Jeju Hallim Park

hallim-park-palm-avenueThe tropical sight of Palms Avenue at Hallim Park


Hallim Park, located on the picturesque Jeju Island in South Korea, is a beautiful and diverse natural park that showcases the island's stunning landscapes, unique flora, and cultural heritage.

As a traveler who has personally explored the wonders of Hallim Park, I am excited to introduce and describe this enchanting destination.

Natural Beauty and Landscapes
Hallim Park is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and diverse landscapes. The park features lush gardens, dense forests, serene ponds, and striking rock formations that create a visually captivating environment.

Visitors can wander through the park's trails, immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature, and discover hidden gems at every turn.

Hyeopjae and Ssangyong Caves
One of the highlights of Hallim Park is the presence of two magnificent caves: Hyeopjae Cave and Ssangyong Cave. These unique limestone caves offer a glimpse into the geological wonders of the island. Visitors can explore the caves' intricate formations, stalactites, and stalagmites, which create a surreal and otherworldly atmosphere.

Jae-am Folk Village
Within Hallim Park, you'll find the Jae-am Folk Village, a replica of a traditional Jeju village. The village showcases traditional Jeju-style thatched-roof houses called "Hanok" and offers a glimpse into the island's rich cultural heritage. Visitors can experience the local customs, traditions, and daily life of the past, providing an immersive cultural experience.

Palm Tree Avenue and Subtropical Botanic Garden
Hallim Park is home to a spectacular Palm Tree Avenue, where rows of towering palm trees create a picturesque pathway. The park also boasts a subtropical botanical garden showcasing various exotic plants and flowers. Visitors can meander through these lush gardens, enjoying the vibrant colors and fragrant scents that fill the air.

Water Garden and Lotus Pond
The Water Garden and Lotus Pond at Hallim Park provide a serene and picturesque setting. These tranquil areas feature vibrant lotus flowers, gentle streams, and charming bridges that add to the park's natural beauty. Visitors can relax, enjoy peaceful surroundings, and capture stunning photographs.

Convenient Amenities
Hallim Park offers a range of convenient amenities for visitors to enjoy. Facilities include rest areas, picnic spots, cafes, and souvenir shops. These amenities ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience while exploring the park's wonders.

Hallim Park showcases Jeju Island's natural, cultural, and horticultural delights, providing a perfect escape for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and those seeking a deeper understanding of the island's cultural heritage.

With its diverse landscapes, captivating caves, traditional village, and serene gardens, Hallim Park offers a unique and immersive experience that captures the essence of Jeju's natural and cultural wonders.

hallim-park-guests-strollingHallim Park is beautiful and great for walking with family and friends!

Hallim Park

Hallim Park (한림 공원) is a famous nature and cultural park on Jeju Island. The park is perfect for travelers or guests looking for various plant species in one safe and entertaining place.

You can expect to see thousands of plant species, animals, themed gardens, caves, bonsais, rock shapes, and cultural items.

It was my first trip to this park, and I wished that I had more time to fully explore and enjoy every item, corner, features, and everything there is to be seen.

Although I came for some reasons, I could say that it is one of the places you should see when you travel to this corner of Jeju Island.

Hallim Park is established in early 1971, located around 33 kilometers West of Jeju City and Hallasan Mountain near Hallim's beach area.

The area where it is set up used to be an empty and barren land with nothing grows. With hard labor and determination, it turned to be like at present by pouring the whole area with tons of soil.

hyepjae-beachSome volcanic rocks at Hyeopjae Beach area

The big plus when you visit Hallim is that you can also enjoy the famous nearby beaches--Hyeopjae Beach and Geumneung Beach--and enjoy the view of Biyangdo Island facing it.

The park not only supports the plant species but also has natural sites, including the two caves: Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul caves.

These two caves are famous for their two-dimensional features, which are believed to be the only cave in the world with such descriptions.

You can also enjoy the traditional Korean folk village, a children's amusement park, and outdoor entertainment facilities for all guests of various age levels.

If you are in a hurry, you can just explore the whole place in around two hours. But taking the time and trying to relax is highly recommended to enjoy the park.

1. Palm Tree Avenue

Palm Tree Avenue could be the most popular part of Hallim Park. The palm trees were planted in 1971. The trees were planted after improving the ground by covering the volcanic ground with fertile soil.

