes an amazing background of the island's famous Sunrise Peak (or Ilchulbong)

Other facilities and convenience service areas you can use include...

  • Museum Shop
  • Rest/relaxation Area
  • Convenience Shops
  • Restrooms for Men and Women
  • And more.

Please, you will find the details below very useful before you come and see Jeju Island Stone Park.

jeju-island-stone-parkMysterious look of the old stones at Jeju Stone Park

Useful Information

Please, keep in mind that some specifics could change without any advanced notices, so bear with me.

Admission Fees:
Adult: 5,000 Won; Youth: 4,000 Won
Group: Adult: 4,000 Won; Youth: 2,800 Won
An adult refers to an individual from 19-64 years of age, while the youth is from 13-18. Both a 'child' and 'senior citizen' can enter free of charge. A child means from a very young age until 12 only while the senior citizen if from 65 and above.

You can get a discounted ticket if you purchase it online. Credit Cards are accepted. Credit cards are mostly accepted in South Korea, which I find convenient and practical, aside from being hygienic.

Parking facilities are accessible and for FREE! A phone reservation is available.

You can find out more about Jeju Island Stone Park via its website below... (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Besides Jeju Stone Park, you can easily explore the nearby attractions I will briefly describe below.

Nearby Attractions

Eco Land Theme Park
This eco-park is a perfect site to enjoy nature. It is built in the 1 square kilometer area at Gotjawal primeval forest area. If you don't want to hike around, you can choose to ride the 1800 Steam Train alike that would comfortably show you around.

Jeju Island April 3 Peace Park
This peace park was established as a memorial to all Jeju people who struggled to stand for peace and freedom but were subjugated and massacred by invaders. It is an excellent place to see views and feel relax with the facilities around.

Roe Deer Observation Center
This serves as an ecological tourist area where one can watch and enjoy the beauties of over 200 Roe Deers relaxing and jumping around this dedicated field for deers. Facilities like museums, convenience shops, and relaxation areas are very much accessible for the day.

Jeju Central Park
This park is huge and fantastic for a family's day out with children. The theme park is classified into five different zones. The zones include the WOlrd Heritage Land, Fantasy Land, Dinosaur Land, and other educational and exciting features that would delight the adults.

Jeju Jeolmul Recreational Forest
It is a perfect place for a picnic and outing for forest and nature walk outing. This forest park is located close to the Hallasan Mountain on the northeast side. Jeolmul Oreum is its central mountain and known for its natural beauty.

Now, if you are getting excited to hike and explore Jeju Island Stone Park and its nearby attractions, please let me describe your possible directions below.

Getting to Jeju Island Stone Park

Here we go...

By Bus
If you arrive at Jeju International Airport, you can take bus number 100 to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal. From the terminal, take another bus for Namjo-ro then get off at Jeju Stone Park Bus Stop.

The efficient public transportation system in Korea will get you to your destination on time and safely. On the bus, you will hear announcements for its next stops, for your information!

By Taxi
Taxis in Korea are inexpensive compared to other countries. It is more convenient and practical, especially when you take it with a friend or another travel partner(s).

Have a wonderful trip!

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