Bio-diversed Halla Arboretum

halla-arboretumHalla Mountain in Spring

Halla Arboretum

Halla Arboretum is a perfect place to see and experience various species of plant and tree species on Jeju Island. The Arboretum was created for research and conservation of nature.

It is a great place to explore among children and adults alike. It has facilities that offer guests comfortable and leisure time while learning about nature and trees.

Halla Arboretum offers various activities and attractions that would make you experience and see nature in another level and higher perspectives.

More Features & Descriptions

Halla Arboretum was opened to the public by the end of 1993. Since then, it has been growing, collecting, collecting, and conserving various plant and tree species.

The Arboretum houses over 900 species of native trees and subtropical plants near Gwangi Oreum.

Learning Resource
Halla Arboretum offers exciting training programs for students and even to experts on the field.

Its themed attractions are popular with tourists and travelers and leisure and relaxing places for residents.

The Arboretum is conserving over 1,300 endangered and rare species of trees and a 100 thousand plant species. It must be worth one's time and resources to learn and enjoy plants and trees while relaxing with them.

halla-arboretumGreen and rich plants and animals

Useful Information

The details that follow could be helpful for you should you try to decide on visiting the place.

Operation Hours
Street Lighting Hours: 4 AM to Sunrise, and Sunset to 11 PM
The greenhouse and orchid exhibition house would not be accessible by those hours mentioned above.

Natural Ecology Experience Hall
Opens from 9 AM and closes at 6 PM but closes at 5 PM during the Winter season.

The Arboretum is closed during Lunar New Year's Day (Seollal) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

More Accessible Facilities

Yes, Halla Arboretum offers more facilities to the public to encourage more people to learn about nature and take care of our only world.

By the way, the entrance or admission to the place is free. Here are the facilities...

  • Parking Lots
  • Observation Path
  • Pergola
  • Forest Hall
  • Rare Jeju Plant Species Room
  • Natural Ecological Experience Hall
  • Physical Training Room
  • Restrooms and Lavatory

Useful Information

You may check out the information below in case you need more information or details about the place.

Address: 72, Sumogwon-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 제주특별자치도 제주시 수목원길 72 (연동)
Phone Numbers: +82-64-710-7575, +82-64-746-4423
Website: (Korean only)

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Getting to Halla Arboretum

You can take any public transportation to get to Halla Arboretum quickly as it is not far from Jeju City.

By Bus
First, get to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and take an intercity bus for Jeju Agriculture High School. It only takes around 30 minutes to get there, the last bus stop.

By Taxi
You can take a taxi from anywhere on the Island to get there quickly. From Jeju International Airport, it will take around 15 minutes only.

Should you have any questions about the contents, please drop me a line and do my best to respond quickly.

Have a wonderful trip.

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