Gijang Seafood Market

gijang-seafood-marketSeafood on display at Gijang Market

Busan Gijang Seafood Market

Gijang Seafood Market is a famous place to purchase and consume the freshest catch seafood in Busan City. The other renowned seafood market is the Jagalchi Seafood Market.

Gijang Seafood Market (or Gijang Market) is a traditional outdoor market offering live and dried seafood of all kinds. It has a long history gone back to 1944 and is referred to as the place to go for the best seafood in Busan.

The Gijang market's snow crabs and sea eels are highly-prized and traded across the country. For crab lovers, have a look at the tanks of live crabs outside the dining establishments. Consume a sumptuous meal of freshly steamed snow crabs and grilled sea eels.

While the idea of investing a cold winter season's day on the coast might not sound like a great time, Gijang has a lot to offer, from hearty seafood dishes to keep you complete. 

gijang-seafood-marketThe seafood market sells all kinds of seafoods including lobsters.

Gijang Market is an area that is gradually becoming one of the region's fastest-growing areas thanks to its amazing views and excellent food.

If you are arriving by train, then you remain in a prime area to have a look at the Gijang Market. When leaving the station, it is a short walk up to the market. This spacious and primarily outside market is commonly known for its snow crab and fresh seafood.

In years passed, the market had a wide range of delectables. The popularity of the crab has been enticing lots of travelers. During the weekend, the market gets truly hectic with people from all over coming to take a look at the catch of the day.

Nearby Village
If you want to discover the freshest of the fresh, you have to head down to the seaside village of Daebyeon. This charming village is well-known for anchovies, but you can discover just about anything from the sea there.

What makes Daebyeon excellent is that you can eat right on the coast is among the many tents that line the street through the town. Just a few meters away from your comfy table, the ships come and dump their catches. It does not get any fresher than what you've just seen.

The regional favorite lies simply on the other side of the post, in Yeonhwa-ri. They have committed an entire location to the 'pojang macha' camping tents, and the seafood is on another level.

This is a great spot to try the abalone rice porridge and fresh raw octopus. These tents provide some excellent food that will keep you warm as you check out the seaside town and feed the seagulls at Juk-do island.

Getting to Gijang Seafood Market

You can take any of the three public modes of transport in Busan City to Gijang Market.

By Bus
From Busan Station, take bus number 1003 to Gijang Market. Also, you can take this same bus from Haeundae Beach (Haeundae Beach Aquarium side), then get off at Gijang Seafood Market after 40 minutes. All bus stops will be announced.

By Taxi
From Haeundae Station (or Beach), hail a taxi that will bring you there in around 25 minutes.

Thanks for reading down this article. I hope you have a great and memorable time in this place. Stay safe!

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