Song Bong-kyu started the whole project by creating a palm nursery and started growing the palms until they were ready for planting. The hard work bore fruit as it makes the park one of the most famous destinations on the island.

hallim-parkPalm Avenue of Hallim Park on Jeju Island
hallim-parkPalm trees at Palm Avenue
hallim-parkPalm Avenue
palm-avenuePalm Avenue (Road) 1971
한림-공원한림 공원
한림-공원한림공원 양자수길

2. Wild Grass & Flower Garden

The wild grass and flowers are fantastic to watch during the Summer season. They are excellent when in full bloom - green and colorful grasses and beautiful flowers with green backgrounds.

One can spend time sitting on a bench or grassy part of the garden while enjoying the garden's atmosphere, surroundings, and refreshing breeze.

hallim-parkWild plants and flowers

3. Hyeopjae & Ssangyong Cave

Let me describe a bit about Hyeopjae Cave first. Hyeopjae Cave is a beautiful cave that is somehow connected to Ssangyong Cave. It has exciting features, including the forms of rocks and flowing lava walls, among others. The floor is covered with bricks for safety and comfortable exploration inside.

The inside is bright enough for visitors to see the cave walls and cave ceilings. It was hot outside, but I felt relieved and explore longer, enjoying the much cooler temperature inside. It would take from 30 to an hour to enjoy the two caves.

hyeopjae-caveHyeopjae Cave's inner structure
hyeopjae-caveHyeopjae Cave
hyeopjae-cave'Dry Waterfalls'
hyeopjae-caveHyeopjae Cave
협재굴협재굴 한림공원
hyeopjae-caveHyeopjae Cave

Ssangyong Cave
Ssangyong means two dragons in Hanja characters. It is named this way due to the shape of the cave likened to two dragons. The cave was formed when Mount Halla erupted thousands of years ago.

They say it is unique, being that a lava cave and a limestone cave are connected. One can see stalagmites and stalactites inside.

The rain melted the shells that cover the cave's entrance and formed limewater. The limewater that sipped into the cave transformed the lava into golden limestone cave walls.

The lava's flow inside can be seen through its hardened form. Some proofs that the cave was once under the sea are the fossilized shells and related sea animals. Furthermore, a survey conducted shows that the lava cave system in the area is consists of around 20 caves totaling 17,000 meters long.

ssangyong-caveA couple exploring the cave
ssangyong-caveSpacious tunnel
쌍용굴-한림공원There's light!
ssangyong-caveStatues inside
ssangyong-cave'Mother' rock

4. Jeju Stone & Bonsai Garden

This area is one of my favorites. I love bonsais and rocks of various shapes. The bonsais are not only 'trees' but also fruit trees, including apples and pears.

The rocks are from various rock types or elements. The more interesting 'rock' type I found is the lava rocks. Well, they are not 'really' rocks, but lava spewed out from Mount Hallasan thousands of years ago.

The shapes of lava rocks are exciting to see.

hallim-park-stonesLava turned into a rock-solid tube is one among many exhibits at this Park
hallim-bonsai-stonesBonsai and Rocks
hallim-park-bonsai-rocksA lava tube
hallim-parkA horse-shaped rock and bonsais
hallim-park-jeju-islandRocks and bonsais

5. Jae-am Folk Village

Jae-Am Folk Village aims at preserving the traditional Jeju thatched roof houses, which are losing popularity due to more superior materials being used today.

The thatched-roof houses on Jeju Island used to be common structures around Hallim-eup, Kujwa-eup, and Aewol-eup in Bukjeju County. The houses here were relocated and preserved from those areas.

The roof of these houses is specially made in such a way that it would not be easily blown away by the strong winds and that it could keep that temperature inside the home somewhat the same at any time of the year.

jae-am-folk-villageJae-Am Folk Village
jae-am-folk-villageThatched-roof house
jae-am-folk-villageEarthen jars
재암-민속촌재암 민속촌

6. Bird Garden

When I reached this area, I was greeted by a peacock. Some of them seem to be freely roaming around. Most of them are inside the cages. I noticed that they are separated by color.

Other bird species with beautiful colors, such as the Budgerigars and ostriches, are observable. Due to time constraints, I was not able to explore further the area. Next time!

hallim-park-bird-gardenA male peacock freely roaming around the Bird Garden
hallim-parkPeacocks resting atop the branches
hallim-parkBudgers at the park

7. Jae-am Stone Exhibit Hall

Jae-am Stone Exhibit Hall showcases precious stones and rocks found on the island. You will also find a couple of fossils telling the existence of animals that lived long ago.

