Gwangmyeong Cave Park
in Gyeonggi province

gwangmyeong-cave-parkThe Golden Road inside Gwangmyeong Cave Park in Gyeonggi Province

gwangmyeong cave park in Gyeonggi Province

Gwangmyeong Cave Park in Gyeonggi Province is an old mine transformed into a sparkling cave attraction adorned with fantastic lights and amusing things.

Both adults and children can enjoy the entertaining facilities inside the cave. But this is perfect for a family or groups of young friend to explore and enjoy.

The entrance fee is very affordable, and it is very accessible by public transports. A subway and bus rides will bring you in front of this fantastic and one-of-a-kind amusement facility.

To arouse your curiosity and interest, let me innumerate some of the things you will expect to see and experience when you decide to travel there...

Light Themes & Attractions

Gwangmyeong Cave Park in Gyeonggi Province can make you feel really excited with their themed light attractions inside.

The somewhat eerie and scary environment inside the dark cave evokes deeper excitement to most visitors.

Here are the entertainment facilities...

  • Wormhole Square - light them attractions
  • Cave Underground World - the passage where miners carry the minerals outside
  • Cave Underground Lake - a body of water created by mining works
  • Golden Road - called the road of 'Long Life, Happiness, and Peace.'
  • Modern History Museum
  • Aqua Cave World of Fishes,
  • etc.
  • Wine Cave - being a cave (originally a mine), you can expect that the temperature is cooler compared than outside (not during winter anyway!), and could be damp.
gwangmyeong-cave-parkChanging lights of a dragon inside the cave

Anyway, because it is cold, this makes this underground facility a perfect place for storing wine products.

At Gwangmyeong Cave in  Gyeonggi Province, you will find an almost 200 meter (194 meters)-long Wive Cave. You can already guess that it contains a collection of wine.

There are more than a hundred (around 170) types of wine from all over the country being stored and sold here!

This is important...

You can try the wine during the weekends from 12 Noon until 4 PM.

Another good news...

Maru de Cave is a romantic restaurant that serves the most excellent wines. It was opened for business on June 2017 and serves juicy Korean beef steaks being prepared by chefs of upscale hotels in the country.

More restaurants and gourmet eateries were opened including these two:

  • Cafe Cafe
  • Open-Air Cafe

Origins of Gwangmyeong Cave

This used to be a mine of various precious minerals. It is once, for a long time, was called Siheung Mine that was first operated in 1912.

Siheung Mine was the most prominent mineral product source in the metropolitan area.

Gold, silver, zinc, bronze, and other minerals were being dug out from the bowels of this mining underground in the past 60 years.

Siheung Mine was a shelter among locals during the Korean War. However, after a long period of its operation, authorities stopped the mining activities due to the environmental contamination and costs.

From 1978 to 2010, the mine was used as a storage for salted seafood products including shrimps obtained from Sorae Port.

Then, the fantastic turning point of its fate came in 2011 when  Gwangmyeong City decided to purchase the land where it is located.

The buyer decided to transform it into an entertainment and amusement park as a cave park. Keeping its history and values, the City made this place an attraction.

sorae-ecology-park-salt-farmA salt farm in Sorae that supplied salt that preserved the seafood
sorae-ecology-park-windmill-soloSorae Marsh Ecological Park

The salt farm that supplied the salt used to preserved sea food from Sorae Port is in the present Sorae Marsh Land Ecology Park (click the link to read the article).

Opened in 2011

After some time of construction and installation of the facilities, Gwangmyeong Cave Park was born. It was opened to visitors in 2011.

As a newly established amusement park, Gwangmyeong Cave hosted various entertaining and captivating public events, including movie screenings, fashion shows, exhibitions of various items, performances, and concerts.

More Things To Do
You can also explore the spaces outside the mine to see items of its past, and facilities for leisure time.

Seongwangjang - This is where the raw materials, like ore, were being separated by heavy machines. Other attractions in the park include...

  • Dogonae - Called "The Road of Salt"
  • Miner Stone Statue
  • Girl Statue of Peace
  • Sky View Observation Platform

I'm sure more items and facilities will be added to the already exciting available facilities.

Location and Useful Information

Address: 경기도 광명시 가학로85번길 142 (가학동) | 142, Gahak-ro 85beon-Gil, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: https: //

Business Hours: 9:00-18:00 (last admission is at 17:00).
Non-business Hours/Time: Closed on Monday, Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) period.

Entrance Fees: Adult: 6,000 Won; Youth: 3,500 Won / Child: 2,000 Won.

Getting to Gwangmyeong Cave park

No subway goes near this attraction. But to get there by metro, you need to transfer to a bus to reach it.

Of course, a taxi will certainly ferry you in front of this cave attraction.

By Subway & Bus
Take Subway Line 7 and then get off at Cheolsan Station. Proceed to Exit 2, then walk and cross the road to take Bus 17. Get off at Gwangmeyong Cave Bus Stop, the last stop.

It takes around 45 minutes by bus for a total of 29 stops.

Thank you for your visit and for reading this article. Please, like or share if you find this useful.

Enjoy your travels and holidays.

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