Geumneung Eutteum Beach

geumneung-eutteum-beachBeautiful contrasts of colors among beach elements!

Geumneung Eutteum Beach

Geumneung Eutteum Beach is a famous beach on Jeju Island. Summer and holiday-makers flock to this white Beach to enjoy its offers.

Geumneung Beach is located just beside Hyeopjae Beach and across from Hallim Park, a must-visit park on the island.

The Beach has expansive white sand, which is soft to your sole. And its crystal clear seawater is excellent for your soul.

You will be mesmerized by the emerald water during the sunset while gazing at Biyangdo Island across the water.

Beyond the white and dry sand, you can feel safe as the water is not deep, which is ideal for families with small children.

The water is warm in summer compared to other beaches on the island.

geumneung-eutteum-beachEven flowers enjoy the beach
geumneung-eutteum-beachThe sand of Geumneung Beach
geumneung-eutteum-beachBeautiful contrasting colors

Fun Water Activities

As you already know, beaches such as this with spacious and friendly ground and sand can expect any activity to be possible. Here are some...

  • Beach volleyball
  • Frisbie
  • Football
  • Sandcastle-building
  • powered paragliding
  • kite-boarding
  • surfing
  • kayaking
  • parasailing

And other similar active beach sports

Of course, you can do the usual activities, such as...

  • snorkeling
  • standup paddling
  • swimming or merely dipping in the water

I think it's only one's imagination that would prevent you from doing any (legal) activity on this Beach.

geumneung-beachExpansive and relaxing sight of Geumneung Beach
geumneung-eutteum-beachWater activity rentals!
geumneung-eutteum-beachMore sand!
geumneung-euddeum-beachGeumneung Euddeum (Eutteum) Beach is safe for beach-goers of all ages!

You could say that compared with Hyeopjae Beach, Geumneung Eutteum Beach is a bit better due to some features...

  • it does not get too crowded and packed
  • it has a broader swimming area
  • the sand area is more expansive
  • and the water looks better and the scenery more inviting.

Accessible Facilities

Like other similar beach areas on the island (other places included), you can find places where you could make use at this Beach.

The public facilities include...

  • washrooms
  • shower rooms
  • changing rooms
  • drinking water fountains

Nearby the beach area, you can also rent or purchase various items.

  • Rental shops for beach facilities
  • Convenience shops
  • Hotel and other accommodation resources
geumneung-eutteum-beachBlack and white version

Attractions Nearby

When you visit Geumneung Beach, be aware that there are other attractions nearby, which you might think of visiting.

Getting to Geumneung Eutteum Beach

At Jeju City, you can easily find public transportation that can ferry you directly to Geumneung Eutteum Beach.

By Bus
Go to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and take the one that travels to Seoulju and finally to Geumneung-ri, which the Beach is located.

It will take around 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there from the city.

From Seogwipo City
Take a bus from Seogwipo Integrity Bus Terminal that passes by Seoilju and to Geumneung-ri. This travel takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

By Car from Jeju International Airport
It will only take around 30 minutes from Jeju Airport to Geumneung Beach (about 32 kilometers).

From Jeju Airport, take the local road number 1132, then Hagwi, passing Aewol, Gwokji, Hallim, Hyeopjae, and finally Geumneung Beach.

It's easy because you can simply follow the navigation while enjoying the views of the sea and verdant mountainside and rural sights along the way.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your travel!

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