Close to this exhibition hall, you can find the Cherry Blossom Garden and the Ume Flower Garden, which are open to visitors only during early Spring, in April and February, respectively.

hallim-parkJae-Am Exhibit Hall
jaeam-exhibit-hallRocks and fossils
hallim-parkExhibits at Jae-am Hall
jae-am-exhibit-hallWide view of Jae-am

8. Water (Lily) Garden

The water lilies and lotus flowers bloom during the summer and early autumn. I caught their beauty when I last visited Jeju Island during the last week of August (2020).

At Water Garden, you will find the water lily and lotus pond, human-made waterfall, among other entertaining features at this part of the park.

hallim-park-lilyWater Lily along the road
hallim-park-water-gardenWhite Lily

9. Subtropical Botanic Garden

At this botanic garden, you will find various sorts of plants and flowers. When I visited Hallim Park, I still caught the last flowers of Bougainvilleas; some of them were already fading.

But I can imagine their delightful and bright colors, which remind me of my home, especially during my childhood.

Exploring this part of the park during the summer season (from June to early August) would be the perfect time to enjoy the flowers aside from the other plants inside.

hallim-parkBougainvilleas and other subtropical plants at Hallim Park's botanic garden

10. Stone Shapes

If you love stones with interesting human-like forms, you should not miss this part of the park. It is located close to Hyeopjae and Ssangyong caves. I did enjoy their presence and feeling somewhat eerie because of their shapes!

hallim-park-stonesStones resembling humans
hallim-park'Talking Stones'
hallim-stones-gardenSocializing stones
hallim-park'Social Distancing'
hallim-park-stones-gardenHuman-like carved stones
한림-공원한림 공원 제주도
hallim-parkStones faces

11. Tropics & Cactus

hallim-park-kiwiKiwi tree and fruits
elephant-foot-treeElephant Feet Tree
hallim-parkCacti inside a green house at Hallim Park
한림-공원한림 공원
hallim-park-cactusCactus Greenhouse
hallim-parkVarious cacti species

Other Seasonal Gardens

If you come on the right time for some flowering plants and trees, you will double your joys during your visit. The following beautiful sights are the following...

  • Hydrangea Garden (opens in June)
  • Azalea Garden (opens in June)
  • Ume Flower Garden (opens in February)
  • Cherry Blossom Garden (opens in April)

Facilities & Conveniences

Bringing your family, friends, colleagues, or a group of visitors will undoubtedly have a great time and keep great memories.

That's because you (and your gang) will be enjoying a half-day or full-day exploring the facilities, some of which already mentioned above. Here we go...

  • Ssangyonggak Gift Shop
  • Palm Tree Restaurant
  • Restroom

  • Park Information Center
  • Restrooms
  • Dahwawon Gift Shop
  • Dolharubang Restaurant

  • Park Management Office
  • Restroom
  • Herb Cafe
  • History Room
hallim-park-cafeCafe 야자수 (palm tree)

Useful Information

You might have to get a Korean address if you are traveling alone and do not know how to speak the local language. Don't worry, it's below.

Address: 300, Hallim-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 제주특별자치도 제주시 한림읍 한림로 300 (한림읍)

Inquiries: 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Long Distance: +82-64-796-0001
Website: You can speak to the guide in any of the four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese.

Business Hours:
The operation time all year round differs according to the season. Below are your timeframe guides:

March-August 08:30 AM to 5:30 PM
September-October 08:30-5:00 PM
November-February 09:00-4:30 PM

Admission Fees
Individuals: Adults 12,000 won / Teenagers 8,000 won / Children 7,000 won / Senior citizens 10,000 won
Groups: Adults 10,000 won / Teenagers 6,000 won / Children 5,500 won / Senior citizens 9,000 won

* Groups of 30 people or more
* Teenagers (middle & high school students), Children (ages 3 or older), Senior citizens (ages 65 and older)

hallim-park-shopA big and small Harubangs in front of a convenience shop in the park

Getting to Hallim Park

You can take public transportation or rent a car, motorbike or bicycle to get there. A spacious parking area is accessible in front of the entrance area.

By Bus
From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, find or ask for a bus that travels to the West. Then get off at Hallim Park Bus Stop.

If you are from Jeju International Airport, take bus #100 get to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal first.

By Taxi
It is very convenient to get there by taxi, especially when you come with a partner or friend or family member. That's because it is much quicker and inexpensive.

Getting there, riding a motorbike is not a bad idea. You can drop by and explore great sights and views along the way.

Finally, riding a bicycle around the island is accessible. I did it twice already, and it was fantastic! I would do it again.

Thanks for reading through this article. Have a great day!

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